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Chapter 5 Canada; Lesson 1 & 2 A Resource-Rich Country.

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1 Chapter 5 Canada; Lesson 1 & 2 A Resource-Rich Country

2 Canada Canada is the 2 nd largest country in land-area. Longest undefended border in the world! *5,522 miles 1.1. 2.2.

3 Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. Inuit and other Native Americans lived here 1000s of years before European settlers arrived. About 32 million people live in Canada today. It is home to people from all over the world. It is multicultural like the U.S. 3. 4.4.

4 Newfoundland and Labrador Viking explorers were the first Europeans. A.D. 1000 (left) Grand Banks, off the coast, is one of the grand fishing grounds in the world. Over fishing has forced the government to regulate fishing there. 5.

5 Maritime Provinces (near the sea) Prince Edward Island Smallest province. Nova Scotia Halifax is capital and major shipping center. New Brunswick Capital is Fredericton Because of over fishing, most people in These provinces make a living in Manufacturing, mining, and tourism. *Halifax if a major shipping Center in this region.

6 Heartland of Canada Quebec Largest Province Manufacturing & Service Industries ¼ of Canadians live here French #1 Language Strong REGIONALISM (leave) Quebec City is capital of province Montreal is an important port Ontario 2 nd Largest Province Most people and greatest wealth Toronto (Canada’s largest city) Ottawa (National Capital) Country’s chief manufacturing, financial, and communications center. St. Lawrence Seaway

7 Prairie Provinces Farming & Ranching Alberta Farming Oil Natural Gas Saskatchewan Sandwiched in the middle Farming Oil and natural gas Manitoba Many Lakes (created by glaciers) Farming & Ranching Large amounts of wheat is exported to Europe and Asia Huge pipelines carry oil and natural gas to U.S. and other parts of Canada.

8 British Columbia Arctic Ocean Atlantic Ocean British Columbia Marine West Coast Climate Thick Forest Newsprint Fishing Tourism Vancouver main Pacific Port

9 Territories of Canada Yukon Territory Northwest Territory Nunavut Yukon Territory Rocky Mountains Cordillera (Mts. that run parallel) Northwest Territory Great Bear Lake Great Slave Lake Nunavut Created in 1999 Given to Inuit Means “Our Land” Autonomy (right to govern self) 3x’s size of Texas 100s islands in Arctic 60% under age 25 *Tundra Climate

10 Physical Features Hudson Bay Canadian Shield Wrapped around Hudson Bay Rocky hills worn by erosion 1000s of lakes dot region Iron ore, copper, nickel, gold & uranium deposits (minerals) Cold climate Few people live here Shared with United States Appalachian Mountains Rocky Mountains Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway St. Lawrence River Niagara Falls Arctic Ocean Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) Free Trade for Canada, U.S., & Mexico

11 From Colony to Nation England France During 1600s and 1700s, England and France fought each other for territory around the globe. By 1763, the British gained control of Canada English and French areas were kept separate In 1867 they became one nation known as the Dominion of Canada *Canada ran local government, Great Britain between countries Canadian government promised to protect French culture During 1900s Canada fought in World Wars In 1982 Canadians peacefully given independence from British British king or queen still reigns as king or queen of Canada (no power)

12 Parliamentary Democracy Voters elect representatives to a lawmaking body called Parliament. Prime Minister is the head of the government Bilingual Country Two official languages – English and French Traffic signs printed in English and French French-speaking people have wanted Quebec to secede from Canada

13 Nunavut Quebec (French) Newfoundland & Labrador Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia New Brunswick OntarioManitoba Saskatchewan Alberta (Oil) British Columbia Yukon Territory Northwest Territory

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