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20.4.2004 | Folie 1 The Austrian strategy to reduce PM: perspectives and challenges Workshop on Plans and Programmes of Air Quality and National Emission.

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1 20.4.2004 | Folie 1 The Austrian strategy to reduce PM: perspectives and challenges Workshop on Plans and Programmes of Air Quality and National Emission Ceiling Directives 1.-2.9.2004 C. Nagl

2 20.4.2004 | Folie 2 Exceedances of PM10 AQ Limit Values 2003 PM10 LV daily meanall zones and agglomerations 50 out of 90 monitoring sites PM10 LV daily mean + MOT7 zones (out of 8) 3 agglomerations (out of 3) 22 monitoring sites PM10 LV annual mean5 monitoring sites (2 in Graz, 2 in Styria exl. Graz, 1 in Vienna) PM10 LV annual mean + MOT2 monitoring sites in Graz

3 20.4.2004 | Folie 3 Exceedances of PM10 AQ Limit Values 2003 (daily mean)

4 20.4.2004 | Folie 4 PM10 in Austria, 2000-2003, non attainment areas Measurements show, that non attainment areas are: Eastern part of Austria large cities (especially traffic related sites) sites close to heavy industries Alpine Basins and valleys with adverse dispersion conditions during wintertime

5 20.4.2004 | Folie 5 Procedures in case of exceedances 1. status report by regional authorities that includes: causes of exceedances contribution of various sources to exceedances area, where measures have to be applied possible measures 2. measures applied by regional authorities 3. As regional PM10 measures are not sufficient: Strategy by ministry for national measures

6 20.4.2004 | Folie 6 Analysis of PM10-sources Chemical analysis backward trajectories Analysis of concentration characteristics Emission inventories (PM and precursors) soot ash particle road salt minerals filter Lienz 12.02 Vienna-AKH (AUPHEP) 06.99-06.00

7 20.4.2004 | Folie 7 PM10 emission inventory contribution of different sources to Austrian PM10 emissions (non-fugitive only) 1/3 domestic heating, 1/3 industries, 1/3 traffic (incl. off road, w/o resuspension) different contributions at different locations

8 20.4.2004 | Folie 8 Contribution of transboundary air pollution Contribution of long range transport (LRT) mostly in lowlands in eastern of Austria Exceedances of daily mean LV in 2002 and 2003 in Illmitz (EMEP regional background site) Alpine basins and valleys: no LRT, mostly local and regional emissions

9 20.4.2004 | Folie 9 Contribution of transboundary air pollution to EMEP-site Illmitz annual mean (gravimetry): 30µg/m³ contribution to exceedances: 50% long range transport from eastern Europe 30% regional emissions (Ø100km) + long range transport 20% regional emissions sulphate levels very even in NE-Austria nitrate levels close to large emitters (Vienna) 50% higher difference of chemical composition in dependence on wind direction in Illmitz sources of polluted air in Illmitz (backward trajectories statistics), elevated levels red

10 20.4.2004 | Folie 10 Measures to reduce PM10 what is needed: combination of local, regional, national and European measures Examples of local measures by local authorities already implemented: substitution of 80% of residential heating (mostly wood stoves and oil boilers) by district heating in Lienz speed restrictions in winter in Graz (8% reduction of traffic related PM-exhaust), particle filters and biofuels for public transport, more restrictive measures possible

11 20.4.2004 | Folie 11 Measures to reduce PM10 Necessary measures in most of exceedance areas: traffic (50% of vehicle kilometres by diesel cars) domestic heating (simple wood stoves) industry off road machinery (equal amount of PM exhaust as road traffic) emissions of precursors: traffic (NOx) agriculture (NH 3 emissions, despite emissions below NEC) local also SO 2 (despite emissions below NEC) land use and regional planning European measures necessary for (examples): Emission standards for vehicles (mandatory particle filters) Emissions of precursors SO 2 and NOx in Eastern Europe Transport planning

12 20.4.2004 | Folie 12 Measures to reduce PM10: Example reduction potential traffic nationwide reduction dependent on various measures (note: reduction potential cannot be added in general) Hausberger (2004) most effective: financial measures, alternative vehicle concepts (e.g. particle filters)

13 20.4.2004 | Folie 13 Measures to reduce PM10: Example Graz Annual mean in Graz: 37 – 52 µg/m³ (2003), 49-131 daily means >50 µg/m³ Information campaign Participation in project AQUELLA (source apportionment with organic tracers, TU-Vienna) Task Force PM10 has been established (Feb. 04) that suggests measures that reduce PM10 level substantially and permanently Measures are analysed concerning: reduction potential costs timeframe of implementation political feasibility and social compatibility 6 working groups have been established: traffic, engine technology, domestic heating, industry and mining, fugitive emissions, agriculture Recommendations for regional government will be finished soon

14 20.4.2004 | Folie 14 Measures to reduce PM10: Example Klagenfurt Annual mean in Klagenfurt: 38 µg/m³ (2003), 74 daily means >50µg/m³ Task Force worked out 18 measures for: traffic; car pool, construction activity and road maintenance; domestic heating and district heating plant; innovative measures and PR Each measure has been assigned to responsible person Examples of measures: ecological management of municipality car pool optimisation of road sweeping and road sanding restrictions construction activity (as in CH) inventory of buildings with solid fuel heating, exchange program adaptation of district heating power plant to BAT enforcement of bicycle lanes free public transport for customers of city shops EU-LIFE Project (KAPA GS) to simulate measures

15 20.4.2004 | Folie 15 Next steps In addition to local and regional measures: national measures: Study of PM-levels, sources and possible measures will be finished at the end of September Negotiations with other ministries and stakeholders on national measures will start right afterwards Quantification of local and regional reduction potentials and influence on air quality of road traffic (finished summer 05)

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