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Beaumont Doctors Specializing in

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1 Beaumont Doctors Specializing in
Sports Medicine

2 Shoulder Surgery Arthroscopy
SLAP repair for torn labrum or biceps anchor Subacromial Decompression for impingement Distal clavicle excision AC joint arthritis Rotator cuff repair for torn cuff

3 Anatomy

4 Anatomy

5 Anatomy

6 Arthroscopic Surgery

7 SLAP Tear

8 SLAP Tear Normal Torn

9 SLAP Tear

10 SLAP Repair

11 SLAP Repair

12 Impingement

13 Impingement

14 Subacromial Decompression

15 AC Joint Arthritis

16 Distal Clavicle Excision

17 Rotator Cuff Tear

18 Rotator Cuff Tear MRI

19 Rotator Cuff Repair Three ways to address depending on size of tear:
Arthroscopic “Mini - Open” “Open”

20 Rotator Cuff Repair

21 Rotator Cuff Repair

22 Rotator Cuff Repair

23 Shoulder that is pain free and functional
Goal Shoulder that is pain free and functional

24 Possible Risks and Complications
Anesthetic Stiffness Infection Retear of repair Pain

25 Rehab Initial degree of protection depends on procedure
Longer period of protection if “repair” performed (4 to 6 weeks) Physical Therapy 3x/ week x 6 to 12 weeks Expect 3 to 6 months for full recovery

26 No surgery is ever “guaranteed,” but shoulder surgery is a highly successful

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