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Welcome to Meet the Teacher Night!! Second Grade Mrs. Hantak 2A 2015 - 2016.

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1 Welcome to Meet the Teacher Night!! Second Grade Mrs. Hantak 2A 2015 - 2016

2 Lunch Program -learn lunch id numbers - any money that comes to school needs to have name, homeroom, and lunch id number on it Uniform Policy - Boys need to wear belts. -Girls hair accessories need to match the uniform.

3 Specials Schedule Monday: Art1:40 – 2:25 Tuesday: Music 2:25 - 3:10 Wednesday: Computer/Spanish 2:25 – 3:10 * The School Mass or Prayer Service is at 9:00 on Wednesday. Thursday: Library 1:40 - 2:25 Friday:Gym10:15 – 11:00 Put name on all gym & uniform clothes!!

4 Communication Take Home Folder Assignment Pad Classroom Newsletter –School Website, Shutterfly Share Site Notes Telephone E-mail

5 SASEAS School Website - Subscribe to receive e-mails when new content is added!

6 Classroom Discipline Stoplight Plan –Each student begins every day on green –Yellow = warning/check your behavior –Red = stop and make better choices Weekly Behavior Chart –Sign and return Rewarding Good Behavior –Praise & reinforcement –Fun Box

7 Homework Read for 10 - 20 minutes –Always read “Just Right” books and discuss the reading with your student! Practice Math Facts Math Assignment (Home Link) One other assignment Homework marked with a check mark –Homework is part of the effort grade


9 State of the Week Weekly Assignment –Goes home Friday –Due Wednesday Have fun finding information on the 50 states!

10 Grades Grades are taken on in-class assignments and assessments Books not generally sent home for studying before tests –Homework assignments often give review O Outstanding S+ SSatisfactory Progress S- NNeeds Improvement

11 Everyday Math Daily Home Link Assignment –Please work with your child as needed –Check assignments each night –Math Reference Book Family Letter for every unit Math Glossary


13 Spelling Weekly Spelling –Pretest Friday –Spelling Test Thursday Spelling List –10 words that follow a spelling/phonics pattern: differentiated lists Test through word list dictation –5 core wordsT Test through sentence dictation –Challenge Word – Assignment Pad Word of the Week Spelling City –Enter & save individual lists

14 Spelling City

15 Social Studies & Science We will alternate teaching these subjects!

16 iPads –Every student has an iPad –Will use to enhance and supplement learning

17 Absences Please request missed work –send with another student –office pick-up No homework given ahead of time for unexcused absences

18 Parent Reader Fridays @ 1:00 Sign up tonight! –Sign up for one date only please –Volunteers must be Virtus certified.

19 Star Student of the Week Letter sent home when your child is our Star! Fun Box Items Invitation to join your child for lunch on Friday (or other convenient day)

20 Birthdays Birthday Bag Birthday Treats –19 students –Peanut safe –No homemade items

21 School Food Policy All classrooms are peanut free –Please make sure snacks are peanut safe –Pack snack separate from lunch Please have students wash hands before coming to school Remind students not to share food with others

22 Looking Ahead Projects –President Reports –Book Reports NonFiction Chapter Book Special Events –Sandwich Day –Reconciliation Craft –First Communion Craft –First Communion Brunch

23 Field Trips & Programs Field Trip/In-School Programs – collect one time fee –Field Trips Nature Center –In School Programs Hearing Sound – Crystal Science OneWorld, Many Cultures – Cincinnati Museum Center * Field Trip chaperones must be Virtus certified!

24 Maternity Leave Tenative Last Day – October 2 nd Return – January 4 th No Fall Conferences –Learning Lab students – Mrs. Clark –Mrs. Claus

25 Shutterfly Share Site Website: Password: 2ATitans1516

26 Other Information Book Orders –Due September 11 th –Order online –Write one check to Scholastic Book Orders Make Reading a Habit at Home/Tips for Helping Your Child Succeed in School Check Your Work Checklist/Homework Hints

27 Technology Resources Scholastic News: Classroom Password Spelling City: Student Login & Password Xtra Math: Student Login & Pin Number ScootPad: User ID & Password

28 Questions??? Thank you for coming to Meet the Teacher Night!! Please check out our Class Stationary and leave your child a note! Check out this app on your student’s iPad:

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