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Parent Information 2 nd Grade – Mrs. Christy’s Class August 2012.

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1 Parent Information 2 nd Grade – Mrs. Christy’s Class August 2012

2 Welcome to 2 nd Grade! Communication *If you need a private conference, our conference time is 1:10-1:55 p.m. every day or after school *Please call (817.251.5770) or send a note / e-mail to schedule your appointment.

3 Dress-Code Uniforms are not required. GCISD dress code is in place. Please no halter tops, short-shorts or inappropriate logos. Tennis shoes for P.E. (Consider leaving a pair in your backpack or classroom) You also will want to leave a jacket at school for your child. Our classroom is very cold!

4 Volunteers Each class needs a parent representative. If you would like to volunteer, please let your classroom teacher know. Mystery Reader coordinator is needed for our class! Please consider joining PTA ($7)

5 Discipline We expect the best conduct and behavior of all of our students. We will use the color system: –BLUE(Outstanding day) –GREEN (Good day) –YELLOW (Warning) –RED (Call to parents)

6 Homework Second grade students need to read a minimum of 20 minutes each night. Refer to 2nd grade newsletter and our class web page for websites and suggested home activities / enrichment

7 Daily Schedule 7:35-8:00 Breakfast/ KTIM / Announcements 8:00-10:00 Language Arts 10:00-10:45 Social Studies 10:45-11:15 Recess 11:15-11:45Lunch 11:45-1:10Math 1:10-1:55Specials ( Music, Art or Spanish, PE & Science) 1:55-2:35 Science 2:35-2:45 Prepare to go home 2:45 Dismissal

8 Organization Second graders are learning organization skills. They should be able to: Write name and date on all papers Keep their desk clean Take binder home, have it signed and return daily Have parents sign behavior calendar every day Turn assignments and homework in on time Take care of supplies and books. PARENTS: Be sure to sign your child’s behavior chart daily and check the binder for notes or information - Thank you!

9 Attendance It is very important to attend school each day. If your child is ill, please send a note with an excuse to the office. If you are not at school by 10:00 a.m., you will be counted absent. Contact your teacher about missing assignments.

10 Tests MAP testing, Cogat testing and reading assessments will be announced in the newsletter. –MAP tests and reading assessments happen in the fall, winter and spring. PAT testing – You will receive notice concerning these dates and times in the spring.

11 School Hours The first bell rings at 7:35 a.m. The school day begins at 7:45 a.m. After this time, your child will need a tardy note from the office to enter the classroom. After 3 tardy notes, your child will receive a note. Grades K-5 dismissal = 2:45 p.m.

12 Expectations Please check and sign binders each day! Please be a motivator for you child to succeed in school! Please ask questions! Please let us know how we can be more effective! Please remember that your child needs to be more responsible with your support. Please make sure homework is completed and neat. Please communicate any concerns or ideas with your teacher.

13 School Cafeteria Breakfast is served every day in the classroom! There is a calendar for the entire year posted in the classroom and available for your family. (Also available on-line) Breakfast= $1.00 regular / Reduced $.30 *Adults $1.25 Lunch= $2.00 regular / Reduced $.40 *Adults $2.75 Pay for meals on-line –

14 Snacks and Celebrations Your child may bring a healthy snack to eat in the classroom. –Since breakfast in the classroom started, the need for snacks has decreased! Birthday celebrations – We LOVE to celebrate birthdays! However, these MUST happen at the end of the day in the classroom! –Birthdays cannot be celebrated in the cafeteria. –Please contact me a day or more before you plan to bring in snacks for the kids so I can be sure and block time for the event!

15 THANK YOU! For more information: E-mail: Principal: Mrs. Jodi Cox Assistant Principal: Mrs. Cheryl Harrison Nurse: Mrs. Miriam Bridges Counselor: Mrs. Lisa Salazar Secretaries: Mrs. Yolanda Borroel Mrs. Becky Dennis Mrs. Maria Reyes Parent Center: Ranea DeCross

16 School Cafeteria A copy of this presentation is available on our class web page:> schools>Timberline>Directory>Christy, Kari

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