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OMMS Orientation August 10, 2011August 17, 2011 Old Mill Middle South 620 Patriot Lane Millersville, MD 21108 410-969-7000.

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2 OMMS Orientation August 10, 2011August 17, 2011 Old Mill Middle South 620 Patriot Lane Millersville, MD

3 Old Mill Middle South Welcome Class of 2018! Approximately 650 students and 55 adults live together for a part of each day In addition to teachers, OMMS has three administrators and three counselors all who share a genuine, caring concern for you!

4 Administrators Ms. Page Principal Mr. Hermann - Assistant Principal - 7 th grade - 8 th grade L-Z Mrs. Boardman - Assistant Principal - 6 th grade - 8 th grade A-K

5 Your first day at OMMS 6 th grade students will go to the cafeteria –6 th grade will start on 8/23 7 th grade students will go to the gym 8 th grade students will go to the cafeteria –7 th and 8 th grade will start on 8/24 Teachers will escort you to first period You will receive your schedule and agenda

6 Six Period Day Schedule

7 Regular Class Schedule 6 th grade STUDENT ARRIVAL 9:00 PERIOD 1: 9:10 – 10:11 PERIOD 2: 10:15 – 11:13 ENCORE Lunch: 11:17 – 11:42 PERIOD 3: 11:46 – 12:44 PERIOD 4: 12:48 – 1:46 PERIOD 5: 1:50 - 2:48 ENCORE PERIOD 6: 2:52 - 3:50 DISMISSAL

8 Encore Classes Quarterly Encore (1/4 year) - Technology Education -True Colors (Art) - Healthy Living/FACS - World Language Connections A/B/C Encore -Band/Strings- Dance - Chorus- Box Score - Music Goes Global-AVID -Strategies for Academic Success

9 Physical Education P.E is a great class that you need to take each year in Middle School You will purchase a uniform that you must wear in order to get credit for attending the class -$10.00-shorts-$10.00-shirt You will also purchase a lock to rent for your gym locker -$.75 3 marking period of P.E. and 1 of health No showers required!! YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO DRESS YOUR FIRST DAY OF P.E!

10 Getting around … The complex seems HUGE from the outside It houses three schools: –Old Mill High School –Old Mill Middle North –Old Mill Middle South Inside the space is carefully divided so students wont end up in the wrong school Each school has its own classrooms, Media Center, Gym, Cafeteria and Health Room

11 Your Locker During the first week of school, you will be assigned a locker –Make sure to write the locker number down as well as the combination Lockers are for the storage of books, coats and book bags Each grade visits their lockers at different times throughout the day

12 Hall Passes No one may be in the halls during class time without a hall pass Your pass may be your agenda book initialed by your teacher You may get a hall pass if you stayed after class, going to the office, health room or the school counseling office

13 The School Counseling Office 6 th Grade Counselor – Mr. Ferensic 7 th grade Counselor – Ms. Falzarine 8 th grade Counselor – Ms. Needel School Counselors are here for you no matter what! Counselors will be in your classes at times talking about Academic Plans, College Readiness, Careers, Bullying, Course Selections and other helpful topics We also run small groups throughout the year on various topics

14 Getting Organized To help you keep track of homework, tests and quizzes and projects you are required to purchase an agenda This agenda will be very useful in helping you get organized for middle school and will also be used to keep track of other activities Agendas cost $6.00 OLD MILL SOUTH PATRIOTS

15 Lunch Time You will have 25 minutes for lunch There are 3 service lines that you can use Everyday there are several lunch choices –Pizza, Hot lunch, Sandwiches, Salads You can also buy other items A La Carte such as: –Ice cream, cookies, chips, soft pretzels, nachos, Gatorade, fruit, etc. –Vending Machine You will have to punch in your SIF number every time you get anything from the lunch line Your SIF number will be on your schedule and will soon become part of your memory

16 Health Room Be sure to get a pass from your teacher to visit the health room! All Medication forms need to be filled out by a doctor if your child needs to take medicine Medication forms are posted on our website *Please personally bring the medicine to the Health Room

17 Absences If you are absent, you need to bring a note from your parents If you are absent 6 or more days in a row, you will need to bring a note from your doctor –These notes will go to your homeroom teacher

18 Make-up Work Catching up on assignments after you are absent can be hard work –You can check BlackBoard for your assignments –You can ask a classmate to bring home assignments for you –If you are going to miss a few days, your parents can call the office and request work from your teachers

19 Buses Most of the students coming to OMMS ride a bus The buses come to the front of the school and park in the same slot every afternoon Activity buses run on Wed. and Thurs. and leave OMMS at 4:55 pm Bus schedules will be available online (

20 Interims, Black Board, Parent Connect Everyone gets an Interim which come out in the middle of each marking period Black Board- teachers post homework and upcoming assignments by class Parent Connect- a great tool to keep up to date on your students grades. Parents must come into school to sign up and receive your password

21 Dress Code Short shorts or skirts, and spaghetti strap tank tops are not permitted No piece of clothing should advertise alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes. Neither should it contain any vulgar language.

22 Electronics iPods, PSPs, digital cameras, etc. ARE NOT PERMITTED Cell phones are allowed but may not be turned on during the school day. Calls cannot be received or sent. Cell phones may not be worn and must be kept out of sight!

23 Patriot Pledge Today I have the POWER as a Patriot To be prepared and organized To be optimistic about my day and to keep my chin up To work hard and to maintain an I will achieve attitude To put forth 100% effort in all that I do And to respect myself, others and the communities to which I belong.

24 Any Questions?

25 Tours… The tours will be self-guided, maps are available at the entrance of the Cafeteria. Some of our AWESOME 8 th graders will be present in the hallways to answer any questions There are lockers with combinations for you to practice in the locker banks… At the conclusion of your tour feel free to stop back for any questions…if not, we will see you on the 23 th ! Options Add Contact

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