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Capturing Value From RFID Presented by: David L. Knupp.

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1 Capturing Value From RFID Presented by: David L. Knupp

2 Schering-Plough Corp. Pharma Consumer Health LBU Cattle LBU Swine PBU ABU CABU Animal Health Global Animal Management, Inc. Wholly owned subsidiary of Schering-Plough Separate organizational and management structure Financially Stable

3 GAM: Mission Statement Global Animal Management: To become the leading provider of verification and data management services to the food animal industry.

4 Tri-Merit Overview Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation Global Animal Management, Inc.

5 c/cstockerauctionbckgrndrvetfair fdlt packer vertical data (movement) horizontal data (productivity, health mgmt, age, source, process, breed, label) NAIS for disease management retail

6 #1 Market Trend: Food Safety Source VerificationProcess VerificationAge VerificationMovement Verification [NAIS]

7 What are the current market trends for the cattle producer…. Many markets are now paying a premium for source, process and age verified cattle. Many feedlots are starting to look for source, process and age verified cattle to fill their yards. Packing Plants and Retail Chains (McDonalds and Wal-Mart) are looking at source and age verification as their latest product niche to regain our export market.

8 Common Misconceptions RFID is expensive RFID is complicated RFID is a burdensome

9 Value Added Opportunities This is what Tri-Merit is all about! Age Verification Source Verification Health History Verification Future classifications: Organic, All Natural, NHTC, Grass Fed, COOL etc.

10 What is Tri-Merit? Web-based certification system developed by Global Animal Management in collaboration with Schering-Plough Animal Health. Built on Six Primary Principles 1. Certification of Individual or Groups of Animals 2. Unique animal ID system 3. Local Control of Data 4. Flexibility for Scale Up to NAIS 5. Intuitive, Simple & Practical Data Entry 6. Increasing Individual Cattle Value with Low Input Costs

11 Pasture Cattle Program WEB BASED Age Verification Source Verification Health History Verification Movement Verification

12 Road Map Tri-Merit is also a Road Map for future verification needs. Tri-Merit will have 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th, etc generations providing value and compliance in the market place.

13 Age & Source Verification 4 Keys to Age/Source Verification: Keep calving records (on paper, not just in your head) Identify calves in some way Be willing to share records with other segments Do a little prep work to determine marketing options

14 Benefits of Premiums Paid for Certification Moves Generic Cattle to Brand-Name Cattle Preparation for Future USDA Regulations Practical Solution with a Tangible Product Easy to Use

15 Is Source Identification Age Verification Health History Verification Portal to NAIS Flexible Value Added System Not Is Not Total Herd Health Records Qualified Select Sales Program Strict Vaccination Program Strict Weaning Program Imposed Process Certification


17 NAIS Compliant ISO Compliant Unique Individual Packaging Packaged in Sequential Order Cost Competitive

18 Available Configurations EID (RFID) only EID with Small (calf) Panel Tag EID with Large (feedlot) Panel Tag

19 What factors should go into your decision in choosing a system for addressing Food Safety & Consumer Confidence? –Flexibility to meet data collection requirements –Address all four data value streams Movement Verification [NAIS] Source Verification Process Verification Age Verification –Cost effective –Strong field support –Stability of service provider –Responsive technology platform –Dedicated technology service support staff –Dedicated staff to meet evolution of consumer and government requirements Tri Δ Merit Meets All the Criteria

20 Your Role in Food Safety…… The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.. Unknown The first step is yours….. ask us about Tri-Merit

21 Thank You! For More Information David Knupp Global Animal Management, Inc 309-337-9039

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