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Welcome to Pilgrim Park Middle School

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1 Welcome to Pilgrim Park Middle School
Home of the Panthers! Mike We’re Behind You Video

2 Middle school philosophy
The mission of the School District of Elmbrook to educate and inspire every student to think, to learn, and to succeed. Middle school philosophy Collaboration to meet the needs of all students. Opportunity for all students to explore courses and content areas. Student engagement through a variety of teaching strategies and assessments. Guidance on appropriate and safe behavior. Mike

3 Excellence Wisconsin Exemplary Middle School – 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 School Exceeding Expectations – Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 2012 Achievement Results That Consistently Rank Among the Top in the State of Wisconsin Mike

4 Welcome to Pilgrim Park Middle School
Parent Information Night WHO is Pilgrim Park Middle School? WHAT Happens at Pilgrim Park Middle School? HOW Do We Get Started at Pilgrim Park Middle School? WILL YOU HELP Me Make the Transition to Pilgrim Park Middle School? Mike I Have MORE Questions!

5 Mike

6 Administrative and Guidance Team
Principal: Mr. Sereno Associate Principal: Mr. Peperkorn Guidance Counselor: Ms. Berghauer (6th Grade) Ms. Brees (School Social Worker) Mr. Birr (School Psychologist) Mike

7 Role of the Guidance Counselor
Advocate for Students Academic Personal/Social Career Exploration Consultant and support for parents Team member and liaison with the teachers. Tammy

8 The Early Bird Gets the Worm (and the Bus)…
School begins at 7:18 a.m. Students can arrive anytime after 7:00 a.m. to prepare for the day. Breakfast is available in the cafeteria. Students are expected to be in their classrooms by 7:13 a.m. Mike

9 House System Historically, houses have been
2 teachers (about 55 students in the house) 3 teachers (about 80 students in the house) 4 teachers (about 110students in the house) Teachers work together as teams to support the same group of students House Teachers teach Core classes, ACE, and STP Core Classes: Language Arts, Communication Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies Mike

10 A Student’s Day… Period A Day Course B Day Course 1 Communication Arts
Choices and Wellness (Sem 1) Cosmic Connections (Sem 2) 2 Math 6 3 Science Lunch Lunch (Yummy! ) 4 Language Arts 5 Social Studies STP 6 Physical Education Band 7 Art (Quarter 1) Becoming Independent (Quarter 2) Computers (Quarter 3) Exploration in Technology (Quarter 4) Mike

11 Elective Periods Music / Physical Education (Both Required) Electives
Gym Clothes and School Issued Lock Required Electives Four, 9 week courses Art, ATE, Computers, and FACS Mark

12 STP Student-Teacher Period
Small Group and/or One on One Assistance with Teacher Peer Collaboration Homework Completion and Organizational Support Transitions to Middle School curriculum during 1st three weeks Mark

13 Supporting Success for All Students
Quarterly Progress Reviews Enrichment Opportunities Homework Club Academic Interventions Special Education Programming Mark Enrichment Opportunities – GT, ACE, Clubs,.. Academic Interventions – GT, READ 180, Great Leaps, Supported STP, …

14 Travelling Between Classes
School Assigned Lockers / School Issued Locks ($5) Four Minute Passing Times Mark

15 Lunch 30 Minutes Preferred Seating Arrangement Debit Accounts
Ala Cart or Meal Options Recess Mark

16 Do I Have to Go Home Already?
2:31 Dismissal Early Release each Thursday (1:34 Dismissal) Busses Depart at 2:37

17 Transportation Parent Pickup: Be Patient, Be Safe! Bussing
Preferred Seating Bus Committee Homework Club Bussing on Mondays and Wednesdays

18 Athletics and Activities
Intramural Sports Weight Lifting Basketball Table Tennis Volleyball Badminton Dodge Ball Athletics Cross Country Wrestling Track and Field Clubs Student Senate Homework Club Ski and Snowboarding Chess Club Make It / Take It Forensics Techno Kids Yearbook Pen Turners Book Challenge Diversity Club Running Club Community Sports Junior Spartans Football Junior Spartans Basketball Junior Spartans Volleyball Junior Spartans Baseball Music Pilgrim Pizzazz Jazz Band School Musical Drum Line Mark

19 Parent Support – A Key to Excellence!
Partners in Education Supporting Your Students Academically Infinite Campus Online Textbooks Homework Club ENCOURAGEMENT! Pilgrim Park PTO Mike/Leslie Dehn

20 Important Dates Online Registration Window Opens:
Wednesday, January 30th Online Registration Window Closes: Friday, February 8th PPMS Shadow Days Dixon: April 19th Burleigh: April 15th and April 16th Tonawanda: April 17th Registration: August 14th Adventures in Middle School August 22nd Mike

21 The Scheduling Process
Online Completed by Friday, February 8th Utilize our Course Planning Guide Tammy

22 Tammy

23 The Scheduling Process
Complete the Course Selection Planning form, with parent signature Input Sections Online Utilizing Infinite Campus Turn in Your Course Selection Planning Form and your Optional Parent Input Form to your 5th Grade Teacher by February 8th Tammyt

24 Selecting Courses Math Music Math 6 or Math 6 Honors
Math 7 Honors by Recommendation Only Math Selection Does Not Determine Enrollment in High School Math Courses. Course Recommendation Included With Materials Music Band, Orchestra, or Chorus Experienced Music Students May Take 2 Courses Required Small Group Lessons During PE Required Attendance at Concerts Tammy

25 Selecting Courses ACE Required Courses: Communication Arts and Choices and Wellness Elective Courses (Choose 1): Greek Mythology Cosmic Connection Get The Point Tammy

26 The Scheduling Process: Optional Parent Input Forms
Include Unique Learning Needs of Your Child Unable to Honor Requests to be With Peers House Size Suggestions Will be Considered Tammy

27 Online Registration Tammy ---

28 But What About…. QUESTIONS?

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