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Arthroscopic Intervention Staying Active

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1 Arthroscopic Intervention Staying Active
WILLIAM F BENNETT MD Orthopedic Surgeon Sportsmedicine/Arthroscopy

2 Arthroscopy-What is it?
Fiber optic scope with a mirror Utilized for viewing the insides of joints Mirror transmits inside image along fibers to a processor which displays the picture on a TV Monitor Various arthroscopic instruments allow for treatment of almost all joint conditions

3 Arthroscopic Instruments
arthroscope Arthroscopic Instruments Knot tier cannula Suture passer Suture retriever screw scissors

4 monitor Setup shoulder A r t h o s c p e

5 Sportsmedicine Definition- any individual who needs medical attention to stay active in their activities Do not have to be on an organized team Ages from kids to 100 Aging population-likes to stay active- I.e., golf/tennis/swimming

6 Injuries Prevent people from staying active and doing things they like
Too often people just stop performing With today’s technology there is no reason to stop Previous techniques included open surgery

7 Injuries Continued Most injuries can be treated with *anti-inflammatory medication *rest *physical therapy If surgery needed in times past large incisions and may not return to 100% Arthroscopy small incisions and tries to fine-tune the athlete

8 Arthroscopy advantages
Biggest- complete visualization of the joint Can address multiple lesions Particularly relevant in the shoulder when more than one lesion may be present Small Incisions Less Pain Shorter rehab

9 Injuries-joints accessible via arthroscope
Shoulder Knee Ankle Elbow Wrist Hip Spine

10 Shoulder Bursitis/tendonitis Rotator Cuff Tears Biceps Inflammation
Dislocations/Subluxations Ac joint pain Spurs Post-fracture care

11 Knee Torn cartilage Articular Cartilage defects
Ligament reconstruction Knee-Cap problems Synovitis Tendonits/bursitis

12 Elbow Tennis Elbow Golfer’s Elbow Ligament injuries Cartilage Defects
Post-fracture care

13 Ankle Chronic Sprains Osteochondritis Dissecans Synovitis
Post-fracture care

14 Shoulder

15 Shoulder Right shoulder Rotator cuff front Biceps tendon back

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