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Colonial Discontent What led to the American Revolution?

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1 Colonial Discontent What led to the American Revolution?

2 No More Kings

3 Why did the British tighten their control over the colonies? British interest in the colonies grew mainly because they were in debt from a long and costly war. – Parliament felt the colonies: Were viewed as a source of money Should be responsible for paying their share of taxes

4 British Laws that Affected the Colonies Proclamation of 1763 – Purpose: to reduce tension between the colonists and the Native Americans The Army would be withdrawn and save government money Sugar Act of 1764 – Purpose: to stop the smuggling of goods into and out of the colonies The law also set taxes on cloth, sugar, coffee and wine Stamp Act, 1765 – Imposed taxes on every legal document, pamphlet, newspaper, and deck of cards

5 Quartering Act, 1765 – Required innkeepers and public officials to house and feed British soldiers Declaratory Act, 1766 – Purpose: to remind the colonists that the King and Parliament were superior to colonial governments This law gave Parliament the right to pass laws for the colonies in “all cases whatsoever” Tea Act, 1773 – Gave the East India Company the sole right to sell tea to the colonists

6 Resistance Against the British Colonists began to protest against the British – Colonists were angered over the lack of colonial representation in Parliament. “No taxation without representation” became the slogan against the burdening taxes set by Britain – Two significant events that led to violence were: The Boston Massacre, 1770 The Boston Tea party, 1773

7 The Boston Massacre, 1770 British soldiers had been sent to Boston to enforce the laws passed by Parliament Tensions had been rising between the colonists and soldiers On the night of March 5, 1770 some colonists began harassing the soldiers. – Some began throwing snowballs and rocks at the soldiers One of the soldiers who was hit opened fire on the crowd 5 colonists eventually were killed

8 The Boston Tea Party, 1773 Grew out of colonial protests, “No taxation without representation” On Dec. 16 th, a group of men boarded the ships carrying the taxed tea – They dumped all the tea into the harbor In response Parliament passed a set of acts called the Intolerable Acts: – Closed the harbor and required the colonists to pay for the tea – Revised the quartering act – Colonial government was brought under the control of the King

9 Summary D (What did you do today?) L (What did you learn?) I (What did you find interesting?) Q (Write one question you have)

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