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Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 T he Action Plan for a European Integrated Maritime Policy: from the Green Paper to the Blue Book Nicole Schäfer, Iain Shepherd.

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1 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 T he Action Plan for a European Integrated Maritime Policy: from the Green Paper to the Blue Book Nicole Schäfer, Iain Shepherd (Maritime Policy Task Force)

2 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 2/24 Strategic objectives for the Commission the particular need for an all-embracing maritime policy aimed a developing a thriving maritime economy, in an environmentally sustainable manner. Such a policy should be supported by excellence in marine scientific research, technology and innovation

3 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 3/24 timetable

4 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 4/24 Adopted October 2007 Vision Action Plan Commission Staff Working Papers –Consultation Report –Maritime Policy and Energy –Employment of Seafarers –Motorways of Sea –Maritime Clusters –Agenda for sustainable and competitive tourism Ports Policy

5 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 5/24 VISION Applying the Integrated approach to maritime governance Developing Tools for integrated policy-making Managing the Sustainable Use of the Oceans and Seas Building a knowledge and Innovation base for the maritime policy Delivering the highest Quality of Life in coastal regions Promoting Europe's Leadership in international maritime affairs Raising the Visibility of maritime Europe

6 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 6/24 Integration 1.Invite Member States to draw up national integrated maritime policies 2.Act as facilitator and help Member States to set up networks for the exchange of knowledge and experiences 3.Propose in 2008 a set of guidelines for these national integrated maritime policies and develop a road map for marine spatial planning 4.Organise a stakeholder consultation structure.

7 Spatial Planning

8 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 8/24 The chairman of the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) all major port investment projects currently suffer from unacceptable delays because of environmental pressure. (…) We cannot afford to become the weak link in the global logistics chain.

9 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 9/24 Europe should look critically at plans for levels of growth in sea transport that choke our transport infrastructure and result in the further erosion of sites already designated as of special environmental importance.

10 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 10/24 Scottish Salmon Producers Salmon farming has enormous potential within Europe to maintain remote coastal communities, promote stewardship of the marine environment and contribute to the quality seafood market. Europe (…) is enormously restricted in what it is able to achieve, and much of this is due to environmental (and other) policies which incorporate the Precautionary Principle in areas where there are knowledge gaps.

11 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 11/24 Irish Western Regional Fisheries Board The advent of aquaculture, heavily State funded and subsidised, did not compensate for the loss of the wild fisheries. The number of jobs created by finfish aquaculture is negligible compared to the previous employment levels in the tourist angling business, which were lost as a direct result of lice from marine salmon farms.

12 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 12/24 Västra Götalands län Sustainable and renewable energy is a crucial challenge for Europe. The sea offers important opportunities. The sea bed holds great resources of oil and gas which provide an important, but limited source of energy. Waves and wind however are a renewable source of energy which must be efficiently used over the next decades. Large investments into research and innovation are vital to succeed in that task.

13 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 13/24 Regional Government of Andalusia (Spain) The Andalusian fishing sector has expressed its opposition to the implementation of marine wind farms. There is a great mistrust in projects that only seem to be justified by the level of subsidies that they can receive (…) hazardous for coastal sailing, and the electromagnetic fields of the transport lines to land can interfere in the migration of the large pelagic animals, and therefore in fishing activities

14 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 14/24

15 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 15/24 Consultation Report – marine spatial planning Guidelines and Good Practice –Sweden "a lack of fora within the EU ". –Denmark "facilitate best practice" and "guidance for coordination of data collection" and a "one-stop shop for preparation of permission for large-scale projects at sea". –Greece "EU guidelines ensuring the harmonized implementation of MSP between EU Member States" and "promotion of experience, exchange and best practice among EU Member States" –Netherlands "the exchange of best practices primarily at regional level –Spain "a European framework of guidelines for the regulation of marine areas".

16 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 16/24 Consultation Report – marine spatial planning Coordination with Neighbours. –Finland "cross-border cooperation in order to achieve common goals". –Netherlands "larger, cross-border projects (pipelines, wind farms) often call for common criteria and/or planning measures". –Belgium "different spatial plans have to be integrated with the plans of neighbouring countries". –Greece "cooperation of EU Member States - particularly those sharing the same maritime area" –Sweden "There is a need for increased cooperation between the Member States, especially around the same regional waters".

17 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 17/24 ACTION PLAN Building on existing EU initiatives with a strong maritime spatial planning dimension, including the ICZM Recommendation and the proposed Marine Strategy Directive, which introduces elements of maritime spatial planning, the Commission will –propose a road map in 2008 to facilitate and encourage the further development of maritime spatial planning in the Member States. –in 2008, it will examine the needs and different options, including for zoning, to making compatible different maritime activities, including the maintenance and strengthening of biodiversity. –in 2009, the Commission will also set up of a system for the exchange of best practice among authorities in maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal zone management

18 Baltcoast – 21 November 2007 18/24 Territorial Cohesion New Lisbon Treaty –126) Article 158 shall be amended as follows: (a) in the first paragraph, the words "economic and social cohesion" shall be replaced by "economic, social and territorial cohesion Green Paper on territorial cohesion, late 2008


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