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What to expect at… The BEST Middle School PRINCIPAL Mrs. Eyet.

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2 What to expect at… The BEST Middle School




6 6 th GRADE COUNSELOR Mrs. Wresche

7 6 th & 7th GRADE COUNSELOR Mrs. Mathews

8 8 th GRADE COUNSELOR Mr. Vaughn

9 Mrs. Ailshie School Counseling Secretary

10 What I know about middle school Create a CIRCLE MAP of all of the things you already know about middle School… We bet you know more than you think!!

11 By the end of todays meeting, students will: Understand the basic structure of middle school Understand the difference between core and encore courses Be able to identify the encore courses available Understand how to fill out your course selection sheet Be excited about attending Severn River Middle School.

12 2010-2011 MSA Data MSA Reading Grade 6 – 95 % Grade 7 – 94% Grade 8 – 82% MSA Math Grade 6 – 93% Grade 7 – 95% Grade 8 – 95% GRADE 8 SCIENCE 90%

13 Three School Rules Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Prepared In the Hallways In the Cafeteria In the Classroom On the bus

14 School Times 9:10 a.m. - 3:50 p.m. Pick –Up/Drop off Activity Bus

15 Typical Day In The Life Of A 6 th Grader 9:00 a.m. – Students Entering Building 9:07 a.m.– Attendance Is Taken and homeroom begins

16 Typical Day In The Life Of A 6 th Grader 9:07– Announcements begin 9:15 a.m. – Homeroom Is Over, 1 st period begins

17 PD1 9:15-10:13 Language Arts PD2 10:17-11:15 A Focus on Fitness & Health B your ENCORE selection C your ENCORE selection LUNCH 11:19-11:44 PD3 11:48-12:46 Mathematics PD4 12:50- 1:48 Science 6 PD5 1:52- 2:49 ENCORE- WHEEL Q1 True Colors Q2 World Language Connections Q3 Building Blocks for a Healthy Lifestyle Q4 Exploring Technology PD6 2:53- 3:50 Social Studies 6 3:50 DISMISSAL A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SRMS SHARK!!!!

18 Core Classes EVERY DAY ALL YEAR Math Social Studies Language Arts Science 2 Levels – Standard and Advanced

19 Language Arts Narrative Writing Persuasive Writing Poetry Research Novels: Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry, Trouble River, A Wrinkle in Time,Tuck Everlasing, Homecoming, Winn Dixie, Hatchet and more. Mythology/Folklore

20 Language Arts ADVANCED: MUST HAVE BOTH –412 or higher on 4 th Grade MSA. –Average of 5 th Grade Benchmarks 1 and 2 (to be determined) - MSA Grade 5 Score of 438 or higher

21 Science Matter and Energy Electricity and Magnetism Waves Rocks History of the Earth Environmental Space Experiments Science Fair Requirement

22 6 th GRADE MATH OPTIONS Common Core Math 6 OR STEMathematics 6/7 Integers, Proportional Reasoning, Algebraic Reasoning, Properties of Two- and Three-Dimensional Figures. Probability and Statistics. Learn Mathematics through problem-solving Focus on Fractions and Decimals.

23 Advanced Math Requirements A 4 th grade MSA score of 450 or Higher. A 5 th grade benchmark raw scores average of 80% or higher. A 5 th grade MSA score of 460 or Higher. Must meet ONE of the above requirements.

24 6th grade7 th grade8 th grade Math 6 Common Core- Standard STEMathematics 6/7- Advanced Math 7 Common Core- Standard STEMathematics 7/8- Advanced STEMathematics 8- Standard Algebra 1- Common Core- Advanced New Mathematics Sequence of Courses

25 Social Studies Geography River Valley Civilizations Classical European History Africa The Americas

26 Course Selection Sheet Label with student information placed here Students pick 4- Number 1-4 AVID Teachers level students


28 THE WHEEL Quarter 1- Aug-Nov. World Language Connections Quarter 2- Nov.- Feb. Exploring Technology (TECH) Quarter 3 Feb.- April Building Blocks for a Healthy Lifestyle (FACS) Quarter 4 True Colors (ART)

29 ENCORE-Everyone Takes the Wheel! World Language Connection: exploring languages and cultures Technology Education: develop awareness of the core technologies through participation in project based learning Family & Consumer Science/Health: empower the student to recognize and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Art-True Colors: working with a variety of ways of depicting a likeness from observation and examine ways artists show details and specific features in their work

30 A- B- C DAY Focus on Fitness and Health – everyone takes! Avid- if accepted Reading Course- if recommended You Pick TWO: –Band –Orchestra –Chorus –Percussion Ensemble –Music Goes Global –Dare to Dance –Project Runway –Box Score –Passport to the World

31 Physical Education Required for all students in grade 6, 7 & 8 3 marking periods of P.E. and 1 marking period of health Fitness Testing Uniforms No Showers Required TAKES UP ONE OF THE A/B/C ROTATIONS.


33 AVID Advancement Via Individual Determination Students must apply, interview and be accepted into the AVID program AVID prepares student for a rigorous course of study in preparation for acceptance to a 4 year college AVID provides study skills, assistance with organization and time management AVID provides tutorials to support advanced classes

34 Music Band – Oboe, clarinet, flute, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, baritone horn, trombone, tuba and percussion Orchestra (strings) – violin, viola, cello and string bass

35 Music Percussion Ensemble – skills and concepts of percussion necessary to perform in a percussion ensemble Music Goes Global– explore elements, history and role of music from earliest times through the present

36 Chorus Students will learn concepts of vocal production and choral techniques appropriate for a large ensemble. Chorus includes: Performing at 2 concerts and 2 festivals per year Show Choir is an auditioned group with additional performances

37 Dare to Dance Dance and its relationship to culture Creative Movement Expression Ballet, modern, jazz, tap, choreography, production, design career

38 Project Runway Express Yourself in Style! Learn basic sewing principles to express your own personal style using design and technology. Students will produce a fashion show to celebrate their designs.

39 And, theres more….. BOX SCORE- Students will explore sports statistics and analyze what is being measured. Fantasy teams will be created and tracked PASSPORT TO THE WORLD- Students will learn about the globally interconnected world of the 21 st century and analyze the influences of world cultures and languages

40 Specialty Encores: Additional Reading Support Some students will be selected for opportunities to increase their reading power. These important classes will be required if you are recommended.

41 Helpful Info.

42 Attendance Be on Time Note from Parents Drs Notes Early Dismissals/Late Arrivals

43 Student Agenda Elementary School Cost 2011-2012 $7.00 Use in School Use at Home

44 Combination Locks Regular Locker- Must buy from SRMS-$7 PE Locker-Student provide lock

45 Homework How often? Blackboard ( Counseling Department

46 Morning Announcements Homeroom Important Information

47 Health Room Staff Mrs. Knauss-Nurse Mrs. Rex-Assistant Medication

48 Breakfast & Lunch Times Cost- $2.85 Seating

49 Communication *Agenda *Blackboard *Course Syllabus *Homework Site *Teacher Email * Shark Times Telephone Parent Connect

50 Extra Curricular Activities Get Involved! Girls on the Run Student Government Intramural Sports FACS Club Math Club Newspaper Club Yearbook Club Service Club Art Club National Junior Art Honor Society National Junior Honor Society Chess Club 24 Game Club Stewards of the Watershed Club Environmental Independent Research Club Black Saga Club Russian Club Shark Support Mentoring Program

51 Support at SRMS After school tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays or by arrangement with the teacher Before school tutoring on Wednesdays AVID Reading Interventions Tutoring with NJHS MSA support sessions

52 Goals to Strive For Honor Roll Recognition IDT awards every year 6 – 8. By recommendation of teachers Nominated for NJHS in 7 th grade. *no referrals *GPA of 3.0 * Volunteer service to the community Presidents Award for Educational Excellence in 8 th grade Become Involved in your School

53 The First Day 6 th Grade Only Meet in Cafeteria Teachers by Homeroom Extended Homeroom Have Lunch Attend Classes Teachers Walk to Bus




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