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Every Man A Warrior.

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1 Every Man A Warrior

2 For every 10 men in the church...
---9 will have kids who leave the church ---8 will not find their jobs satisfying ---6 will pay monthly minimums on credit cards ---5 will have a major problem with pornography ---4 will get divorced affecting 1,000,000 children each year ---All 10 will struggle to balance family & work George Barna Research

3 How Every Man A Warrior Came About
Every Man A Warrior comes from more than thirty years of discipleship experience while on staff with the Navigators. The stories used in Every Man A Warrior are all true. They are about real men dealing with real life issues and how God has solutions. Lonnie Berger - Author

4 Every Man A Warrior is about:
“Helping Men Succeed in Life”

5 Every Man A Warrior  is a 32 week Bible study broken into 3 books of 9-12 weeks each.  They are:  

6 Walking With God The first nine lessons of Every Man A Warrior develop the essential skills of discipleship. These skills are then applied to the topics in the next two books. It is important that all men go through Book 1 before starting Books 2 and 3. Book 1 includes the Every Man A Warrior verse pack and all other course verses.

7 Marriage & Raising Children
These eight lessons give practical help and a biblical outlook on both Marriage & Raising Children. It comes with a special emphasis on raising teenagers. This will take 12 weeks for most groups.

8 Money, Sex, Work, Hard Times, and Making Your Life Count
Book 3 has ten lessons that bring scriptural application to the issues of Money, Sex, Work, Going Through Hard Times, and How to Make Your Life Count. After family, these are the issues that most consume a man’s life and where he needs to succeed.

9 EMAW Teaches Discipleship Disciplines
A B C - Quiet Time format with built-in meditation tool WAR method of prayer: Worship, Admit, Request Meditation skills practiced each week on the memory verse Memorize 22 verses, each one a key verse of the lesson studied

10 Lessons are Story-Based
Lessons are based on true, relevant stories and issues confronting men today Lesson design is 1/2 story, 1/4 Bible study, 1/4 discipleship skills Preparation will take 1-2 hours per week and can be done during your Quiet Time.

11 Issues Relevant To Men’s Lives
4 lessons on marriage 4 lessons on rearing children, with special focus on raising teenagers 5 lessons on money with many practical applications 3 lessons on suffering, hard times and walking with God through trials 1 lesson each on making your life count, sex, pornography and work

12 EMAW deals with the woundedness and brokenness in our culture
Book 2 When Marriages Hurt-Going to God and doing what’s right Book 2 The Wounded Wife-understanding the wounded wife in marriage Book 2 Wounded Children-rebuilding relationships and winning back wounded children Book 3 The Wounded Warrior-understanding woundedness and taking our hurts to God Book 3 Sex and Pornography- how we try to fill the wounds

13 Trains Men for Spiritual Multiplication
Each lesson begins with a Leader’s Guide and step-by-step instructions The original group leader leads through Book 1, then participants rotate leading This course prepares and challenges each man to start a group of his own in Book 3

14 Use EMAW to Disciple Men
In a small group - 4 to 6 men is optimum and takes 90 minutes One-on-one takes 60 minutes In a Sunday school class - many lessons will take two weeks

15 The Commitment In order to become more the man that God wants me to be, I commit myself to the following: I will make weekly attendance at the meeting a priority I will complete the assignment for the week and be willing to share my thoughts with the group I will hold in confidence any personal matter shared in the group I will encourage my brothers to be courageous, do the work, and become the men that God wants them to be I will not be defensive if my brothers challenge me if I do not fulfill my commitment. I will welcome their challenge and seek greater faithfulness.

16 President and CEO of Trans World Radio International
“Men deal with issues every day that test their core values, integrity, and spiritual manhood, issues like financial management, suffering, sex, moral purity, work, and making one’s life count is the stuff that shapes a man’s character. Every Man A Warrior hits these gut issues head on with no sugar coating.” Lauren Libby President and CEO of Trans World Radio International

17 “Every Man A Warrior arms you to win in the battle for the health of your family. I wish I had known these lessons in the early years of my marriage. It would have equipped me to do so much better as a husband and father. This study is a must for every man at any age. The material is tried and tested. It works! It is never too late to start building a better family!” Jerry E. White, Ph.D. International President Emeritus and Chairman, US Board of Directors, The Navigators

18 Eric Matty, Associate Pastor, Real Life Church, St. Paul, MN
“In my 20-plus years of mentoring I’ve never seen one set of materials build men as effectively as Every Man A Warrior. This is the total package! I see this as a program I will do every year. It strengthens families and grows new leaders by building into the lives of the men in our church.” Eric Matty, Associate Pastor, Real Life Church, St. Paul, MN

19 EMAW will take some work and commitment.
But it is worth it To invest in yourself To succeed in life

20 Purchase and Learn more at:

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