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Drupal and the Semantic Web Bill Shaouy An Introduction.

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1 Drupal and the Semantic Web Bill Shaouy An Introduction

2 Drupal is: A Content Management System … but also A Web Development Framework

3 Content Management Capabilities Default and custom content types Rich user access capabilities Taxonomy Workflow

4 User-Generated Content Management Blogs Forums Collaborative authoring environments Newsletters Podcasting Picture galleries (and other media types) File uploads and downloads

5 Drupal Is Also a Web Framework User login and registration User profiles Internationalization Menu functionality Pathing/url alias Search Statistics

6 Drupal Is Open Source Free! Over 3000 contributed add-on modules A large, thriving community of users and developers




10 Two Important Third-Party Modules Custom Content Kit (CCK) Views

11 Custom Content Kit (CCK) Allows you to create custom content types, using any combination of: Text areas Numbers Images File attachments Media More!

12 Views Allows you to display any kind of list of content. Can filter by content type, author, date, and more Can display any subset of fields of the content type displayed You can pass arguments to a View In geek speak: a GUI-powered SELECT statement

13 Of the 3000+ Other Modules… Has anyone contributed semantic web modules? Is the Drupal community embracing the semantic web?

14 Yes to both. In a big way.

15 The Web can reach its full potential only if it becomes a place where data can be shared and processed by automated tools as well as by people. -Tim Berners-Lee Inventor of the World Wide Web

16 (This) is too great an opportunity for us to pass up on. By adding semantic technology to Drupal core, I think we can make a notable contribution to the future of the web. -- Dries Buytaert creator of Drupal

17 RDF vs. Microformats The Drupal community is gravitating toward RDF

18 Module: RDF Enables the use of RDF metadata.

19 Module: RDF CCK Allows you to map RDF to CCK fields

20 RDF External Vocabulary Importer Allows you to import external RDF vocabularies into your site

21 Module: Open Calais Integrates the Thomson Reuters' Calais web service into Drupal. Automatically creates rich semantic metadata for Drupal content. Uses natural language processing, machine learning and other methods.

22 Open Calais Information web-services-semantic-drupal-sites web-services-semantic-drupal-sites

23 Other Semantic Web Modules Feed API RDF Processor Calais Marmoset Neologism

24 RDF in Drupal 7 Drupal 7 in alpha now. For Drupal 7, community is trying to get some RDF functionality into core contributing to the effort, among others

25 RDF in Drupal 7 Goals for RDF in D7: API for mapping triples to vocabularies RDF markup for core content types Provide a hook to allow overrides

26 Resources Drupal group – web Drupalcon Paris: The State of RDF in Drupal – Drupal7

27 Thank You!

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