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Welcome to Grant School 5 th Grade Orientation June 9, 2014.

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1 Welcome to Grant School 5 th Grade Orientation June 9, 2014

2 Grant School 305 Cromwell Place South Plainfield, NJ 07080 Principal – Mrs. Ellen Decker-Lorys 908-754-4620 ext. 678 Assistant Principal – Mr. Robert Richkus 908-754-4620 ext. 363

3 Student Assistance Counselor Ms. Lisa Campoli 908-754-4620 ext. 210 Guidance Counselor Ms. Rowena Wu 908-754-4620 ext. 219

4 Grant School Grant School instructs all 5 th and 6 th grade public school students in South Plainfield.

5 School Day  7:30 – Buses drop students off at school  7:30 – Doors open  7:36 – Period 1 begins  12:12 – End of day (Early Dismissal)  2:10 – End of day (Regular Day)  2:20 – Children should be picked up (Teacher supervision not available after 2:20; few exceptions )  3:20 – Clubs end  3:25 – 3:45 – Late buses arrive (not available for students who stay after for detention)  6:00 – Latchkey ends

6 Attendance  Be on time – doors open at 7:30. –First Period/Homeroom begins at 7:36  Students that are late to school –Must be signed in to the main office by a parent and receive a late pass. –Consequence will be issued for multiple tardies  ACT/Office Detention 7:00-7:30 a.m. –Handbook is on-line –

7 Drop Off Locations  The front of the school is for buses ONLY!  See “Traffic Flow Directions and Map” for locations to drop your child off and for pick up –Click on “Notices” on Grant School Website  For the safety of the students, please follow the rules

8 Reporting Absences  Parents are expected to notify the school when students are absent. –Call 908-754-4620 press 4, then 1 –Please give all requested information –Student must be absent for 2 days or more for homework to be collected in the main office. –Send a parent/doctor note with your child when they return to school.

9 Regular Bell Schedule  7:36-8:34Period 1  8:36-9:16Period 2  9:18-9:58Period 3  10:00-10:40Period 4  10:42-11:22Period 5 (first lunch)  11:24-12:04Period 6 (second lunch)  12:06-12:46Period 7 (third lunch)  12:48-1:28Period 8  1:30-2:10Period 9

10 Breakfast Program  Grab and Go Breakfast Program –Students check in with homeroom teacher and then report to the cafeteria to pick up breakfast –Students return to homeroom and eat breakfast while Channel One is playing on the TV and morning announcements are being made.  Free and Reduce breakfast is available to students who are eligible. (Same as for lunch)

11 Fifth Grade –Heterogeneous grouping –Special Education students are placed in the appropriate class based on their individual education plan (IEP) –Students are given extra support through our instructional support program for math and English/Language Arts

12 Classes  Students will receive double periods of: –Math –Language Arts Literacy  Students will receive a single period of –Science –Social Studies –Health/Physical Education –Expressive Arts –Lunch/Recess

13 Expressive Arts  Students will receive one class each quarter –World Language –Art –General Music –Computers

14 Music Program  5 th Grade Band  6 th Grade Band  Orchestra (5 th and 6 th Grade) –Students are scheduled for individual lessons once a week during their Physical Education period, Expressive Arts period, and Lunch.  Chorus –Students practice once a week during their Lunch period.

15  Two Teachers –English/Language Arts and Social Studies –Mathematics and Science The only exception will be students with IEPs. The only exception will be students with IEPs. They may have more than two teachers. They may have more than two teachers.

16 Study Island  Web-based instruction, practice and assessment tool designed to help your child reinforce skills on the PARCC. –Math –Reading –Writing

17 Grading  Students are graded numerically for all academic subjects, art, world language, general music and health. –90% - 100% AExcellent –80% - 89%BGood –70% - 79% CSatisfactory –65% - 69%DPoor –64% - BelowFFailing  Students are graded P (pass) or N (needs improvement) for Physical Education and Computers.

18 To achieve success for every child, we need to keep in touch!  Each teacher has a voice mail box –Numbers are available on the main directory  908-754-4620  Each teacher has email –First initial followed by last name   Daily Planners  Online Gradebook- Genesis  Grant School Website

19 Genesis Online Gradebook  Student Grades are posted weekly.  Report Cards are posted about one week after the end of each marking period. –Parents/Guardians do need to sign up for Gradebook  Instructions are on District Website.

20 Academically Ineligible   Students must carry passing grades in all of their classes to be eligible for participation in extracurricular activities. As noted in the Grant School Student/Parent Handbook, any student that ends the marking period with a grade less than 65 will be removed from all extracurricular activities. This includes Band, Orchestra and Chorus. At the end of the next marking period the student’s grades will be reviewed to determine eligibility.

21 Extracurricular Program  Student Council  Jazz Band  Newspaper Club  Literacy Magazine  Academic Bowl  Drama Club

22 Grant School PTO Activities that they support:  Cultural Arts  Academic Bowl  Yearbook  Class Picnics  Book Fairs  Sixth Grade Trip  Box Tops for Education  School Store  Holiday Boutique  School Pictures  Teacher/Staff Appreciation Luncheon

23 Summer Reading and Math Packets  Will be handed out at the Elementary Schools before summer recess.  Needs to be completed and turned in in September. –Information will be posted on Grant School Website.

24 Locker Camp  August 28, 2014 – 6:00-7:00 p.m.  Students pick up their schedules and get their locker assignments. –Allows them time to practice opening their lockers before the first day of school. –Allows them time to learn their schedule and practice going from room to room. –You will be able to pick up teacher supply lists for your child’s classes. Thank you for coming! Have a wonderful summer!

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