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Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2008 Fall Conference IUP Banner Server Environment Jeff Montgomery.

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1 Pennsylvania Banner Users Group 2008 Fall Conference IUP Banner Server Environment Jeff Montgomery

2 General Announcements: Please turn off all cell phones/pagers If you must leave the session early, please do so as discreetly as possible Please avoid side conversations during the session Questions will be answered ….. Thank you for your cooperation

3 About IUP 14,000 students; 1,800 employees Largest Member of PASSHE 3 campuses; 1 center; 1 academy Doctoral I Clock-hour programs

4 Discussion Items Banner at IUP What we started with? What we knew? What we did? What we have? What now?

5 Banner at IUP Live with 8 baseline modules and 6 Self Service products since 2000. Banner 7.x – October 2005 Oracle 10g database Oracle Application Server 10g Linux database servers Windows Servers for Oracle Application Server (INB and Self Service)

6 Banner at IUP Started implementation in 1997 Live with Banner Finance in 1998 Live with Banner Student in 2000 3 Production Server upgrades Client to INB Self Service servers

7 Initial Servers 1 Production Solaris machine – Sun 450 then 4000 1 Solaris Self Service machine – Sun 450 1 DW machine – Sun 450 Client Server (2 Windows Forms Servers)

8 Challenges Maintenance costs with Sun HW Performance issues Hardware issues Disk Space limits Limited Failover plan (Disaster Recovery) Distributed server support

9 What we knew? Had to run Banner! Oracle Enterprise licenses (DB and OAS) Expertise with Linux, Windows Server, Commodity HW Limited budget Timeline Technical Staff – Server support and DBAs Oracle Tools – RMAN, GRID, Packs

10 Plan to new environment Started in 2005 Team Coordinator(s) DBAs Technical Services Reviewed options (Oracle RAC, Sun upgrade, commodity HW, etc.) Operating Systems (Windows, Solaris, Linux, etc.)

11 Plan new environment Identify all DBs and define space needed Identify all users Clean-up Better security – limit access Planned backup strategies Defined team responsibilities DBAs and Technical Services

12 What we did? All DELL Servers – PowerEdge 6800s; 2GB RAM; 73 GB Hard Drive; Storage Device – 2 TB Red Hat Linux on DB servers 3 Production DB servers – Primary, physical and logical standby 1 Development DB server 5 INB - Windows Servers with load balancer 2 Self Service – Windows Servers (Production and Development) 2 Utility OAS – Windows Server 2 DW – RedHat Servers

13 What we have? We have Disaster Recovery options We cleaned up! We have more space for test environments We have less downtime for upgrades We can scale up – add more servers We have better backups We run faster….

14 What now? Reporting from logical standby More OAS utility applications More DW solutions More Business Intelligence solutions

15 IUP Banner Servers Data Warehouse Imaging BXS Imaging MS IIS Windows Server Dell Intel System Security Production Banner/Famis Oracle Database RedHat Linux Dell Intel OAS Windows Server Dell Intel Banner WorkFlow WorkFLow Banner WorkFlow 4.1 Oracle Windows Server Dell Intel Internet Native Banner (INB) INB Banner Web Servers OAS Windows Server Dell Intel Data Warehouse Oracle Database Redhat Linux Dell Intel Storage iSCSI SAN 32GB RAM 2 TB Disk Development Banner/Famis Oracle Redhat Linux Dell Intel

16 Open to the Floor Questions Comments

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