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Role-based Icons & Content Presented by: Jeff Leisse Software Specialist & Patrick J. Kelly Sr. System Analyst / Portal Technical Team Lead.

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1 Role-based Icons & Content Presented by: Jeff Leisse Software Specialist & Patrick J. Kelly Sr. System Analyst / Portal Technical Team Lead

2 Introduction Presentation involves a discussion regarding the creation of role-based icons and content specific to La Salle Universitys web portal ( Attendees will gain knowledge of how we customized our portal to meet the needs of our constituents.

3 Topics for discussion La Salle University profile Problem Statement Technical Solution Create Access Groupsroles access groups Modify the dlm.xml Enhance the nested-tables.xsl style sheet Code examples Screenshots of Solution Q & A

4 La Salle University La Salle is a Catholic, comprehensive University founded by the Christian Brothers in Philadelphia in 1863. Committed to personalized, humanistic, practical education 6,345 current undergraduate, graduate and continuing studies students in attendance Two campuses: one in Northwest Philadelphia and one in Newtown, Bucks County, 25 miles north of the city

5 La Salle Architecture calendaremailLUWIS Employee email WebCT Banner 6.x Self Service Student email Students Faculty Employees Students Faculty Employees Alumni StudentsEmployees Faculty Luminis 2.8 3.2

6 Problem Statement La Salle University uses two Lotus Notes 6.5 email servers (two CPIP connectors) One for students One for employees and faculty Prospects and Alumni do not currently receive La Salle email accounts Alumni email will be outsourced Prospects do not use Banner Self Service icon Can we give users one-click access to Banner Self Service products?

7 Problem Statement (contd) Icons such as email & calendar need to be role-based Content must also be available for prospects, applicants, and alumni Roles and order of precedence must be added and reconfigured in dlm.xml Luminis style sheet (nested-tables.xsl) must include logic to handle redirection of icons

8 Technical Solution Create Access Groups (icons & content) Modify the dlm.xml (config file) Enhance the nested-tables.xsl (config file)

9 Creating Access Groups Access groups will be referenced later on in the dlm.xml and nested-tables.xsl. Stored in the LDAP and later called to customize icons and content. First step in the process.

10 Creating Roles/Access Groups


12 Modifying the dlm.xml Purpose of dlm.xml used to set precedence for the individual roles. Content is displayed in the order set by the logic within the dlm.xml file. Precedence is set within a range of 0 -100. The role with the highest number receives the highest precedence, and so on. Precedence = content tab displayed left to right. The number given to a role is arbitrary and is only used in relation to other roles.

13 La Salles Order of Precedence Employee = 100 Faculty = 60 Alumni = 55 Student = 50 Prospectday = 30 Prospecteve = 30 Prospectgrad = 30 Prospect = 20 All-users = 10

14 Examples of dlm.xml code

15 dlm.xml (contd) <dlm:audience evaluatorFactory='com.pipeline.uportal.dlm.provider.CPPersonEva luatorFactory'> paren mode gives the flexibility to omit student content for users who have both faculty and student roles

16 Enhancing the nested-tables.xsl Purpose of nested-tables.xsl style sheet used to manipulate the icons within the uportal framework. You can use xsl functions to check the users role in the LDAP. Once the role is identified, you have total control of what function(s) you want the icon(s) to perform. Role logic is case-sensitive

17 nested-tables.xsl logic Variable Declaration <xsl:if test="/layout/cp:cpInfo/cp:cpProperty[@name='pdsRole'] /child::cp:cpV alue[text()=variable' or text()=Variable' or text()=VARIABLE']"> Test Block Logic behind icon i.e. URL

18 Examples of nested-tables.xsl Variable declaration Existing Access Group/Existing variable <xsl:if test="/layout/cp:cpInfo/cp:cpProperty[@name='pdsRole'] /child::cp:cpV alue[text()='employee' or text()='Employee' or text()='EMPLOYEE']"> Existing Access Group/Variable Created

19 nested-tables.xsl (contd) Variable Declaration (contd) No Access Group/Variable Created to Display Banner Self Serve Icon <xsl:if test="/layout/cp:cpInfo/cp:cpProperty[@name='pdsRole'] /child::cp:cpV alue[text()='employee' or text()='Employee' or text()='EMPLOYEE' or text()='faculty' or text()='Faculty' or text()='FACULTY' or text()='student' or text()='Student' or text()='STUDENT' or text()='alumni' or text()='Alumni' or text()='ALUMNI']">

20 nested-tables.xsl (contd) Test Block <A HREF=" p/ip/login?sys=inotes&url=blitszzy" target="new" onMouseover="img_act('aa'); window.status=''; return true;" onMouseOut="img_inact('aa');"><IMG SRC="{$media Path}/{$skin}/controls/email_dft.gif" ALT="e-mail" NAME="aa" WIDTH="39" HEIGHT=" 26" BORDER="0" HSPACE="6"/> <A HREF="http://luminis.lasal" target="new" onMouseover="img_act( 'aa'); window.status=''; return true;" onMouseOut="img_inact('aa');"><IMG SRC="{ $mediaPath}/{$skin}/controls/email_dft.gif" ALT="e-mail" NAME="aa" WIDTH="39" HE IGHT="26" BORDER="0" HSPACE="6"/>

21 nested-tables.xsl (contd) Test Block Banner Self Service Icon – LSU MOD <A HREF="http://luminis.lasal" target="new"><IMG SRC="/cps/images/misc/luwis1_new.gif" width="39" height="26" BORDER="0" HSPACE="6"/>

22 Screenshots

23 Employee/Faculty/Alumni role

24 Employee email server Employee/Faculty/Alumni role

25 Alumni role




29 Prospect role

30 Questions? Contact Information: Jeff Leisse Email: Phone: 215.991.3553 Visit our mylasalle portal: –User ID = guest –Password = lasalle Thank you!

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