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Neighbourhood Watch Poland: DIALOG Programme experiences.

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1 Neighbourhood Watch Poland: DIALOG Programme experiences

2 Places of implementation Cities: neighbourhoods of single family houses, blocks of flats Towns: houses on one street 2

3 How it works Problem assesment Topics for meetings Target group/s Information – inviting possible participants Goals setting Agenda Trainers, experts, training materials Meetings 3

4 Trainers, experts Representatives from the crime prevention unit of a local police force Representatives from the crime investigation unit of a local police force Chief Constables Police constables Local authority civil enforcement officers/ Community Constables Representatives of security companies and private detective agencies 4

5 Trainers, experts Knowledge Teaching skills Good communication, friendly attitude to participants 5

6 Meeting in a high rise apartments neigbourhood, Białystok 6

7 Information campaign Making people aware of a problem, getting their attention Providing information about a probelm Encouraging citizens to participate in a meeting concerning Neighbourhood Watch Encouraging people to act to solve the problem 7

8 Meeting in a neigbourhood of detached houses, Białystok 8

9 Topics How do you protect your home? How do you protect your person? How do you protect your vehicle? 9

10 How do you protect your home? Neighbourhood safety Methods of protecting an apartment Professional protection of property Residents actions to improve security 10

11 Attention! Neigbourhood Watch operates here 11

12 How do you protect yourself? Personal safety (at home, on the street, in public transport) Victims and witnesses of crime Neighbourhood Watch groups 12

13 Neigbourhood Watch operates here 13

14 How do you protect a vehicle? Theft of vehicle/ bicycle (thefts and burglaries) Methods of securing a vehicle Individual actions to improve safety Joining your local Neighbourhood Watch 14

15 Anticipated meeting outcomes : How do you protect your home? 100% of participants note potential entry points for burglars in their own home 100% know how to secure their home, 50% have implemented their chosen security measures 70% of participants have security marked their valuables 100% have someone watching their home during a prolonged absence 15

16 Anticipated meeting outcomes : How do you protect your home? 70% of participants have their neighbours telephone numbers (home, work, mobile) 50% of participants inform their neighbours of a planned prolonged absence 16

17 17

18 Anticipated meeting outcomes: How do you protect your home 20% of residents in the neighbourhood are familiar with the Police competences 20% increase in telephone calls to the Police informing them of observed criminal activity 15 new Neighbourhood Watch groups established in a district during a year 18

19 Białystok – Safe City Exhibition Civil Enforcement unit information stand Neighbourhood Watch exhibition 19

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