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Ms. Rivard Social Studies

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1 Ms. Rivard Social Studies
Chapter 5 CANADA Ms. Rivard Social Studies

2 Section 1 A Resource-Rich Country

3 The Landscape The word “Canada” comes from the word “Kanata” which means village. But Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world! Between Canada & the U.S. lies the worlds largest undefended border The Atlantic Ocean borders Canada to the east, the Pacific Ocean to its west, & the Artic Ocean to the north


5 Made up of 10 Provinces instead of states:
Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland Nova Scotia Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec

6 Random Canada Fact!

7 Also has 3 Territories: Northwest Territory Nunavut Territory
Yukon Territory

8 Open your books to pg. 119 Use the map to help you color Canada’s provinces and territories Assign 1 color to each province & territory and make a key to the side of your map

9 Pg. 159 Copy/Answer these questions in your notebook
1. Thousands of years ago, glaciers covered most of Canada. What did the weight of these glaciers create? 2. What types of deposits are found within the Canadian Shield? 3. What type of climate do the Arctic Islands experience? 4. Describe the physical features found along Canada’s southeastern Atlantic coast.

10 Pg. 159-161 Copy/Answer these questions in your notebook
5. What type of climate is experienced within the lowlands of the St. Lawrence River & the Great Lakes region? 6. What is Canada’s largest city? 7. What are the Great Plains? 8. What is the Cordillera? 9. What is the highest peak in Canada? 10. Which is the only area of Canada with a marine west coast climate?

11 Canada’s Economic Regions
Canada is known for fertile farmland, rich natural resources, and skilled workers Manufacturing, farming, and the service industry make up the countries main economic activities Comprised of a Free Market Economy Though Canada’s government plays a bigger role than the U.S Universal health care for citizens Government regulated programs (broadcasting, electric companies & transportation)

12 Canada’s Economic Regions
1. Eastern Canada Fishing was once the major economic activity of the region The Grand Banks is one of the best fishing spots in the world! However it has been over-fished causing the government to now regulate the # of fish caught Manufacturing, mining, and tourism are now the #1 Economic activities

13 Canada’s Economic Regions
2. Quebec and Ontario Quebec is Canada’s largest province! Almost ¼ of Canadian’s live in Quebec Manufacturing and service industries= #1 Ontario is the 2nd largest province Ottawa (the nations capital) is located here

14 Canada’s Economic Regions
3. The Prairie Provinces & British Columbia Prairie Provinces= Manitoba, Saskatchewan, & Alberta Farming & ranching= #1 Economic activity here Large producer of wheat, oil, & natural gas British Columbia Worlds leading producer in Newsprint Timber, mining, fishing & tourism are also big

15 NAFTA- North American Free Trade Agreement
About $1 billion worth of trade asses between Canada & the U.S. daily! Some Canadians worry their economy is too dependent on the U.S. & that the U.S. could one day dominate

16 Section 2 The Canadians

17 The Inuit are considered the first peoples of Canada
Canada’s History The Inuit are considered the first peoples of Canada A member of the Inuit people is called an “Inuk” Build/live in Igloos Hunted animals such as whales & polar bear Used polar bear skins for clothing Used whale bones to build their houses or as weapons Traveled long distances using dogsleds

18 Nunavut 1999- Nunavut Territory was created for the Inuit
Inuit have their own government and control much of what happens within the territory This means they have Autonomy *3X the size of the state of Texas

19 Canada’s History Today, 32 million people live in Canada
Large majority of people have a European heritage However, many Canadians associate themselves with their region rather than their country

20 Canada’s History The first Europeans in Canada= the Vikings
First settled in Newfoundland France & Britain claimed/controlled areas of Canada -This is why French is one of the major languages (New France) -This is also why the Queen of England is also the queen of Canada

21 Canada’s History For 100 years, British Colonies were kept separate from French areas. 1876- Canada becomes the Dominion of Canada New Canadian government promised to keep much of the French culture & language alive. Many French speakers felt they were treated unfairly After fighting alongside the British & Americans in WWII, Canada eventually gained its independence 1982- Won the right to change their constitution without British approval.

22 Canada’s Government Government= Parliamentary Democracy & Constitutional Monarchy Voters elect representatives to Parliament Members of Parliament make the laws At the head of Parliament is the Prime Minister -The Prime Minister is the head of government & holds the most power The Prime Minister is elected by the Parliament -No fixed term The Queen visits Canada, however she does not carry much power More of a Ceremonial position Stephen Harper Queen Elizabeth the II

23 Canada’s Language Canada is considered a Bilingual country because it has 2 official languages- French & English Some areas of the country favor one language over the other but use both Government documents & traffic signs are printed in both English & French Children learn both languages in school *Majority of French people in Canada live in Quebec

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