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Loading Banner Web Applications Through The SSD Software AXIOM

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1 Loading Banner Web Applications Through The SSD Software AXIOM
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Mary Mosholder

2 Presentation Goal To review the use of an IUP Banner process to export Banner Web Application data to a file that the SSD software Axiom can use to load the student record and update Banner. IUP program based on Banner packages for application push

3 About IUP 14,000 students; 1,800 employees Largest Member, SSHE
3 campuses; 1 center; 1 academy Doctoral I Clock-hour programs

4 Banner at IUP Live with 8 baseline modules and 6 Self Service products since 2000. Banner 7.x – October 2005 Oracle 9i Database Oracle Application Server 10g Sun Solaris – DB servers INB Servers (4)

5 The Challenge The Banner Web Applications were filled out by students. Periodically a person in Admissions would push the web applications, one at a time, into Banner using the SAAEAPS form. That night a paper version of the applications was printed. The next day another person in Admissions would enter the data from the paper applications that was not automatically pushed by the Banner push process. Time Consuming Not all info on Application pushed automatically to SAAADMS

6 Solution Building Blocks
Created Banner process using Pro*C Worked with SSD on the file load portion for Axiom

7 Topics Web Application Push Process
Admissions Goals for Web Applications Banner Process to extract Web Application SSD loading of Web Application

8 Web Application Push Process
The Banner Web Application had questions that were not loading correctly The Banner Web Application allows for schools to have additional questions When a student submits their Web Application, it is marked as complete on SAAEAPS Began Project in 12/02 Additional Questions are loaded into Application Questions and Answers [SAAQUAN] portion of SAAADMS

9 Web Application Push Process
An Admissions person looks at SAAEAPS for complete applications on a regular basis and manually pushes them In the evening an automatic letter generation job runs that prints a paper version of the web application DEFECT that kept IUP from going to SARETMT: CMS-DFCT69085 : In Banner 5 batch loading was not working: Web for Admissions process SARETMT which is used to bulk PUSH and VERIFY web applications is not working in Banner Getting the following error "BANINST1.F_GET_CURRICULUM", line 47 ORA-06512: at line 1 WRN-ORACERR: Error occurred in file "saretmt.pc" at line 1335

10 Web Application Push Process

11 Web Application Push Process

12 Web Application Push Process
Search on app type, complete, and U for accepted

13 Web Application Push Process
Manual Verification – Associate Person with ID, and check Manual Application Verification Steps Complete Indicator

14 Web Application Push Process
Change Accepted to Y and Verify Correct/override errors Then load

15 Web Application Push Process
Every morning the paper web applications are delivered to Admissions An Admissions staff member then looks over the paper application and adds the non pushed data to the student’s SAAADMS screen

16 Web Application Push Process

17 Web Application Push Process

18 Admissions Goals for Web Applications
Be able to load multiple people in a short amount of time Load all data at once so application is complete on SAAADMS sooner Could load batch with SARETMT All Data: Defect:CMS-RPE42397 – previous name does not load into Banner – pending Defect: CMS : Residency not mapping correctly so all international and out of state kids get default resd which leads to the wrong checklist – Resolved 6/2005

19 Banner Process to extract Web Application
Extract a tab delimited file of web applicant data Discussed which fields with SSD beforehand Changes to some free form questions Campus Felony Set limit on unlimited portions of the web application Previous College Relatives Some additional questions translate to attributes Only take up to 5 prev colleges Relatives: mother, father, and gaurdian only

20 Banner Process to extract Web Application

21 Banner Process to extract Web Application
New questions with added functionality Commuter/Resident Corrected invalid EDI code for Activities Data pulled from Banner Temporary tables Personal Information – SARPERS Occupation for Relative – SAREMPL Address Information - SARADDR EDI – were looking for SA Activity codes when IUPs default is null

22 Banner Process to extract Web Application
Web Application Default – STVWAPP High School - SARHSCH Prior College – SARPCOL, SORXREF Telephone – SARPHON Curriculum – SORMAJR, SORDEGR Field of study - SARDFOS

23 Banner Process to extract Web Application
Activities – SARACTV Application Base - SARHEAD Legacy – SORXREF SQL packages and functions Used Banner versions within process


25 SSD Loading of Web Application
SSD & IUP Set up folder for file from Banner Which fields are updated Name Suffix Residency Code Legacy Code Default of full time Which fields matched on File name is Time stamped so multiple files can sit in the folder -should not happen if set up to constantly check for new files

26 SSD Loading of Web Application
Areas/Banner Tables used within Axiom Personal Information – SPBPERS Name – SPRIDEN Address – SPRADDR Telephone – SPRTELE – GOREMAL Applicant – SARADAP, SARRSRC

27 SSD Loading of Web Application
Relative Information – SORFOLK High School – SORHSCH Activity Codes – SORINTS Applicant Attributes Codes – SARAATT Prior College Information - SORPCOL, SORDEGR, SORMAJR, SORMINR Additional Questions – SARQUAN Web Applications - SARHEAD Set up xls file of fields

28 Point out Field# and blank ones for default values, update if exists, Req

29 Point out Codes

30 SSD Loading of Web Application
If previous school not selected from Banner, SSD will do its own look up based on School Name, City, and State John Leja was onsite for AXIOM upgrade so he personally explained how to load from the file into AXIOM and implemented the initial setup

31 Point out: types of sources, some scan, some files Auto upload and uploader Go down form explaining fields

32 Explain fields and match threshold examples

33 Explain diff between possible matches and exact

34 Explain why field setup needed and go over fields

35 Go over conversion to format importance

36 Supplies drop down lists in verification forms

37 Explain why not available in Prod

38 Find source and get records

39 Explain match vs new

40 Can unclick fields you wish to not update

41 Conclusion IUP developed a Banner process to extract web applicant information into a file. That file is then loaded through AXIOM so that fields containing IUP specific data are loaded along with the Banner loaded data.

42 Questions Mary Mosholder Technology Services Center Application Development G-14 Stright Hall, IUP Indiana, PA (724)

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