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Chronic Injury Jordan Deubner, Jackie Silva, Jarrius Russell.

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2 Chronic Injury Jordan Deubner, Jackie Silva, Jarrius Russell

3 Chronic Injury: -This type of injury usually occurs over a period of time. Most common chronic injuries are: ◦stress fractures — tiny cracks within the bone's surface often caused by repetitive overloading (such as in the feet of a basketball player who is continuously jumping on the court) ◦tendinitis — inflammation of the tendon caused by repetitive stretching Chronic injuries may seem less important than acute injuries. Most people tend to ignore that aching in their wrist or that soreness in their knees, but always remember that just because an injury isn't dramatic doesn't mean it's unimportant or will go away on its own. If left untreated, a chronic injury will most likely get worse over time.

4 Shoulder A natural consequence of a weakened or injured shoulder ligament may cause chronic shoulder instability. This situation may occur as a result of previous shoulder subluxations/dislocations, but may also occur due to congenitally loose joints or from repetitive motion injury as in pitching. Rotator cuff tendonitis may occur when the muscles of the rotator cuff are overworked causing the tendons to become inflamed and painful. Common treatment for rotator cuff tendonitis by traditional medical doctors includes rest, NSAIDS, and physical therapy.

5 Elbow "Tennis elbow" is a common term for a condition caused by overuse of arm and forearm muscles that results in elbow pain. Tennis elbow is caused by either abrupt or subtle injury of the muscle and/or tendon area around the outside of the elbow. Tennis elbow specifically involves the area where the muscles and tendons of the forearm attach to the outside bony area of the elbow.

6 Patellar tendinitis, also known as jumper's knee, is a relatively common inflammatory condition that causes pain in the front (anterior) aspect of the knee. Patellar tendinitis begins as inflammation of the patellar tendon where it attaches to the patella. Typically there will be pain at this site as well. It can also progress by tearing or degeneration of the tendon. It typically starts as a dull ache but can gradually increase over a period of time. Knee

7 Ankle The Achilles tendon is the strongest and largest tendon in the body. Achilles tendinitis is an inflammation (swelling) of the tendon, which usually occurs as a result of overuse of that tendon. As people age, tendons, like other tissues in the body, become less flexible, more rigid, and more likely to become injured. Therefore, middle-age recreational athletes are most susceptible to Achilles tendonitis.

8 Treatment Treatment options for chronic pain can vary. Your treatment plan might include medication, various forms of therapy and lifestyle changes. Cold: An athlete who has chronic knee pain that increases after running may want to ice the injured area after each run to reduce or prevent inflammation. It's not helpful to ice a chronic injury before exercise. Heat: Heat is generally used for chronic injuries that normally have no inflammation or swelling. Athletes may use heat therapy before exercise to increase the flexibility of joint connective tissues and to stimulate blood flow. Heat can also help relax tight muscles.

9 Thank You. Work cited: de/tennis-elbow

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