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ELASTRON, Representações e Comércio Lda.

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1 ELASTRON, Representações e Comércio Lda.
Commercial Presentation

2 Company Presentation…
ELASTRON Ltd. is a family business founded in 1978. ELASTRON started as a commercial agent of MASTROTTO Group (one of the world's biggest producers of natural leather) for the sofa and footwear industries. This business relationship has remained for more than 30 years, allowing ELASTRON to have an important and strategic experience in these sectors. In a business diversification perspective, ELASTRON places its efforts on fabrics, microfibers and synthetic leather. This challenge began for almost 10 years and is now one of the most important pillars of our company. Currently, the company is divided into two business areas: Upholstery Footwear ELASTRON has its headquarters and warehouses (4) situated in Oporto (Carvalhos), S.J. Madeira and Felgueiras, with a total area of sqm and a warehouse (1) in Spain with a total area of sqm. This presentation is focused on the Upholstery business area.

3 About ELASTRON‘s Upholstery business area…
Providing materials like fabrics, microfibers and artificial leather, ELASTRON becomes one of the major suppliers of cover fabrics to the upholstery industry. We have a technical and specialized team which focuses on customer service and are able to give you the most efficient and economical product/service. ELASTRON has 36 collections with more than 502 color references which are always available in stock. During these last 5 years ELASTRON has grown and has become one of the most important players in the European market, establishing significant commercial partnerships.  We are selling our products in more than 20 countries.

4 Present and Future Strategy…
Having ELASTRON as your commercial partner, opens a variety of new and innovating upholstery solutions… Our Mission… We offer our clients and partners at the best prices, a distinctive and high standard quality product, ensuring our clients success. Our Vision… We want to be recognized by our clients and partners as one of the top players in the upholstery market solutions, providing them an innovative and high quality standard product. Our Values… Commitment, reliability and team work.

5 OUR Products… ELASTRON has a very attractive and transversal article portfolio collection which has been technically certified and classified in accordance to categories, such as: FABRICS MICROFIBERS PU PVC These articles portfolio collection are oriented to the following UPHOLSTERY clusters: SOFÁ CONTRACT AUTOMOTIVE BED MATRESSES

ELASTRON has a clear strategy focused on service and “Efficient Client Orientation”. Within our vision, we have developed 3 different services: DIRECT CONTAINER WAREHOUSE FACTORY OF CATALOGUES (personalized cardboards, KIT’s, hangers, …), to promote our collections. With all these services, we are able to obtain high synergies that allow us to be more efficient in the delivery, price competitiveness and have the flexibility to work with the biggest Distributors and Producers.

7 DIRECT CONTAINER This service is characterized by:
Leadership on several European countries with this service. High volumes and competitive prices. Best market prices as result of a substantial bargaining power. Quality control (ex-works) through our local partners, beyond technical certification by recognized labs that attest and certify the compliance for all demanded requirements by sofa European Industry.

8 WAREHOUSE This service is a backup support for customers of Direct Container service. Our Warehouses located in Portugal and Spain with more than linear meters which are always available in stock. 502 Color references available Faster delivery ↔ more Flexibility

9 FACTORY OF CATALOGUES A powerful marketing tool for articles promotion. Production Capacity: approximately catalogues/month. Service that assure total support and promotion of our articles / to our clients. Customized catalogues: we are able to offer to our clients the opportunity to customize our marketing tools with their images and logo.

10 OUR SALES EVOLUTION… Due to the geographical proximity, our main markets are Italy, Spain and Portugal. We have also grown in several European markets such as Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria among other countries. Our goal to next fiscal year is to expand our market share in each one of these countries thus becoming a reference and a strong partner.

As a result of our business development, we felt the need to improve our response capacity and take a strategic approach to each market, being able to provide our clients with the best service and technical knowledge. Nowadays we are a team of 42 people, working every day to give our clients and partners the best business solutions.

12 ELASTRON Company, Porto, Portugal
Porto (Carvalhos) – headquarter, showroom, administration and warehouse S.J. Madeira - warehouse Felgueiras – warehouse Spain - warehouse Total Area = sqm.

13 Thank you.

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