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Vincent Smith & Simon Rycroft Taxonomy & Scratchpads.

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1 Vincent Smith & Simon Rycroft Taxonomy & Scratchpads

2 Biological taxonomy Findability, relationships (ontology) & tagging Scale Metadata

3 Scratchpads Multi-host Drupal (5) site Drupal customized for taxonomists Communities apply for a site 65+ sites, 750+ users, 130k nodes Taxonomy central to many features

4 Import / Export Excel Template (CSV file)& uBio (XML feed) search.php?classification=sp2000&node=Pediculus (Our) Taxonomy Import

5 Management Taxonomy Manager & Taxonomy Core Principle good, but no one uses it Confusing and slow (HCI issues) Major cross browser issues (Firefox) Requires a number of fixes… Flexible metadata on terms (core) Treat synonyms as full terms (core) Link nodes as term attributes (e.g. biblio) Improve manager HCI (drag-and-drop)

6 Search & Browse Navigation for finding tagged content TinyTax Automatically creates a mini-menu (block) of a vocabulary that is configurable for default term Intuitive Small footprint Integrates with a terms page TaxTab Augments default search with a tab for terms searches (includes term autocomplete) runk/sites/all/modules/taxtab/

7 Quick & intuitive Two step submission Fast (but could be quicker) Encourages tagging Autotagging Automated tagging of content Untagged node Use or ignore discovered tags (drag & drop or add)

8 Mega-Vocabularies Sites with a million plus terms Current Taxonomy Problems e.g. (2 million+ terms) Taxonomy LeftandRight module Implements nested sets Over rides 3 taxonomy core functions - taxonomy_get_tree - taxonomy_overview_terms - taxonomy_select_nodes PHP requires too much memory for large hierarchies Very slow, especially above 50k terms Some sites with 300k terms (unusable) 1.8 million known species (6-80M est.) Very fast (in use with 2 million terms) Solves insertion problem with decimals Possible Solution

9 Sprint Expectations What we are looking to achieve Import and export of terms (TCS-XML?) from a repository Improved & flexible term metadata Handle synonyms as full terms Link nodes as attributes of terms Term and metadata management Permissions on terms (low priority?)

10 Questions?


12 Search & Browse 2 Split Layout TreeMaps e.g. Intuitive Small footprint Integrates with a terms page Potentially integrates multi-site content

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