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Группа компаний СКРАП.

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1 Группа компаний СКРАП

2 About the company SKRAP Group was founded in 1996, main business for first 2 years can be characterized as a wholeselling garden tools and electric heaters in domestic market. The name SKRAP is russian acronym for the Union of Designers Developers Analytics and Entrepreneurs (so acronym in English should be UDDAE). Nowadays, SKRAP Group is one of the leaders in Russian business of wholesale suppliers for consumer goods. The company works with corporate clients and retail network in various parts of the country and neighboring countries. SKRAP Group have accumulated extensive experience in mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers and buyers. Continuous analysis of the domestic market, working closely with leading manufacturers in Russia and abroad, a wide range of the different ways of delivery, high quality of the goods and affordable prices determine the success and the successful development of the company.

3 Work directions Household appliance Garden Tools
Currently SKRAP Group offer over 7000 different products in areas such as: Household appliance Electric, gas, gasoline and diesel heaters Garden Tools Power Tools and Hand Tools Tableware Household goods Christmas decorations and goods Leisure and Picnic items Car accessories

4 Own trade marks Household appliance Tableware Garden Tools
Electric, gas, gasoline and diesel heaters Household goods Leisure and Picnic items Christmas decorations and goods Power Tools and Hand Tools

5 Our advantages The exhibition hall
The exhibition hall in the central office of SKRAP Group takes more than 800 square meters. It allows customers to see any products and get professional advice from the managers.

6 Our advantages Warehouses
A large area of our own and rented warehouses can support a wide range of products for seasonal goods, also allow our customers get the goods from the warehouse immediately after the order is placed.

7 Our partners

8 Our suppliers

9 Contacts Lit Э, 10, Kolomyazhskiy pr., Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Postal Code:

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