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Prospective Student Portal A Technical Perspective Presented by: Patrick J. Kelly Sr. System Analyst / Portal Technical Team Lead.

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1 Prospective Student Portal A Technical Perspective Presented by: Patrick J. Kelly Sr. System Analyst / Portal Technical Team Lead

2 Agenda Background Who is La Salle University What is our Prospective Student Portal (PSP) Prospective Student Portal Project Overview PSP Technologies PSP Interface / Account Creation Process Tracking Prospective Students PSP Targeted Announcements PSP Outcomes

3 Who is La Salle University ? Our History: La Salle is a Catholic, comprehensive University founded by the Christian Brothers in Philadelphia in 1863. Committed to personalized, humanistic, practical education. Our Campuses: Main Campus Northwest Philadelphia Satellite Campus Newtown, Bucks County (25 miles north of Philadelphia)

4 Who is La Salle University ? Our Students: 7,000 undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students annually Three schools: Arts and Sciences Business Nursing Student Demographics: 25 states 37 countries Two-thirds of undergraduates live on campus 90% of graduate students are working professionals attending part-time

5 What is our Prospective Student Portal ? Terminology: Prospective Student Portal PSP Portal Luminis Targeted Announcements/Messaging Focused messages (similar to emails) delivered within the Portal Framework LDAP = Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

6 What is our Prospective Student Portal ? cont… Provides Prospective Students with: Information on: Academics Admissions Financial Aid Scholarships Experience Life at La Salle University Apply Online Personalized/Customized Content: Status of Application Status of Financial Aid Targeted Announcements Pulled Channels

7 PSP Project Overview Project Goals: User-Initiated Account Creation Integration with SCTs Product(s) BANNER, WebCT – Pre-Populated Web Application Future Products: Workflow, etc… Personalized Content Personalized Target Announcements 4-5 Month Implementation Schedule January 2003 to May 2003

8 PSP Project Overview Project Timeline: Portal Installation/Backup/Training 4-Weeks PSP Planning 3-Weeks Functional Specifications 2-Weeks Technical Specifications PSP Development 4-Weeks PSP Content Creation 3-Week PSP Testing 2-Weeks PSP User Interface Setup (look & feel) 1-Week

9 PSP Project Overview cont… Implementation Team Portal Action Team TechnicalTeam Content Team Marketing/TrainingTeam Computer Governance Kathy Carmichael SCT Consultant

10 PSP Technologies Oracle PL/SQL Packages 2 Account Creation/Interface Packages 1) ZWSKPSPL –Builds Interface/Web Pages; Data-Entry Edits 2) ZWSKPLIB –Driver for Account Creation; Emails via UTL_SMTP Based on BANNER Self-Serve Package Architecture – WebTailor Customizable Text – Linked via WebTailor to Customized Cascading Style Sheets (*.css) 1 BANNER to Portal Integration Package 1) ICSRKSEV – Transfers Role, Major, Interests Attributes to Portal LDAP Based on BANNER Intcomp Package Architecture

11 PSP Technologies Luminis Configuration Create Access Groups / Roles Prospective Students (High Level) Prospective Day Prospective Evening Prospective Graduates

12 PSP Technologies Luminis Configuration cont… Create New Content Layout Owners for Roles: Prospect, ProspectDay, ProspectEve, ProspectGrad Modify dlm.xml configuration file ($CP_WEBINF/config) … …

13 PSP Architecture Overview Portal Account Creation Interface(PL/SQL) Portal Entry Page Portal Access Points BANNERDatabasePortalLDAP ProspectiveStudentPortal

14 Accessing the PSP Access Point

15 Accessing the PSP cont… Access Point

16 Accessing the PSP cont… Access Point

17 Accessing the PSP cont… Entry Point andInformation

18 PSP Account Creation Custom Cascading Style Sheet (*.css)

19 PSP Account Creation cont… The Matching Process Match SARPERS (Web Application Tables) Lowest Common Denominator Match SPRIDEN (Baseline BANNER Tables) If match found, then system displays a message that they are already a valid user. Match SRTIDEN (Web Prospect Tables)

20 PSP Account Creation cont… The Matching Process cont… Example: Match SARPERS First Name Match: – Sarpers_first_name = PSP_first_name – Sarpers_first_init = PSP_first_name – Sarpers_nickname = PSP_first_name Middle Name Match: – Sarpers_middle_name1 = PSP_middle_name – Sarpers_middle_name2 = PSP_middle_name – Sarpers_middle_init1 = PSP_middle_name – Sarpers_middle_init2 = PSP_middle_name – substr(Sarpers_middle_name1,1,1) = substr(PSP_middle_name,1,1) – substr(Sarpers_middle_name2,1,1) = substr(PSP_middle_name,1,1) – substr(Sarpers_middle_init1,1,1) = substr(PSP_middle_name,1,1) – substr(Sarpers_middle_init2,1,1) = substr(PSP_middle_name,1,1) – PSP_middle_name IS NULL and First Name Match = TRUE

21 PSP Account Creation cont… The Matching Process cont… Example: Match SARPERS cont… Date of Birth Match: – Sarpers_birth_date = PSP_birth_date DOBMATCH – Sarpers_birth_date IS NULL DOBISNULL – Otherwise DOBNOMATCH Email Match: – SarphonEmalC (cursor) = PSP_email_address UNIQUE Match: – First Name Match= TRUE – Middle_Name_Match= TRUE – DOBMATCH – Email Match= TRUE

22 PSP Account Creation cont… MatchingProcess

23 WebTailorCustomizableText

24 Allowed to Select Multiple Interests

25 PSP Account Creation cont… User-DefinedUsername (must be unique)

26 PSP Account Creation cont… 60-Second Delay For BANNER Intcomp Events to Fire

27 PSP Account Creation cont… Date:Tue, 21 Oct 2003 15:25:40 -0400 From:"LaSalle Admissions" | Add to Address Book RE:MyLaSalle Account Information To:"" Dear Patrick J. Kelly, I want to thank you for logging into the MyLaSalle admissions portal. I hope that you will login many times over during the next year - longer if you ultimately enroll at LaSalle University. The portal will be continually updated with specific information about your academic and extracurricular interests. The personal messaging, discussion room and customization features of the portal make MyLaSalle a great way to learn about the University. Of course, you will also be able to follow the progress of your application for admission through the portal. You will be asked to log into MyLaSalle by using the following user ID and password. User ID: pakellypa Password: 010180 Please keep these in a secure place. Thank you for your interest in La Salle University. I look forward to working with you in the college choice process. Bob Voss Dean, Admissions and Student Financial Services - La Salle University,Philadelphia, PA CustomizedEmail

28 PSP Account Creation cont… UTL_SMTP Package Verifies a Valid Email Address Composes and Delivers Email ZWSKPLIB Package Header /* this constant provides the UTL_SMTP package an address for the SMTP host for sending and verifying email addresses */ mailhost varchar2(30) := ''; sender varchar2(30) := '';

29 PSP Account Creation cont… UTL_SMTP Package cont… ZWSKPLIB Package Body begin /* assigning a variable to a datatype of smtp_connection will validate the mail host constant */ mail_conn := utl_smtp.open_connection(mailhost, 25); /* this handshake will validate the sender address and open the connection */ utl_smtp.helo(mail_conn, mailhost); utl_smtp.mail(mail_conn, sender); /* in composing this email, the recipient must also be verified */ utl_smtp.rcpt(mail_conn,email_address); /* compose the message */ message := 'Dear ' || first_name || ' ' || middle_initial || ' ' || last_name || ',' || crlf || crlf || 'I want to thank you for logging into the MyLaSalle admissions portal. I hope ' || crlf || 'that you will login many times over during the next year - longer if you ' || crlf || 'ultimately enroll at LaSalle University.' || crlf || crlf || …

30 PSP Account Creation cont… UTL_SMTP Package cont… ZWSKPLIB Package Body cont… …, 'MIME-Version: 1.0' || crlf || 'Content-type: text/html' || crlf || ' Date: ' || to_char(sysdate, 'dd Mon YY hh24:mi:ss') || crlf || 'From: ' || 'LaSalle Admissions' || ' <' || sender || '>' || crlf || 'Subject: ' || 'MyLaSalle Account Information' || crlf || 'To: ' || email_address || ' <' || email_address || '>' || crlf || message) /* close the connection */ utl_smtp.quit(mail_conn); …

31 PSP Account Creation cont… BANNER Database Collection & Storage: PSP User Interface Global Arrays: global_appl_header global_appl_header global_appl_body global_appl_body Web Application Tables: SARHEAD SARHEAD SABNSTU SABNSTU SARPERS SARPERS SARADDR SARADDR SARPHON SARPHON SAREFOS SAREFOS SARACTV SARACTV Web Prospect Tables: SRTIDEN SRTIDEN SRTPERS SRTPERS SRTADDR SRTADDR SRTEMAL SRTEMAL SRTTELE SRTTELE SRTPREL SRTPREL SRTINTS SRTINTS 2) 1) 3)

32 PSP Account Creation cont… Assigning PSP Roles/Attributes ICSRKSEV Package (PL/SQL) Load Global Array of PSP Records to Process – global_event_tab BANNER to Luminis Integration Process – Baseline BANNER Intcomp Packages – gokparm.send_param_list » Loads GOBEQRC and GOREQRC

33 PSP Account Creation cont… Assigning PSP Roles/Attributes cont… SCT Integration Components on Luminis Java-Based CORBA Connection to transfer data from BANNER to Portal $SUN_JVM -classpath $SCT/lib/sctevents.jar:$SCT/lib/$SCT/lib/transac tor.jar:$SCT/lib/sctpass.jar -host $EV_HOST -configDir $SCT/events -port 5124 Stored in LDAP on Core Portal Server –Role, Major, Interests Attributes

34 PSP Account Creation cont…

35 CustomizedContent

36 Tracking Prospective Students Push Data into BANNER Proper Tables: Web Application Tables(aidm) Web Prospect Tables(ridm) 2) 1) 4) 3) BANNERRecruitTable:(pidm) SRBRECR SRBRECRBANNERApplication Table: (pidm) SARADAP SARADAP Baseline Push Process SRRSRIN, SRRPREL Baseline Push Process SAAEAPS

37 PSP Targeted Announcements PSP Group Maker Extract Program icpspgmk.pc (cloned from icgorgmk.pc Pro*C Program) Creates XML Files that loads into Portal (LDAP) static void get_glbextr_key(void) { EXEC SQL BEGIN DECLARE SECTION; /* LSU MOD - KELLYP 04-AUG-2003 --> Convert for PSP */ EXEC SQL DECLARE glbextr_key_c CURSOR FOR SELECT glbextr_key, icgoklib.f_xml_filter(sabnstu_id), sarpers_first_name, sarpers_last_name, sarpers_middle_name1, sabnstu_pin FROM glbextr, sarpers, sabnstu WHERE glbextr_application = UPPER(:ask_application_code) AND glbextr_selection = UPPER(:ask_selection_id) AND glbextr_creator_id = UPPER(:ask_creator_id) AND glbextr_user_id = UPPER(:ask_user_id) AND sabnstu_aidm = sarpers_aidm AND sabnstu_aidm = to_number(glbextr_key) ORDER BY sabnstu_activity_date; POSTORA; UsesBANNERPopulation Selections Selections

38 PSP Outcomes cont… Successes Expanded reach to Prospective Students Increase ability to track Prospective Students Use of Technology sends a favorable message to Prospective Students about La Salle University Potential to expand features of the PSP System

39 PSP Outcomes # of Prospective Student Accounts: TOTALMayJuneJulyAugSeptOct 654464945109215190Day 7313161017107Grad 33831975Eve 760676856135232202TOTAL

40 PSP Outcomes cont… # of Prospective Student Accounts:

41 PSP Outcomes cont… Challenges Personalized Targeted Announcements Modified the Baseline Group Maker Extract Program to work for Prospective Students Automated the Group Maker Extract and Portal XML Load Process Single-Sign-On to BANNER Web Application Currently required to login again with the same account credentials Password Reset Utility Currently working with SCT on a solution

42 PSP Outcomes cont… Challenges Quick Re-Entry for ONLY Prospective Students Cookie Technology applied on a Role Specific basis Yield Statistics # of Prospective Student Accounts converted to: – Completed Web Applications? – Accepted Web Applications? Usage Statistics Number of visits? High Traffic Channels?

43 PSP Outcomes cont… Uncertainties Ability to seamlessly change PSP Username Upgrading our BANNER and Portal Systems Working with SCT on a Baseline PSP Solution SCT Baseline Product scheduled to arrive in Fall 2003 Unsure of current status of SCTs PSP Product ?!? Adopting La Salles PSP Product as Baseline

44 Thank You ! Contact Information Patrick J. Kelly Phone:215.951.1494 Visit our Homepage: Visit our Prospective Student Portal –UserID:guest –Password:lasalle

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