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Global Animal Management, Inc.

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1 Global Animal Management, Inc.
Global Animal Management, Inc. Dr Michael Coe, DVM, PhD

2 What Makes GAM Different?
“Building Blocks” Technology Infrastructure Production Methodology: Discovery, Design, Development, Deployment Innovation and Flexibility Relationships /Customer Support /Training Industry Knowledge and Market Experience

3 GAM answers “business critical” needs
GAM answers “business critical” needs VeriSource® GAM™ Portal V3.0 GCMS™ (GAM Certificate Management System) GMVS™ (GAM Movement Verification System) GPMS™ (GAM Premises Management System)

4 Compliance and Value Added Services
Producer Participants 1,500,000 Producer State Dept. of Agriculture State Animal ID Coordination Production Data State/Private Federal GCMS VeriSource® Premises Data Maintenance Create Maintain GAM Portal Services GPMS USDA Compliant Premises Registration System Interface AIN Management USDA / VS Premises Number Allocator Premises Data State and Private Animal Tracking Database systems ATDS Messaging Service Standardized Premises Repository System National Animal Identification System ATPS GMVS GAM Animal Tracker USDA approved interim ATDS US Animal ID Premises ID Date Event Other: Birth Date, Sex, Color

5 GAM Solutions: Report Card
GAM Animal Tracker (USDA approved interim ATDS) Tri-Merit GCMS (1,400 + Facilitators enrolled) Compliant Premises Registration System: 24,000 + premises registered Regulatory State Animal Health Programs; system integration to satisfy NAIS Brand Departments process integration to satisfy NAIS Producer Projects: Auction Market, Cow Calf, Cervidae, Dairy, Veterinarian, Calf Ranch Education and Outreach

6 Global Animal Management, Inc.
Thank you for your time. Additional Information available at our Trade Show Booth #28

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