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Confidential Information The information contained in this presentation is intended to assist law enforcement officials, teachers, parents and concerned.

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2 Confidential Information The information contained in this presentation is intended to assist law enforcement officials, teachers, parents and concerned citizens in the identification of gang activity, symbols, graffiti, and practices. It is not intended to encourage persecution of any single person, group, organization, or religion. This information should be used as a general guide and not an ultimate source of identification of all gang and threat group practices.

3 U.S. Army – 5 yrs. Criminal Justice Degree N.C. Dept. of Correction – 12 yrs. N.C. Basic Correctional Officer Certification N.C. Juvenile Justice Officer Certification N.C. General Instructor Certification N.C. Advance Training Certificate Law Enforcement Instructor Vance Granville Community College Member of NCGIA Member of SCGIA Member of CGIA Member of ILGIA State Coordinator for the National Major Gang Task Force

4 Applies to Juveniles 12 yrs. of age and up Felony to participate in a criminal street gang Felony to solicit or coerce another to participate in a criminal street gang 10 yr. penalty enhancement for leaders and organizers 2 million grant from the NCGCC for street gang violence prevention and intervention

5 Uniform Legal Definition of GANG Uniform Definition of Gang Member Uniform Definition of Gang Crime –The above three elements would allow community officials to identify the presence of gangs in their communities. The latitude of non-standardized definitions inhibits acknowledgement of the presence of gangs due to subjective interpretation at the local level. From uniform definitions come better intelligence gathering and jurisdictional sharing of information. Tools allowing criminal justice agencies (DJJDP, DOC, state and local Law Enforcement, and Courts) do exist, however, are not implemented state-wide yet.

6 Criminal Street Gang - Any ongoing organization, association, or group of three or more persons, whether formal or informal, which engages in a pattern of criminal gang activity. The existence of the organization, association, or group of individuals associated in fact may be established by evidence of a common name or common identifying signs, symbols, tattoos, graffiti, or attire or other distinguishing characteristics.

7 Governors Crime Commission (2004) Report In 1999 a reported 332 gangs with 5,143 members In 2004 a reported 387 gangs with 8,517 members Ages range from 8 – 50 yrs. of age Ages 13 – 15 entry age Ages 16 – 25 significant involvement National / 21,500 gangs with 731,500 members

8 Ethnic/Racial Make-Up of Gangs Ethnicity FrequencyPercent Not Know African American African American/Asian 1.3 African American/Hispanic 3.8 African American/White 1.3 Asian Caucasian Caucasian/Asia 1.3 Caucasian/Hispanic 2.5 Hispanic Latin 1.3 Mixed Group Total

9 Top Five (5) Counties 1.Mecklenburg 65 gangs 2.Wake 39 gangs 3.Pitt 26 gangs 4.Union 25 gangs 5.Harnett 25 gangs

10 Top Five (5) Counties 1.Wake 1753 gang members 2.Mecklenburg 1739 gang members 3.Durham 1620 gang members 4.Pitt 835 gang members 5.Union 554 gang members

11 Guilford (68) Forsyth (Unknown) Cumberland (259) New Hanover (105) Rowan (34) Alamance (Unknown)

12 Where the gangs are


14 NameNumber of counties Minimum total number of Mean size members Surenos (Sur-13) Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) Vatos Locos Latin Kings Mexican Mafia th Street69331 Brown Pride425

15 Gang Name Range (months) Average Time Very Dangerous Mexicans th Street Surenos (Sur-13) Vatos Locos Latin Kings Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) Malditos Mexican Mafia

16 Gang Net is a web based data collection and sharing system that utilizes Sequel databases and dynamic web entry and query capabilities allowing registered users to access information entered by all neighboring jurisdictions. Queries can be preformed on tattoos, gang name, individual's name, associates, and many other elements

17 Gang Net Validation Criteria 1.Self Admittance 2.Frequents gang areas 3.Associates with known gang affiliates/members 4.Uses hand signs or gestures 5.Tattoos / marks / scars 6.Gang dress or attire 7.Uses gang terminology 8.Physical evidence / photos, documents etc. 9.Reliable source / untested source 10.Involved in a gang related incident 11.Classification Admittance

18 Cal gang Validation Criteria 1.Subject has admitted to being a gang member 2.Subject has been arrested alone or with known gang members for offenses consistent with usual gang activity 3.Subject has been identified as a gang member by a reliable informant/source 4.Subject has been identified as a gang member by an untested informant 5.Subject has been seen affiliating with documented gang members 6.Subject has been seen displaying symbols and or had signs 7.Subject has been seen frequenting gang areas 8.Subject has been seen wearing gang dress 9.Subject is known to have gang tattoos

19 WSPD Validation Criteria 1.Self Admittance 2.Racist / Gang / Occult related tattoos 3.Documented association with other gang members 4.Involved in gang related crime 5.Letters/Drawings 6.Gang monikers / Nicknames 7.Hand signs / Codes / Slang 8.Scars / Marks / Brands 9.Information from field contacts (L.E. Agencies) 10.Gang Data Bases 11.Graffiti-Style Writing and Symbols 12.Stylized hair cuts or jewelry 13.Stylized / special dress color and or brand of clothing 14.Photographs and or documents














33 People Nation Sets Bloods Black P-Stone Latin Kings Vicelords Spanish Lords El Rukns Bishops Gaylords Latin Counts Kents Folk Nation Sets Crips Black Gangster Disciples Black Disciples Gangster Disciples La Raza Cobras Eagles Latin Disciples Maniac Latin Disciples Simon City Royals Spanish Gangsters Two Sixers









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