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Welcome to 2nd Grade. Communication with the Teacher Classroom information is available on class web pages through our school’s website

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1 Welcome to 2nd Grade

2 Communication with the Teacher Classroom information is available on class web pages through our school’s website Send notes in your child’s folder. Write notes in the agenda. Send an email.

3 Agendas Agendas will come home nightly. The children will write all homework assignments in the agenda. Spelling Words will be given each week along with a spelling test. Please practice the words at home They will be sent home in the folder, agenda, newsletter, and/or website.

4 Newsletters We will send home a newsletter every week. The newsletter will keep you in touch with what is going on in the classroom. It will contain important dates and other information regarding the weeks activities.

5 Behavior Policy Purpose: To provide students and teachers with a consistent discipline policy. Goal: To increase the quality of education by decreasing the number of behavioral problems. The teacher and parent should view the agenda daily for this policy to be successful.

6 Behavior Tracking Key DA – disrespect to authority (such as eye-rolling, grunting, refusal to answer, etc) DP – disrespect to peers (arguing, bickering, gossiping, etc) DT – disrespect to things (damage to school property, hands/feet on walls, etc) OT – off task (not completing assigned tasks, not following directions when given, etc) T – talking (in line, during class, at inappropriate times) R – responsibility (not being prepared for class) H – homework ( not completing AND turning in homework assignments) C – cheating L – lying (any form of dishonesty) S – stealing (taking ANYTHING that does not belong to you) P – profanity Event code: record in ( ). These do not count as corrections. (B) – went to bathroom during class/note the time (A) – absent (AG) – agenda not signed

7 The count of marks starts over each week. 1 to 6 marks result in in-class consequences such as loss or recess 6 marks equal a meeting with the school counselor and a plan to help the student. 10 marks equal a trip to the office and a consequence such as a detention. Marks and the time that the behavior occurs will be written into the agenda daily.

8 Homework Many teachers assign homework NIGHTLY, check their agenda for work assigned. Unfinished work will be finished during recess. Take-Home reader books, spelling words, and other practice pages can be found in the homework folder. Students should read nightly even if they don’t bring a book home from school.

9 What is Fast ForWord? It is a computer program that helps your child’s brain to process information clearer and faster. It is disguised as fun games. 30 minutes each day all year.

10 The Grading Scale has changed this year. More information will come when available.

11 Medication If your child needs to take medication during the school day, it needs to be taken by a parent to the office and given to the school nurse. She will administer the medication per your instructions. **Please let us know if your child is allergic to anything asap

12 Visitors All visitors must sign in through the office. You will be given a name tag to wear. This procedure helps the faculty at Stewartsboro maintain a safe school environment for all of our students.

13 Attendance Coming to school everyday and being on time is very important. Please send a note when your child returns to school after being absent. Check-In/ Check-Out Procedure Students arriving after 7:30 or leaving prior to dismissal time must be signed in/out through the office. When the student is signed out, the office will call the classroom and notify the teacher to dismiss the student to the office. 3 unexcused tardies= 1 day in after-school detention hall

14 Transportation Changes If you need to change your child’s regular transportation routine, it MUST be done in WRITING. The office will no longer accept phone calls or e-mails for changes.

15 Parent Conferences Parent conferences will be held September 29 th and March 2 nd. If you feel you need to meet with one of us any other time, let us know.

16 Special Areas P.E Art Music Library Music Art/Plan/Computers See agenda daily for schedule. Please wear tennis shoes on P.E. days!

17 SNACK  We have a snack everyday.  Different from first grade, each student will be in charge of their own snack.  Please send a healthy snack.  No cookies, chips, candy, etc.  Children may also bring a bottle of water with a screw-on cap.

18 Birthdays  You are welcome to send cupcakes for your child’s birthday. As per school policy, treats must be store-bought.  DON’T feel obligated to do this.  Please send us a note the day before if you plan to send them.

19 PTCC If you’re not involved with our PTCC, please consider it! This is a great way to stay involved with your child’s school.

20 Half Day Procedures: Lunch will be served. School will be dismissed at 10:30 Please make your teacher aware of any transportation changes in writing. See the agenda and newsletters for the dates.

21 Fall Break October 5 th – 9 th

22 Title I information


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