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Banner Spreadsheet Budgeting LaSalle University

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1 Banner Spreadsheet Budgeting LaSalle University
Julie Riganati - Business Affairs Patrick Kelly - Information Technology

2 LaSalle Budget Process Overview
Provide departments with Access reports with: current year budget, actuals and blank column for proposed budget (FGBOPAL) Receive hard copy data back from departments with requested budget Requested budget is entered and maintained until it becomes the official adopted Budget

3 The adopted budget is converted to Excel spreadsheet
The spreadsheet listing FOAP and budget amount is uploaded in Banner Run jobs to Activate, Distribute and Roll budget – it is now in Banner

4 Requirements for Set-up
Excel 97 or higher version Oracle database, version 7.3 or greater SQL *Net Client Software 3.2 or higher (32 bit) Visual Basic 6.0 (Professional) on one PC PCs using SB must have connectivity to database

5 Steps Perform a complete installation of Desktoptools software per General Release Guide Establish security for those who will use Spreadsheet Budgeting (SB) Enable the SB add-in within Microsoft Excel Must use Budget Development Module to use Spreadsheet Budgeting

6 Enable SB in Excel Steps done for each user’s copy
Open Excel, select Add-Ins from Tools menu Select the Desktoptools check box

7 Establish Security Grant privileges to each user who will use SB
Go to GORDSEC form Enter User ID of person to grant wizard access Go to next block and enter add-in code and wizard name for each that applies to the user

8 First Step: Login and Connect to the database

9 Three Features of Spreadsheet Budgeting:
Download Wizard Validation Wizard Upload Wizard

10 Once connected the options are visible:

11 What is a Wizard?

12 Wizard is an assistant that “walks you through” the process
Prompts you for information by asking questions about your data Displays the choices you have to complete any one of the steps

13 1. Download Wizard This is an option to take data from Banner Finance (or Position Control) Turn that data into an Excel Spreadsheet Can connect to any instance of database (PROD, TEST, etc.) If there is too much data, use wizard to limit Funds, Orgns, etc

14 Download Options

15 A. Position Control Data
Not covered in this presentation but data includes Position information (NBAPOSN) and/or Job data (NBAJOBS) Data downloaded is from a “Working” budget not “Active” budget

16 B. Grant Ledger Not used at LaSalle

17 C. Operating Ledger Create a spreadsheet from data in the FGBOPAL or operating ledger table Select the data you wish to view, for the Chart, fiscal year, and fiscal period required


19 Options available:

20 Each option selected becomes a column

21 Additional Columns Downloaded:
Chart, Chart Description, Fiscal Year, Fund, Fund Title, Orgn, Orgn Title, Account, Account Title, Program, Program Title (all FOAP elements) All columns of data requested include dollar totals

22 D. Budget Development Download Budget data from Banner into an Excel spreadsheet Choose the data that will be columns in spreadsheet: Chart, the Budget ID and Phase Choose Budget, Adjustments and/or Roll data to download


24 2. Validation Wizard Allows for data in an Excel spreadsheet to be checked against Banner for Valid FOAPAL elements Validation is done against a specific Budget ID and Phase Wizard will prompt for specific information including worksheet and columns to check


26 Upload Wizard Take information from an Excel spreadsheet and move it into Banner Data is uploaded to Budget Module or Position Control (not covered in this presentation) Must prepare Excel spreadsheet for Upload Prepare the Budget ID and Phase in Banner

27 Preparing your Excel Spreadsheet for Upload
May have many extra columns of data but minimum is your institution’s FOAP elements (LSU=Fund, Orgn, Account, Program) and Budget Amount No blank rows between data you wish to upload Only have one row for a unique FOAPAL Only one header row allowed

28 Create a Budget ID and Phase
Must set-up the location for the data in Banner Budget Module Use FTMOBUD to create a Budget ID and Phase for the data It is possible to upload various “versions” of your budget to multiple Phases (only one will become Active)


30 FTMOBUD Tips Create your Budget ID for the Fiscal year of your new budget Create a Phase under that Budget ID Leave the Base Budget ID and Phase names blank since you are not copying data from another version Save when setup is complete Leave Activation date blank until you are ready to make it Active (roll it)

31 Use SB to Upload

32 After Upload Message will confirm if you were successful – Upload happens only if there are no errors Now can go into Banner and check the data in Budget Module Data uploaded is like any other Budget Phase – it can be modified, reported on and eventually, activated (Rolled)


34 Error Messages in SB Appear in a new worksheet labeled Validation Messages or Upload Messages Reference the row with the problem In case of Upload, it is not complete until there are NO errors, they must be fixed or no data is uploaded

35 If there are errors, shown in a new worksheet

36 Types of Errors: Record already exists on table = Duplicate FOAP in spreadsheet FOAP element not data enterable FOAP element not valid = could be that it’s not effective yet or mapped wrong column in spreadsheet to wrong Banner FOAP element

37 Additional Documentation
SCT Banner Finance User Manual under Finance – section for Spreadsheet Budgeting


39 Contacts: Julie Riganati – Business Affairs 215-951-5129
Patrick Kelly – Information Technology

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