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KATYAYANI PETROLEUM LIMITED WELCOMES YOU Towards a Greener, Safer, Prosperous Future….

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3 Towards a Greener, Safer, Prosperous Future….

4 Brand EVERGO To meet the pressing need for an eco-friendly and an economical Auto fuel with a vast market potential, We are launching Auto LPG under the brand

5 Auto LPG Abundantly available Eco-friendly fuel. It is a mixture of high quality gases like propane and butane. It is obtained from both natural gas and crude oil.

6 Why Auto LPG as an alternative fuel ? Dispensability as easy as gasoline. Easily transported as it liquefies at low pressure of 5 to 7 bar. Better engine life as a result of lesser acids and carbon deposits. Has an excellent safety record. Evaporative losses are negligible. No possibility of theft, pilferage and adulterations. Impacts greenhouse emissions far less than other fuels

7 Increasing Demand of Auto LPG World wide the acceptance of Auto LPG can be gauged from the fact that 10 million vehicles are supported by 40,000 Auto LPG filling stations. Leading Indian Automobile manufacturers too have increased the production of bi-fuel vehicles.

8 Auto LPG Dispensing Stations We are going to setup Auto LPG Dispensing stations across the country under the brand EVERGO through Distributors & Dealers

9 You too can become an EVERGO Auto LPG dealer If you:- Are financially sound. Enjoy a good reputation in the market. Posses open non agriculture land of size 900 to 1800 Sq.mts. owned or on long lease.

10 Prosperity for EVERGO Auto LPG dealers The Auto LPG dispensing station is a lucrative business preposition, as the margins assured to the owners are very attractive The perennially increasing demand ensures good returns for the dealers

11 Say a BIG NO to Domestic LPG for Automotive application It contains impurities that affect engine health severely. Domestic gas cylinders are not designed for automotive usage. It is very risky to use in vehicles.

12 Our Future Plans Our own Terminals Assurance of consistent and timely supply. Highly competitive prices.

13 It ensures safe and secure delivery of fuel. All the necessary equipments for the unloading of fuel are installed on the BobTAIL trucks so reduces installation cost of ALDS. Efficiently fulfills the variable requirement of fuel. BobTAIL Delivery and Dispensing System

14 Our Mission To promote Auto LPG as an integrated automotive fuel which is not only environmental friendly but also gives…… Economy of a diesel engine. Emissions of a CNG engine. Performance of a petrol engine.

15 Our Channel Partners Indian oil Petronas Ltd WAAREE MMPetro Krison Engineering Works Axiom Engineering Optech Engineering SKN VSM Projects Pvt. Ltd. Axis Bank Jaswinder Energy India ltd

16 THANK YOU For more information please logon to and for any enquiry regarding EVERGO & AutoLPG Dispensing Stations mail us at

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