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Pearson Access for SACs Online test management system.

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1 Pearson Access for SACs Online test management system

2 Agenda Pearson Access Online test management SAC Responsibilities Communication Scheduling Test Security Proctor Training Accommodations


4 Communication Will need to be ongoing and include all who are working with the assessment at your building Two district contacts: Assessment administration, logistics, etc: Kim Terry Technology: preparing computers, etc: Susan Collins

5 Assessment Technology CDE

6 PearsonAccess – Overview PearsonAccess is a comprehensive test management system To access PearsonAccess go to: One portal for resources, student information, PearsonAccess test sessions, online testing and score entry

7 Colorado PearsonAccess Landing Page

8 PearsonAccess – Home The Home tab in PearsonAccess displays links to the all the functions available to your user account.

9 PearsonAccess Navigation

10 PearsonAccess - Navigation Global navigation links appear on the top of every screen.

11 PearsonAccess - Navigation Tabs and sub tabs allow you to navigate quickly to specific screens

12 PearsonAccess - Navigation Breadcrumbs show the navigation path to the screen

13 PearsonAccess - Navigation To change the test administration, click on the Change link. The administration change will apply to all screens.

14 Help offers context-specific support. Click to close the Help window. PearsonAccess - Navigation: Help

15 Within Pearson Access you will… Create test sessions Choose correct proctor caching server Add students to sessions Mark accessibility features per student if need text to speech, color contrast, text to speech with color contrast, or oral script Start all test sessions/students Resume tests-- requires constant communication from proctors Mark student tests complete before Stopping test sessions Print and maintain security of authorization tickets Student Auth tickets-printing, handing out/collecting in (chain of custody), destroying at end Print Seal Codes for proctors

16 PearsonAccess Set up user accounts for all necessary personnel Identify and maintain a list of students requiring the text-to-speech form and accommodations (paper-based and computer-based administrations). Verify that PearsonAccess accounts for students needing: Paper forms of the assessment, including braille and large print Oral scripts (paper and online) Request from your DAC additional secure and non-secure materials as needed Assign all students to a test session Assign students requiring special forms for the computer-based assessment to the appropriate form Register/add new students Key SAC Responsibilities BEFORE Testing

17 PearsonAccess User Roles Before testing

18 Access to PearsonAccess is role-based SAC will Create New User Accounts and Assign Roles for CMAS Test Administrators and CoAlt Test Examiners-school decision on CMAS proctor accounts SACs will manage the User Accounts they set up, this includes: o Manage Expired/Locked Accounts o Reset Passwords o Update Roles PearsonAccess User Accounts

19 View and Create User Accounts SAC role can view and manage other user accounts. SACs permissions include: Create user accounts Reset other users passwords Lock and unlock accounts Delete accounts Update account information PearsonAccess User Accounts

20 PearsonAccess – Home The Home tab in PearsonAccess displays links to the all the functions available to your user account.

21 To view and access current user accounts Log in to PearsonAccess Administrative Management > View User Accounts PearsonAccess User Accounts

22 Create a New Individual User Account Go to Administrative Management > View User Accounts. Click New User to go to the New User Account screen. Creating PearsonAccess User Accounts

23 Create a New Individual User Account Enter the required fields. Select a user role (or roles) for the new user. Select an organization (or organizations) for the new user. Click Save. After you click Save, a notification is sent automatically to that users address. The contains a link to the login screen where the new user can choose a password and enter the site. Creating PearsonAccess User Accounts

24 School Assessment Coordinators (SACs) permissions include: Creating user IDs for CMAS Test Administrators and CoAlt Test Examiners Creating PearsonAccess test sessions and teacher assignments Selecting proctor caching servers when setting up PearsonAccess test sessions (CMAS only) Printing Student Authorization Tickets and Seal Codes (CMAS only) Monitoring test administration sessions within PearsonAccess PearsonAccess User Roles (SACs)

25 PearsonAccess User Roles (Student Enrollment) Student Enrollment permissions include: Managing student enrollment data Ensuring that all students are uploaded to PearsonAccess and that demographic information is correct

26 PearsonAccess User Roles (CMAS Test Administrators) CMAS Test Administrators permissions include: Ability to administer the ePATs Proctor caching test content Starting and stopping test sessions Administering the CMAS and managing PearsonAccess test sessions Checking student test status Marking test complete

27 CoAlt Test Examiners permissions include: Entering IEP information Entering student scores in PearsonAccess PearsonAccess User Roles (CoAlt Test Examiners)

28 CoAlt Score Entry Role The interface dynamically changes to display only functions for which the user is authorized. CMAS Test Administrator Role Roles-based Access

29 Proper password management prevents unauthorized access to testing data. Your password will expire every 90 days and will need to be reset; however, if you have the need to change your password before the 90 days, you can do so from the Your Account link. If you forget your password or your password expires, you can click on the Reset your password link located on the login screen to reset your password. NOTE: Passwords must be 8-32 characters in length and must not include the following special characters: ^&*(><"'`+= | Password Maintenance

30 PearsonAccess – Logging In Enter your User ID and Password then click Sign In If you have problems logging in, use the links below to Unlock User, Reset your password, if you need help signing in or if you have forgotten your User ID.

31 Contacting Customer Service Contacting Customer Service CMAS: Science and Social Studies Reasons for SACs to contact Pearson: PearsonAccess questions- logging in, passwords, creating user accounts, etc. TestNav questions Live testing is happening and there is a tech issue

32 Creating PearsonAccess Test Sessions SAC and Student Enrollment

33 Creating Test Sessions-Before testing

34 Definitions PearsonAccess Test Session: Virtual data grouping of students who are grouped together within PearsonAccess for test management purposes. Each PearsonAccess test session consists of one grade level and one content area (three sections). Students must be placed in a scheduled PearsonAccess test session before they can log in to a test. Test Section: The parts of a CMAS: Science and Social Studies assessment. Each grade and content area of the CMAS: Science and Social Studies assessments include three sealed test sections. Physical Testing Group: Students who test within a physical testing environment at the same time.

35 Creating a PearsonAccess Test Session A virtual grouping of students by grade level and content area. Students must be placed in a scheduled test session before they can log in to a test. Select Test Management tab > Manage Test Sessions Click New Session to create a new test session Create sessions at least one week before testing window

36 Creating a PearsonAccess Test Session Enter the session information displayed on the Session Details screen Select to View By Groups radio button to add students to the session

37 Test Session Details The Test Session Details screen displays each sessions status, assigned test, start time and assigned students Session start time is a guideline for planning and is not enforced by the online testing system

38 Moving Students into Test Sessions To move or add students to a testing session within PearsonAccess, click Add Students

39 Moving Students into Test Sessions Select to View By Groups or Students radio button to add students to the session Place a check next to those students to add or move the student into the session and click Add to Session

40 PearsonAccess Student Data Adding Students Student Enrollment

41 New Student Wizard Adding a New Student With the new student wizard users can: add a new student to the database. (Student Enrollment) enroll the student in a test. (Student Enrollment or SAC) register the student for a test. (Student Enrollment or SAC)

42 New Student Wizard Adding a New Student To add a new student, follow the step-by-step instructions. In four steps you can add the required student data to the system so that the student is ready to test. If you exit the wizard before completing all four steps, the wizard will walk you through the remaining steps when you are ready. You can exit the wizard at any time, and the system will retain the last saved activity.

43 New Student Wizard

44 Adding a New Student (continued) 1.Go to Student Data > Student Data Information. 2.Select the Students option button. 3.Click New Student. 4.Enter the required information to create the student, and then click Save and Next. 5.Enter the required information to register the student for a test administration, and then click Save and Next. 6.The student is now registered for testing in the selected test administration. 7.To register the student in a group, select the group or create a new group, and then click Save and Next. 8.The student is added to the group. Select the test the student will take and then click Save and Exit. 9.The student is now successfully enrolled and registered to test.

45 Questions?

46 Accommodations and Accommodated Forms

47 Making Accommodated Selections in PearsonAccess Accommodated selections can be made on student-by-student basis by the SE role within PearsonAccess using the steps outlined below. Go to Test Management > Register Students. To view all students, select the Show All Students check box and then click Search. To search for an individual student, enter search criteria and then click Search. You must enter or select at least one search field; the more specific the criteria, the more focused the search will be. Select a student. Click the name of the student. Click on Assigned Test tab (there are three tabs: registered student record, assigned groups, and assigned tests) Click on name of assigned test Click Edit and indicate what is needed. For online testing with oral script (student is in front of computer viewing the test and marking answers there while live human person reads them the test aloud using a paper oral script) Choose for CMAS Accommodations before testing: Accommodated online form Choose for Oral script: either the English, Spanish, script for translation For paper/pencil tests with oral script (IEP/504 or ELL students only)(student in front of paper/pencil test viewing the test and marking answers there while live human person reads them the test aloud using a paper script) Choose for CMAS Accommodations before testing: Paper form (regular) Choose oral script: either the English, Spanish, script for translation Click Save.

48 TestNav Online Special Forms Text to Speech Text is read aloud to the student by means of the embedded text-to-speech software Color Contrast Allows the student to select alternate colors for text and background Text to Speech with Color Contrast enabled

49 Selecting Special Forms Override Text to Speech Color Contrast Text to Speech & Color Contrast Oral Script 1)Before testing select Form Override 2)Select Appropriate Accommodated Form Group Type from menu 3)Select the default accommodated form and provide a short reason

50 TestNav Assistive Technology Devices Assistive Technology Devices listed in the link below have no known conflicts with TestNav 8.0 The site is updated as devices are tested and confirmed to be compatible with TestNav

51 TestNav Assistive Technology Devices Pearson continues to test additional AT devices and is seeking feedback from Colorado districts via an online Assistive Technology survey. The survey is being used to collect data from educators about AT devices and software usage in Colorado. Information collected will help inform the usability research process for AT devices and software as Pearson evaluates functionality and interaction with TestNav.

52 TestNav Assistive Technology Devices If interested in provide Assistive Technology device feedback, please respond to survey noted in the link below Assistive Technologies Survey 80b

53 Student Authorization Tickets SAC and Test Administrator

54 Student Authorization tickets Printing Security Make ups After testing

55 Student Authorization Tickets-SECURE MATERIALS Student Authorization Tickets provide students with the information required to log into their test. Students type into a web browser-suggest a shortcut or just have it open on screens already Students enter Username and Test Code SAC Print Student Authorization tickets and Seal Codes located in each PearsonAccess test session On the day students take the online test, distribute tickets and Seal Codes to Test Administrators Collect Student Authorization Tickets after testing

56 Student Authorization Tickets Click on Authorizations > Student Authorizations to create a PDF document that has each students testing credentials Multiple printing options for Student Authorization Tickets

57 Student Authorization Tickets-SAMPLE Username: Test Code:

58 Seal Codes SAC and Test Administrator

59 Seal Codes When students are ready to unseal a sealed test section, provide the Seal Code for that section only. Seal Codes apply only to sealed test sections. Each test contains 3 sealed test sections. Seal Codes must be used in the order they are printed. Seal Codes become invalid as soon as the test session is stopped. (A new test session requires new Seal Codes.)

60 Seal Codes-SECURE MATERIALS To print Seal Codes go to Session Details > Authorizations and click on Seal Codes from the drop down.

61 Seal Codes-Sample

62 SAC Responsibilities During Testing

63 Starting a PearsonAccess Test Session To start a session click Start Test sessions status shows as either Started or Not Started

64 TestNav 8 TestNav 8 is a secure, browser- based application used to take computer-based tests.

65 TestNav Tools

66 Students Log In to TestNav Once the test session is started students launch a browser and enter the TestNav address provided in the Student Authorization Ticket When TestNav loads students enter the Username and Test Code provided in the Student Authorization Ticket Test Code Username

67 TestNav Testing Engine TestNav Welcome page

68 TestNav Testing Engine Section 1 Seal Code Entry

69 TestNav Testing Engine Section 2 Seal Code Entry

70 TestNav Testing Engine Section 3 Seal Code Entry

71 TestNav Testing Engine Sample Item

72 TestNav Testing Engine Navigation Flag Items and Review Tools User Menu Constructed Response Tools

73 Student Status Each student has their own status indicator

74 Monitoring Test Sessions Monitor the status of students in the session. To refresh a students testing status: Click the Refresh icon in the Status column of the student list on the Session Details screen to refresh the students status.

75 View Student Progress A Test Administrator can view a students progress to determine if all questions have been answered Click on View Progress to view the students progress in the test

76 PearsonAccess Test Session Security Test sessions have multiple levels of security controls Session level security allows you to start/stop the entire test session to control access-recommend not stopping until end of window or all students (incl make ups) in that grade level have completed all sections of the test Student level security allows you to control access on a student level when the session is started

77 Resuming a Student If a student has exited a test they must be Resumed before they can log back into the test The student status is Exited Select the checkbox next to the students name Click Resume Test, Confirm you want to resume the test

78 SAC responsibilities After testing

79 PearsonAccess: Account for the assessment of all students and ensure that all students have completed testing Verify all testing sessions have been completed Verify that PearsonAccess has been updated to reflect the accommodations used during testing, including students taking paper-based assessments Transcribe student responses from large print and braille test books into scannable test books. Collect, sort, secure, and return all test materials to DAC by district determined date Manage, submit and retain compliance documents Key SAC Responsibilities AFTER Testing

80 Mark Test Complete- ALL Students must be marked complete in order to Stop a session A student may be manually marked complete if they are finished testing but did not submit their test. Do not mark a test complete unless a student has completed the test or will not be returning to finish the test. Select the checkbox next to the students name and click Mark Test Complete.

81 Mark Test Complete Select the choice to use the same reason for all students, or use a different reason for each student Enter the Reason and click Save

82 Stopping a Test Session All test sessions must be Stopped at the end of a test administration All students in a session must be in Completed or Marked Complete status Click on Stop to stop the test session

83 Contacts Assessment Administration, logistics, accommodations: Kim Terry office cell

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