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IRRA DSpace April 2006 Claire Knowles University of Edinburgh.

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1 IRRA DSpace April 2006 Claire Knowles University of Edinburgh

2 DSpace Digital archiving software used for institutional repositories Freely available and open source Customisable and extendable Accepts different file formats Widely adopted

3 IRRA DSpace Design Separate application to DSpace –Different metadata sets –Metadata only records required for RAE –Full text items which were are not applicable to DSpace –Greater flexibility –Existing tools

4 IRRA DSpace Functionality Entry of research outputs against staff members Selection of up to 4 outputs per staff member Add/Edit of outputs metadata and files Reports detailing status of the repository Import and export of data

5 IRRA DSpace Technology Java web application Relational database Tomcat Application Server XML Imports/Exports Authenticated login HTML and Excel Reports CSS Design Web Services Local Configuration

6 Architecture Diagram

7 Interface to RAE Software Final submission will be made to the RAE central system XML schema Test system available August 2006 Debate over the submission of full-text Further development

8 Interface to other RAE data Reduce duplication of data Input feeds –Staff details –Departmental hierarchy –Units of Assessment –Users XML and CSV file import, manual and through web services Admin pages for adding and editing

9 Import of Publication Data Existing data collected for mock RAE Templates for import Import more than 4 publications File Imports of staff and related publications Reduce duplication

10 Import from DSpace IR SRW to search DSpace for the Staff Member Store metadata in the RAE Repository Including handles to link to the full text Additional metadata is required Only retrieve items once Customisable

11 Import of Files from DSpace IR Add full text files into the RAE Repository Only retrieve files to be submitted to the RAE Using the METS Export –Patch onto 1.3.2 –Integrated into 1.4

12 Export to DSpace IR Add items to DSpace RAE opportunity to add items into DSpace IR Not all items are applicable for ERA Add into the workflow Web services –Add item –Retrieve handles

13 DSpace Web Services Add Item RAE DSpace Metadata XML File List Files RAE_ID Collection Username Timestamp RAE_ID DSPACE_ID Username Timestamp or RAE_ID Error Message Username Timestamp

14 DSpace Web Services Retrieve Handle RAE DSpace RAE_ID DSPACE_ID Username Timestamp RAE_ID DSPACE_ID Handle Username Timestamp or RAE_ID DSPACE_ID Error Message Username Timestamp

15 Publications Screens

16 Add Publication

17 Reports

18 Admin Screens

19 Using DSpace IRRA Contact DSpace users meeting

20 Questions and Feedback Claire Knowles Information Systems Developer Edinburgh University Library

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