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Ag Fact! 5/1 More beef is consumed on ______________ than any other day of the year (___________ and _____________ tie for second)!

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1 Ag Fact! 5/1 More beef is consumed on ______________ than any other day of the year (___________ and _____________ tie for second)!

2 Ag Fact! 5/1 More beef is consumed on Memorial Day than any other day of the year (Fourth of July and Labor Day tie for second)!

3 Managing Livestock: Identification Animal Science Introduction to Agricultural Science Sources: Oklahoma State University Extension Duncan Emrich

4 Types of Marking Permanent Brands Tattoos Microchips Ear Notching

5 Types of Marking Temporary Wax crayon/chalk Ear tag Leg band Paint

6 Ear Marking Used in pigs Different combinations tell you the litter number and the individual pig Can’t use tags – will come off in the pen

7 Ear Marking


9 Quiz! Question 1

10 Quiz! Question 1 Answer: Litter 16, Pig 3

11 Quiz! Question 2 a)Mark the pig for litter 22, pig number 6 b)Mark a pig for litter 35, pig number 11 c)Mark a pig for litter 13, pig number 2

12 Quiz! Question 2

13 Ear Tags Scrapie Tags – Sheep – Identification of origin Bangs Vaccinated Tags – Cattle – Verification of vaccination for brucellosis

14 NAIS National Animal Identification System Current events led to NAIS in 2004 – Cow originally from Canada with BSE (mad cow) found in Washington – Other countries ban US beef imports

15 Why a National ID System? Increase Consumer Confidence – food safety Ensure Market Access – international recognition – increase exports – avoid trade barriers Animal Health Bio Security

16 NAIS NAIS Purpose: Maintaining HEALTH of the livestock in the United States is the most urgent issue for the industry NAIS Goal: Identify animals and premises that had direct contact with a animal disease of concern (FAD) within 48 hours after detection.

17 NAIS Essential Components National Premises Identification System Individual Animal Identification System Essential information transfer

18 NAIS Premise Identification Premise: a location with an address, livestock and/or livestock handling facilities – applicable to all livestock species – 7-character alphanumeric number – National Premises Number Allocator – Managed by states

19 NAIS Which “Premises” need a Premise ID number? Farms and Ranches Livestock Shows Livestock Markets Feedlots Processing Facilities Veterinary Clinics Collection Points

20 NAIS The controversy – Many see NAIS as expensive, difficult, and unneeded – Some see NAIS as a violation of privacy

21 Branding Many types of branding Hot iron branding – Fire/iron – Electrical Freeze branding Paint branding

22 Branding Why branding? Permanent marking system to identify ownership Allowed cattle to be sorted out if they became mixed up (open range, etc)

23 Branding History 4,000 year old art shows Egyptians branding Brought to US by Spaniards in 1600’s Brand registration began in 1870’s

24 Branding Which type is better? – Freeze causes least damage and is permanent, but doesn’t work on white cattle – Hot iron is permanent but can damage hide, hurt animal – Paint is not permanent

25 Branding How do you read a brand? 1)Left-to-right 2)Top-to-bottom 3)Outside-in

26 NAIS Write two paragraphs that complete the following: – What are the benefits and drawbacks of NAIS? What is your opinion? – What are the advantages and disadvantages of branding? What is your opinion? – Turn this in when done to the inbox!

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