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18.02.2014/innoBB/Kopp Promoting Innovation in the German Capital Region Brussels, 14.12.2011 Dr. Adolf M. Kopp, TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin.

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1 /innoBB/Kopp Promoting Innovation in the German Capital Region Brussels, Dr. Adolf M. Kopp, TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin

2 /innoBB/Kopp The German Capital Region Population: 6 Mio. Area: ca km 2 (~ Belgium) 2,8 Mio. working population 150 billion EUR GDP (2010) GDP per capita (2010): 103 % of EU-27 average *Source: EUROSTAT Excellent scientific landscape 7 Universities 21 Universities of Applied Science 70 Research Institutes 42 Technology Centres

3 /innoBB/Kopp The Beginning of the new Approach to Innovation Policy In 1998/99 the RITTS study of the TSB laid the foundation for an active innovation policy. It became clear, that the traditional approach, that focused on widespread funding for a variety of sectors did not show any potential to respond to the challenges Berlin was facing. After consulting with many stakeholders in research and industry, it was decided, that network management structures were to be implemented. The following 8 fields of innovation were identified: 1. Biotechnology 2. Information- and Communications Technology 3. Transport technology 4. Medical technology 5. Microelectronics and Microsystems Technology 6. Production technology 7. Food production 8. Construction industry

4 /innoBB/Kopp Recent Milestones of the Innovation Policy 2007: Identification of five future Fields of Excellence 2008: Strategic guidelines for the five Future Fields of Excellence; identification of nine pilot projects 2009: Cross-border commitments for joint financing of RTD as well as for the technology transfer 2010: Cluster development Continuation of the smart specialisation Biotech, Medtech, Pharma Energy Technologies ICT and new Media Optical Technologies Transport System Technologies

5 /innoBB/Kopp Guidelines for the Joint Innovation Strategy 1.Securing the capacity for innovation with a cross-border strategy 2.Dialogue between science and industry as a decisive inspiration for innovations 3.Focusing on joint areas with future potentials 4.Striving for international leadership

6 /innoBB/Kopp Implementation of the Cluster Development Strategy Future Fields of Excellence Cluster Healthcare Industries Energy Technologies Transport, Mobility and Logistics ICT / Media / Creative Industries July 2010 Jan 2011 Photonics implemented implemented May 2011 July 2011 Oct 2011 implemented

7 /innoBB/Kopp Clusters and Cross-sectional Topics of innoBB Clusters: Healthcare Industry Energy technologies Transport, mobility and logistics ICT/media/creative industries Photonics Cross sectional topics: New materials Production and automation technology Clean technologies Security

8 /innoBB/Kopp Preconditions for a Successful Cluster Development Process Critical mass of innovative companies and scientific institutes in spatial proximity Affinity through value-added chains and application of identical or related technologies Perspectives for dynamic growth (above-average) due to innovative strengths, particular USPs and competitive advantages Strategic orientation towards international growth markets

9 /innoBB/Kopp Cluster Management Cluster management tasks Knowhow and technology transfer Initiation and coordination of joint projects International networking Marketing Strategic evaluation and continuous improvement

10 /innoBB/Kopp Cluster Management: Services Services of the TSB as a cluster management organisation Management and coordination of industry and technolgy networks, regional flagship projects and European projects Support for scientists and young innovative companies with regard to networking, partnering, technology transfer, company foundation, financing, recruiting, IP-management, business development and internationalisation Initiation and management of joint R&D projects Technology assessment and feasibilty studies Market research Conferences, participation in trade fairs, seminars, publications Commercial project management Provision of industry information

11 /innoBB/Kopp Cluster Benefits Cluster development strategy generates benefits for participants: Opportunities for system partnerships along value added chains More efficient use of resources Improved chances for penetration of international markets New quality of collaborative projects on regional, national and international level Intensified networking and improved project development due to professional cluster management

12 /innoBB/Kopp innoBB – The way ahead Continued implementation of the innoBB – Promotion of smart specialisation Establish and further develop the clusters Develop and regularly update the master plans for the clusters => strategic guidance Improve the international networking and interaction Make better use of cross-linked technologies => enabler for innovation Promote the technology transfer from the research institutes to companies open minded for innovation

13 /innoBB/Kopp Summary: 5 Phases of the regional Innovation Policy 1.Identification and evaluation of regional strengths 2.Focus of regional support on fields of excellence 3.Joint innovation strategy for cross border cooperation: Formation of 5 clusters 4.Cluster development and cluster monitoring 5.Exploiting synergies at the interfaces between the clusters

14 /innoBB/Kopp Thank you for your attention! TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin GmbH Dr. Adolf M. Kopp, CEO

15 /innoBB/Kopp The TSB Technologiestiftung Berlin stands for innovation and technology development in Germanys capital region. It promotes science and supports regional industry. The TSB Foundation focuses on strategy development, education, and science communication. The TSB Innovation Agencys main services are cluster management, network initiation and management and tech transfer in the fields life science/healthcare, transport & mobility, energy technology, optics/microsystems technology and ICT as well as further technology oriented industries. Some projects of the TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin GmbH are funded by the Investitions- bank Berlin, cofunded by the European Union – European Regional Development. Fund Investing in your Future.

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