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Welcome to 1 st Grade Parent Information Night *Please sign-in at the table for your child’s teacher. Pick up information at the sign-in table.

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1 Welcome to 1 st Grade Parent Information Night *Please sign-in at the table for your child’s teacher. Pick up information at the sign-in table.

2 Attendance/Absences/ Tardies: Learning begins promptly at 7:45 a.m. Our school day ends at 2:45 p.m. Students will be considered tardy if they are not in the classroom by 7:45 a.m. If your child is absent, please call the school to inform the office, and send a note explaining the absence upon your child’s return to school. If you must take your child out of school early, please go to the office to sign out your child.

3 Morning Routine Morning Drop-Off: If your child arrives at school between 7:15-7:35 a.m., he/she must go directly to the cafeteria and sit in their grade level row. (grade 3-5 students go to the gym). School Begins promptly at 7:45 a.m. Your child will enter the classroom and have a specific routine. Examples: emptying backpack, getting morning work, putting names on papers, having supplies ready, being ready to work, etc. School Breakfast Service Times: 7:15 – 7:30 a.m. The cafeteria doors will CLOSE and STOP SERVING @ 7:30 a.m. Dress Code: Be sure your child is dressed appropriately for class each day. Check the on-line Parent/Student Handbook for details!

4 Perfect Attendance Award For your child to receive “Perfect Attendance” for the year, the student: Must be on time daily for school Must not have more than 5 tardies May not have left school early more than 2 times during the year

5 ABC’s of BCE Frequently asked questions are answered here Located on BCE website

6 Daily Schedule 1 st Grade 7:45-8:15 Announcements, Circle Up, Morning Routine 8:15 – 9:00Math 9:15 – 10:20Reading/Writing Workshop 10:20-10:50Recess 10:50-11:20Lunch 11:20-12:00Spelling/Writing Workshop 12:00 – 12:45Science and Social Studies 12:50 – 1:40Champ/Personal Learning Time 1:40-2:30Specials 2:45 Dismissal *Please be on time picking up your child after school!

7 Daily Folder Please check your child’s behavior log daily and initial. All homework will be found in the pocket of their folder. Completed schoolwork and school communication can be found in the pocket.

8 Student Expectations Follow school and class rules Complete daily work Responsible for returning books & folders Respect others and work cooperatively with classmates

9 1 st Grade Syllabus Skills/Units of Study The syllabus for 1 st Grade is located on the GCISD website. Follow this link: Select a School: Bear Creek Elementary Department & Programs: 1 st Grade Follow the link to First Grade Curriculum

10 Reading & Language Arts Highlights Reading and Writing Workshops Spelling Tests will be given about every 2 weeks. Spelling instruction will begin week of September 15 th. Spelling tests are not as critical as students spelling these words correctly within their daily writing.

11 Math Highlights Developing Number Sense through... Number Talks Hands-on investigations Manipulatives Problem Solving using real world situations Interactive Student Notebooks

12 Science and Social Studies Highlights Science consists of hands-on investigations. Science Notebooks used for the majority of student work. Social Studies’ skills will be integrated within Language Arts curriculum. The skills will be practiced and reviewed all year.

13 Homework Math- Weekly sheet, return daily in folder. Concepts will be assessed. Reading- Nightly 10-15 minutes Consists of either a small book, Red Reader, or child’s own book. No Reading Logs Spelling- Practice at home Spelling City website ( Tests every other week or weekly.

14 What Is A Standards-Based Report Card? A standards-based report card is a detailed report to parents every 9 weeks that shows:  The skills and expectations that have been taught during the grading period  The degree to which students have mastered these skills at this point in the year

15 Where do the standards come from? The standards on the report card include the most critical Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) from our state’s curriculum. They are sequenced on the report card in a way that matches the order they are taught in GCISD.

16 District Reading Assessments GCISD has designated Fall and Spring Reading Assessment windows. Students will be assessed during the school day using the new district computerized assessment. Please note the Early Release days: Fall: Oct. 8th & 9 th Spring:Feb. 18 th & 19 th Please make arrangements to pick up your child at 11:45 on these days.

17 1:1 in First Grade 1:1 is… 1 iPad per every student Teaching Digital Citizenship Expanding resources for learning Preparing students for the careers in a global community

18 Communicating with Technology We want all parents to be an essential part of your child’s education experience. How? ~ KidBlog~ Twitter ~Teacher Blog~Edmodo

19 Medication No medication (prescription or non- prescription) should be in the hands of students at any time. Please check the GCISD Student Handbook for specific information or contact the school nurse directly.

20 Field Trip We will take one field trip during the year. Volunteers will be needed. Only those parents who have completed and passed a yearly background check will be permitted to volunteer at field trips. This form is located on-line @ Do this ASAP so you are ready when we need you!

21 Parties & PTA Please join PTA for $8.50! There are two parties during the school year, one before Christmas/Winter break and one on Valentine’s Day. Information regarding school parties will be sent to you through the PTA. If you plan to volunteer at either party, please complete an on-line background check ASAP. Introduction of PTA Homeroom Coordinator Jennifer Stark.

22 Student Birthdays Birthday party invitations (for the whole class only) can be distributed by the student with prior approval of the principal. Students are permitted to bring cookies or mini cupcakes for distribution to students in their classroom. (No “cupcake cakes” please!) The classroom teacher will distribute this treat when time permits during the day. No birthday treats can be distributed during the lunch period.

23 Around the World at BCE Volunteers Needed! This is a day to celebrate diversity at Bear Creek Parents, family members and students are able to bring items and share about their country and culture.

24 Title I Bear Creek Elementary is a Title I school. This means that BCE receives federal funds for the number of students who are part of the Free & Reduced Lunch program. If you think you may be a candidate for this program – please complete the form sent home last week or pick one up from the office.

25 Thank You!! Thank you for coming to Parent Information Night If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please contact your child’s teacher. First Grade Teachers very much appreciate all the support you will give your child this year to help him/her become successful this year!

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