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The biggest manufacturer of LPG and petrol equipment on the Balkan peninsula.

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1 The biggest manufacturer of LPG and petrol equipment on the Balkan peninsula

2 KALVACHA GROUP In 1990 KALVACHA Company starts its activity in the city of Stara Zagora. As a result of the significant development of business, in 2002 the direction take a decision for detachment of the separate business departments into independent firms and the GROUP KALVACHA is established. The GROUP KALVACHA carries out activities in several directions: KALVACHA MANAGEMENT AD - Consultancy and Intermediary Activities in the sphere of corporate planning, management and investments.

3 The GROUP KALVACHA carries out activities in several directions:

4 KALVACHA GAS AD - Operates in the field of import, wholesale and retail sales of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), as well as sales of other petroleum products via own auto and rail tank transport; - Owns terminals for LPG storage and distribution based in Stara Zagora, the geographical center of Bulgaria,as well as the capital city if Sofia; - Rents-out own LPG rail cars; being the sole representative of the German company for rail tank cars on the Balkans - Aretz + Co.; - Runs a chain of LPG filling stations, situated in key locations through out Bulgaria.

5 KALVACHA GAS AD TRADE WITH GAS PROPANE - BUTANE 1. The terminal in Stara Zagora has got a capacity of above 10 000 MT / month and it is strategically located in the geographical center of Bulgaria. 2. The terminal in Sofia has been put into exploitation in the beginning of 2006 and it is located in the industrial zone Obelia near to Europa Blvd. on the way out from Sofia to Serbia.

6 The company KALVACHA GAS AD has the image of the fastest growing company on the Bulgarian market of propane - butane gas. For the period of its existing (since 1992) KALVACHA GAS has completed a perfect business system including the logistics for LPG supply and different kinds of fuels from refineries in the country and abroad representing an own transport fleet of railway tank cars and trucks independent of any partners, our own terminals and storages, a network of dealers and teams who realize the deliveries to the clients and the wholesale activities, a skid for retail sales. The company owns two production terminals. KALVACHA GAS AD TRADE WITH GAS PROPANE - BUTANE

7 KALVACHA ENGINEERING AD IMPLEMENTS: Electronic LPG dispensers Ground modular LPG filling stations Underground LPG filling stations LPG installations for domestic purposes LPG installations for industrial purposes Equipment for petrol stations – Module filling station for fuels, Module petrol stations, Electronic Dispenser, Tanks and other Electrochemical protection for underground installations and metal equipment LPG flow meters Computerized systems for maintenance and sale of fuels and accessories

8 ELECTRONIC LPG DISPENSERS TYPE LPGK 220, 230 KALVACHA ENGINEERING AD produces electronic LPG dispensers of high quality equipped with assemblies made by leading European companies. These are gas dispensers of a new generation and their main characteristics are the low service expenditures, longevity, high productivity, reliability and safety at a good price.

9 The system includes a reservoir, connected to a gas dispenser with one or two pistols, a pump aggregate, a pipe installation, safety and stopping - regulating fittings. UNDERGROUND LPG FILLING STATIONS

10 KALVACHA ENGINEERING AD executes whole and partial design and construction of gas installations for domestic and industrial needs. The company also executes the designs of the clients. LPG INSTALLATIONS FOR DOMESTIC AND INDUSTRIAL PURPOSES

11 KALVACHA ENGINEERING AD designs, producing and offer module filling stations for fuels. This station includes two modules – commercial module (dimensions 12x3x3м) and technological module (dimensions 12x2.6x3м). MODULE FILLING STATIONS FOR PETROL AND DIESEL FUELS

12 KALVACHA ENGINEERING AD manufactures and оffers to its customers high quality 2-piston type positive displacement LPG flow meter with high accuracy over a large flow range and long durability pan in temperature range -20 º С up to +40 º С. LPG FLOW METER

13 The company has special laboratories for calibration of flow meters for propane – butane gas accredited by the Bulgarian Accreditation Office. KALVACHA ENGINEERING AD has the only standard measuring gauge for LPG of first level with relative error 0.042 % registered by the National Center of Metrology in Bulgaria. The company has its own metrological department and the company technical control. LPG FLOW METER CALIBRATION LAB

14 PUMPS KALVACHA Pump series KALVACHA are constructed and manufactured for solving a wide range of tasks, regarding the exploitation of liquefied carbon gases (propane, butane and their mixtures) and fluids with relative parameters (density, viscosity). Pump series KALVACHA are constructed according the regulations of European Directive 94/9/EC – Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

15 ELECTRIC BOARDS KALVACHA Electric boards KALVACHA are intended for insurances in normal working conditions of controlling and protecting electrical devices in industrial projects and domestic buildings. Metal boxes produced by HIMEL - Spain, RITTAL - Germany, LUME – Italy. They are in possession of dust and moisture protection degrees IP 55 and IP 65 certificates. There are be made also Ex explosion-proof versions of PVC boards to General Electric - Belgium.

16 The company designs and produces canopies, sun shades and sheds for gas stations and petrol stations as well as different equipments from aluminum and PVC millwork /greenhouses, posts of observation etc./ for domestic and industrial consumers, by companys design and by the design of the client. CANOPIES AND METAL CONSTRUCTIONS

17 OUR PARTNERS High quality and reliability, correctness and professional treatment of our clients are highly appreciated by leading companies as: SHELL GAS, OMV, EKO ELDA, PETROL, LUKOIL, BUTANGAS, AGIP, MAKPETROL They chose KALVACHA ENGINEERING AD as a supplier of the equipment for all company's gas stations and petrol stations.



20 Head office: Head office: 6000 Stara Zagora Kolio Ganchev Dirstrict, Plant Kalvacha tel: ++359 42/ 600380 tel: ++ 359 887/ 240 540 fax: ++359 42/ 600009 e-mail:

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