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August 2004 Providing Industry-wide Security and Identity Management Solutions.

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1 August 2004 Providing Industry-wide Security and Identity Management Solutions

2 Security is a process…That requires packaged solutions… Vision

3 Betrusted’s Solution Approach Betrusted’s Information Security Platform

4 Financial Services Case Study I:  Identrus Solutions –Host 80% of all Identrus Bank Infrastructures Managed Services –Provide Technical Resources to Citigroup –Manage RBS Registration Technology –CMS and SCMS Capabilities –Non – Identrus PKI Solutions Betrusted is a leading solution provider and system integrator for financial services market:

5 Healthcare Case Study II:  Consortium-owed company by six major healthcare health plans and providers in the Northwest U.S.  Single point secure entity for user registration and authentication providing access to all relying party’s portals.  Provides 15,000 healthcare professionals with secure access for clinical data from providers, claim data, eligibility, and benefits information from insurers.  Applicable throughout the U.S. healthcare community for secure access to PHI  Cost reduction: single registration & authentication process  Launched in August 2003; –over 2,000 organizations –registered 25 states –Over 70,000 transactions per month

6 Life Sciences Case Study III:  Goals –Common Standard for eSignatures –Secure e-Submissions to FDA –Secure access to application components –Compliant Bridge  Betrusted Practice –Outsourced PKI –Identrus Deployments –CA Bridge or Accreditation –eSignatures Solutions –PKI Suite –Trust Platform CA/RA –Global Secure Hosting Facilities –Directory Services –Internal Policy and Procedures –HIPAA & CFR Part 11 Assessment

7 Industry IDM Practice Basics  User Registration  Application Enablement  Document Management Solutions  Certificates and Credential Issuance –Identrus, Internal, Microsoft etc…  Card Management/Common Access Cards  Secure Hosting/Managed Services  Digital Signing –PDF, Word, Excel  Global Support

8 Betrusted User Registration  All Electronic/Web Enabled Process accessible globally  Provides Regional (or Global) Client Administrators Registration and vetting authority  Interface provides certificate management; i.e. revocation, suspension  User administered  Solution currently in production for major U.S. Healthcare Client and Identrus Participants

9 Betrusted Smart ID Successful industry deployments  Large corporations –Employee cards, secure portal sites  Financial institutions and insurance companies –Inter-bank clearing, corporate customer communication, online banking  Government –Document management, secure communication  Health Care –Health Professional Card, prescription processing  Telcos –Rights management, device security

10 Next Steps and Questions?

11  fifth largest financial institution in the UK  22 million customers, UK's largest mortgage and savings provider  PBT 2002 £ 3,06 billion Identrus compliant multi-application solution Appendix-Case Study: HBOS  Challenge (overall) –Two applications right from the start: New BACS program and iCHOBS –Identrus compliance required –Number of users 20.000  Challenge (in particular) –Smart card personalization at central site for high volume roll-out –High volume authentication –Strict SLAs for Smart card delivery OCSP validation

12 Appendix-Case Study: HBOS  Method of Resolution –Roll-out multifunctional, Identrus compliant smart card –Online RA interface with Identrus compliant signing –Smart card personalization at Gemplus UK site Interface to PKI hosting site in Hamburg, Germany Roll-out of client packages, i.e. smart cards, reader, software in various package formats  Benefits and Prospects –HBOS wanted strategic security platform to leverage further applications –Install TC Smartcard Manager  Deployed Products –Identrus-compliant PKI –Professional Services –Third party products

13  The Italian government is globally recognised as a pioneer in developing ‘eGovernment’ services for its citizens Enable the delivery of digital certificates on all electronic identity cards issued by the Italian Government Appendix Case Study: Italian Ministry of the Interior  Challenge (overall) –Facilitate the issuance of identity cards in accordance with Italian AIPA legislation –Maintain the current seamless process of card issuance  Challenge (in particular) –Issue a digital certificate to every identity card using the current authentication process –Integrate with all aspects of Government card issuance process –Ensure conformance with country regulatory environment Appendix

14 Appendix Case Study: Italian Ministry of the Interior  Method of Resolution and Deployed Products –PKI powered by UniCERT –Professional Services –Third party products  Benefits and Prospects –Enable the delivery of digital certificates on all electronic identity cards issued by the Italian Government while maintaining the same seamless process of card issuance as is currently the case –Enable Italian citizens in the usage of this electronic identity when accessing on-line Government services Appendix

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