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Intervention, Prevention, and Enforcement Strategies

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1 Intervention, Prevention, and Enforcement Strategies

2 Confidential Information
The information contained in this presentation is intended to assist law enforcement officials, teachers, parents and concerned citizens in the identification of gang activity, symbols, graffiti, and practices. It is not intended to encourage persecution of any single person, group, organization, or religion. This information should be used as a general guide and not an ultimate source of identification of all gang and threat group practices.

3 Criminal Street Gang - Any ongoing organization, association, or group of three or more persons, whether formal or informal, which engages in a pattern of criminal gang activity. The existence of the organization, association, or group of individuals associated in fact may be established by evidence of a common name or common identifying signs, symbols, tattoos, graffiti, or attire or other distinguishing characteristics.

4 Clique/Crew/Tribe/Set – A group of associates or members who gravitate around and support hard core gang members. Fringe – An associate who is able to function outside the gang, has not committed to a life of criminal gang activity; drifts in and out of gang lifestyle with little direction.

5 There are no gangs in my community
All gang members are ethnic minorities All gang members are poor All gang members are male All gang members wear ”Colors” All gang members sell drugs All gang members are teenagers We have want-a-bees in our community Not My child…..

6 The United Blood Nation (Brotherly/Blood Love Overrides Oppression and Destruction)
Universal Blood Nation (UBN) Universal Blood Alliance (UBA) United Blood Line (UBL)

7 Flag Colors Red Green Brown White Crimson Pink

8 UBN use the right over left concept
UBN utilize the numbers (5) and (031) UBN fast on the 31st of each month UBN use razors to facial areas (buck-fifty) UBN refer to one another as Dawgs or Damu UBN will not use the letters BK together UBN will cross out the number 6 and the letters C,S, and F UBN has the code systems of 200 Deep, 500 Resurrection, Liquid Metal (Over 900 Codes) UBN will align themselves with People Nation UBN will utilize a form of Swahili to communicate

9 The CRIPS (Community Revolutionary Independent Party Soldiers)
Blue Magic Blue Steel CC Riders Hoover Criminals

10 Flag Colors Blue – Soldiers Black – Gangsta Grey – Folks Purple – War Green - Money

11 Crips use the code (120) when referring to their knowledge or creed
Crips primary colors are blue & gray Crips use the number sixty-three (63) as a code Crips aligned with the Folks Nation (8) Ball Crips identify with the six pointed star Crips use the left over right concept Crips refer to themselves as Cuzz or G’s Crips don’t eat fish or doughnuts Crips will cross out the letters B and O Crips use the number 6 and will not use CK together Crips will cross out the number 5 or turn it upside down Crips are rivals to Bloods, Vice Lords, Latin Kings, and People Nation

12 The Folks Nation (Followers of Lord King Solomon/Satan)
Gangster Disciples Spanish Cobras Maniac Disciples Brothers of the Struggle / B.O.S.

13 Folks use the code (120) when referring to their knowledge or creed
Folks primary colors are black, blue, and grey Folks use the number thirty-six (36) as a code Folks aligned with Crips (8) Ball Folks refer to one another as G’s Folks identify with the six point star Folks are primarily multiracial (74 & 274) Folks have the largest membership in the U.S. Folks use the right over left concept Folks use the number 6 Folks use a lot of symbols (wings, tail, heart, pitchforks)

14 MS-13 originated in the 1980’s in California after the Civil War in El Salvador
Refugees and former members from the Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation (FMLN) formed what is known as “Mara Salvatrucha” Strong Cells in Northern Virginia and Charlotte Weapon of choice machete Considered by the FBI to be the most dangerous gang in America

15 MS-13/Surenos-13 gangs typically will wear dark colored clothes (black, grey, blue, brown, tan)
MS-13/SUR-13 are subsets of the Mexican Mafia a.k.a. “EME”, “M”, Black Hand Surenos-13 rivals are Nortenos-14 MS-13 rivals 18th Street and Rubia-18 Alleged ties to Al-Queda Acronyms used; MS, MSXIII, MSX3, MST MS-13 members who are older wear Black Flags and Younger members wear Blue Flags

16 Almighty Latin Kings & Queen Nation (ALKQN) colors are Black and Gold (yellow)
Members will be Hispanic/Latino Common phrase used by ALKQN members “Amor De Rey” Love of the King Common code used by ALKQN members alpha/numerical code for the letters A (Amor) D (De) R (Rey) Align themselves with the People Nation Symbols used are the 5 point crown


18 Community Response Increase Awareness Stop Being In Denial (Officials)
Make Quality Time Become Pro-Active Get Informed (Laws) Support and Develop Community Organizations Report Graffiti Start Snitching (Notify L.E. of any suspicious activities) Support School Administrators Incorporate Multisystemic Family Therapy

19 Family Responsibilities
Re-establish the family unit Communicate effectively with your child Must have a belief (Faith Based) Ensure your child activities are age appropriate Talk to your children about gangs and ways to avoid them;

20 Involve your child in some productive activity
Demand your child commit to education and job training skills Get to know your children’s friends and the friends’ parents Support the Institutions/Faculty of Education (10x5=50(1)x5=5x9=45of180) STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THEIR ACTIONS Define the Role of a man and a woman

21 Gang Indicators Admits to gang involvement Non accidental physical injuries Obsessed with one particular color or logo Withdraws from the family and longtime friends Associates with undesirables Uses hand signs while with friends Peculiar drawings or language Unexplained cash or goods Use of drugs and alcohol Presence of weapons Wears sagging pants and attire / What you don’t know could kill you!!!!!!!!!

22 Action Plan A -After School Programs C -Community Mobilization
T -Teams of Support for Parents I -In School Programs O -One on One Programs N -Neighborhood Watch

23 Johnny D. Hawkins Division of Prisons Operations Manager State Coordinator (N.C.) National Major Gang Task Force NMGTF.ORG 4th World Consulting Group

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