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49th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit

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1 49th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit
Dinner Meeting 49th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit July 2013 San Jose, California

2 Agenda: 6:30 – 7:15: Dinner (socializing and networking)
7:15 – 7:45: ABP Award Winner, Tom Kaemming 7:45 – 8:30:         ABP Business 8:15 – 8:30: Wrap-up Comments / Closing 8:30 – late:          Informal social gathering

3 2013 Air Breathing Propulsion Award Recipient
Thomas Kaemming 2013 Air Breathing Propulsion Award Recipient For Outstanding Technical Achievements, Creativity, and Pioneering Research that Greatly Contributed to the Advancement of Pulse Detonation Engines and High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion Technology 44 Years of Contributions in Advanced Propulsion Systems Including: Turbojets, Ramjets, Scramjets, Rockets and Pressure Gain Combustion (PGC). Played Key Roles on NASP and Boeing’s PGC Research. AIAA Associate Fellow Boeing Technical Fellow (Retired) Currently, with ISSI Consulting with AFRL on PGC Technology

4 P&E Group Organization … For Now
VP Technical Activities Committee Basil Hassan Director Propulsion and Energy Jeff Hamstra 4 Branches, 12 TCs Deputy Director Rocket & Space Propulsion I-Shih Chang Deputy Director Air Breathing Propulsion Deputy Director Advanced Propulsion & Technologies Selma Goldstein Deputy Director Energy David Lilley Hybrid Rockets Brian Evans Gas Turbine Engines Jimmy Kenyon Nuclear & Future Flight Propulsion Chris Taylor Aerospace Power Systems Dick Shaw Liquid Propulsion Scott Forde High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion Ryan Starkey Energetic Components & Systems Hobin Lee Terrestrial Energy Systems Mark Bryden Solid Rockets Mark Langhenry Air Breathing Propulsion Systems Integration Michelle McMillan Propellants & Combustion M.S. Anand Electric Propulsion Eric Pencil Deputies will be aligned more with products, services and initiatives and less with TC functional groupings 14 July 2013

5 Air Breathing Propulsion Branch Organization
ABP Branch Common Elements Communications Dora Musielak (817) Education Dan Kirk (321) Conferences Nayo Martinez (xxx)xxxxxx Honors & Awards Han Bala (256) Separate TCs Gas Turbine Engines Jimmy Kenyon (571) High Speed ABP Ryan Starkey (720) ABP Systems Integration Michelle McMillan (314)

6 Air Breathing Propulsion System Integration TC Activities
Financial Status and Other Activities Issues / Help Needed Resolve Overlap between TC Scopes / Calls NEM Implementation / Support Identify Solution for ABPSI to Retain PAW Proceeds Accomplishments AIAA Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshop (PAW) 2nd Workshop - P&E Forum 2014 Defining Future Test Cases  Actively Recruiting New Members in Under-Represented Technical Areas – Contacting Presenters / Authors from Recent ABPSI Sessions Documenting TC / Subcommittee Roles and Responsibilities Initiatives & Plans Continued AIAA Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshop (PAW) JPC 2013 Invited Paper Sessions (2) Maintained PAW Website, Sponsored by Tecplot Organized Invited Group of Aeronautical Research and Technology in Europe (GARTEUR) Paper Session Focused on Integrated Aero Performance for SciTech 2014 Improved New Member Assimilation Process Revised New Member Orientation Established Mentors for New Members Recruited 2 New Members – Still Room to Grow Selected Best Paper Award Recipient - AIAA Reestablished GC Oates Award Agreement and Endowment Participated in ABP Award Selection – Thomas Kaemming Evaluated AIAA/IGTI Engine Design Competition Submissions Published YIR Article Expenditures: $0 Current Funds: $6,151 PAW: $5,560 TC: $591 16 July 2013 Chair: Michelle McMillan Vice Chair: Bruce McKay Phone: Phone:

7 Gas Turbine Engines TC Activities
Accomplishments Issues / Help Needed Zero no-shows/late withdrawals for JPC ‘12! Direct result of TC initiative to improve paper quality and reduce no-shows Will institutionalize in JPC ’14 GTE TC Social Media presence established Joint AIAA/IGTI Engine Design Competition for Undergraduate Teams Strong international participations Effectively worked through Visa challenges with Egyptian team to ensure a fair competition Effectively pulls new YP and International members as participants usually join AIAA YPs continue to take an active and dynamic leadership role in GTE TC Published YIR article Conference attendance for key leadership positions Direction for JPC2014 – late call for papers is impeding our ability to generate high quality technical sessions Education SC GTE Lead Financial status of Gordon C. Oates Award Initiatives & Plans Institutionalize JPC ‘12 paper process Membership upgrades for all eligible TC members Pair up new TC members with “mentors” Extend grad school participation in design competition Financial Status and Other Activities No funds, no expenditures Will need to address Gordon C. Oates Award GTE hosted reception at TETS? Updated 16 July 2013 Chair: Dr. James Kenyon Vice Chair: John Sordyl Phone: (571) Phone: (248)

8 High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion TC Activities
Accomplishments Issues / Help Needed Determine new methods to engage TC members with travel restrictions TC Support of NEM structure Fundraising for Gordon C. Oates Award Published Biannual Newsletter – Issue 6 at JPC2013 Continued to mature Website; usage growing for TC members and public visitors - distribution implemented Banner at ASM2013 and JPC2012 Supported nominations, reviews, and approval of the Air Breathing Propulsion Award New “High-Speed Air-Breathing Propulsion Technology” short course has been approved for P&E 14 Supported AIAA/IGTI Engine Design Competition Supporting Pressure Gain Combustion Working Group and their ITAR session at JPC 2013 Initiatives & Plans Organization of ITAR session(s) for P&E 2014 Developing new banners for SciTech 2014 Investigating possible HSABP TC sponsored webinars Conference meeting time streamlining (no evening meeting) Develop and execute charter for TC member involvement (roles and responsibilities) Creation of TC Technical Subcommittees New member drive Financial Status and Other Activities No funds, no expenditures Fundraising for Gordon C. Oates Award Updated 16 July 2013 Chair: Dr. Ryan P. Starkey Vice Chair: Dr. Dora Musielak Phone: (303) Phone: (817)

9 ABP TC Membership Overview
Membership 50 34 44 US Government 13  8 Industry 23  22 16 Academia 14  4 15 Regular 39 29 International 7 5 4 Associate / Alumni 6 Member/Sr. Member  18  29 Assoc. Fellow  14  13 Fellow 3  2

10 Conferences Subcommittee
JPC 2013 Feedback Conflicts Resulting from “No-conflict Theme Days” Structure at JPC 2013 Afternoon Speakers Briefings for Afternoon Sessions – Big Improvement! Facility Provided Laptops for Paper Sessions – Improved Session Flow Actions Coordinate Topics for Calls and Sessions via ABP TAO Telecons Proactively Build Sessions and Recruit Papers JPC ASM / SciTech 2011 2012 2013 GTE 65 / 29 77 / 50 65 / 31 HS 47 / 41 42 / 37 44 / 28 SI 26 / 19 40 / 27 39 / 31 Total 138 / 89 159 / 114 148 / 90 2012 2013 2014 GTE 41 / 29 43 / 26 42 / HS 57 / 47 37 / 29 32 / SI 28 / 21 48 / 47 16 / Total 128 / 97 128 / 102 90 /

11 ABP Honors and Awards Air Breathing Propulsion Award
5 nominations considered for 2013 – 3 Remain for 2014 Reviews performed by evaluation panel Final selection Mr. Tom Kaemming Need to begin identifying nominees for 2014 (deadline Oct 2013) Hypersonics Systems Award For 2014 We have a pool of 6 candidates, In the nomination process Final selection: After Nov 2013 Best paper awards Evaluation process starts after ASM Each TC will have best paper Volunteer reviewers welcome – contact TC H&A lead Gordon C. Oates Award – Progress Toward Reinstatement

12 GC Oates Student Award Status
Previous Award Funding Distribution $5000 Cash Award $150 Plaque Travel Expenses, Capped at $1000 Award Suspended Due to Insufficient Funds AIAA Foundation Proposed Agreement AIAA Foundation will Restore the Endowment to $25,000 TCs Agree to Work with AIAA to Identify Fundraising Opportunities to Support the Endowment Future Award Dispersements Will be $1000 Cash Award and $150 Plaque, $0 for Travel from Endowment Fund is Intended to Last in Perpetuity – Award Will Be Suspended if Fund Balance Breaches $20,000 Threshold Endowment Fund Assets Will Be Managed by AIAA Foundation TCs Have Requested Quarterly Reporting on Fund Status Agreement Has Been Signed by ABP TCs – Awaiting Response from AIAA Foundation

13 ABP Education Accomplishments/Status New Initiatives and Plans
All ABP TCs Participated in Undergraduate Design Competition Evaluation Short Courses HSABP Short Course Planned for P&E 2014 “Practical Introduction to Air Breathing Propulsion” for P&E 2014 PAW Workshop 2 at P&E 2014 (Chen Chuck) – Test Cases and Workshop Format TBD Developed a 3D Printed Turbine model, Complete with Thrust Reversers and USB Powered Electric Motor Developed for K-12 Outreach (Charles Beard) New Initiatives and Plans Offer More Webinars – Seeking Volunteers Support Undergraduate Design Competition Graduate Design Competition? Continue PAW – Workshops Every Other Year Develop new courses – new topics proposed

14 2nd Annual Joint AIAA-ASME/IGTI Undergraduate Engine Design Competition
Sponsored jointly by all ABP TCs and the Aircraft Engines and Education Committees form ASME/IGTI Qualifying teams from the University of Kansas, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Ain Shams University, Cairo Written proposals were evaluated by a panel of judges from industry University of Kansas and Embry-Riddle teams presented their work to a panel of judges in June at ASME TurboExpo2013, San Antonio, TX Ain Shams University was unable to obtain US Visas to present work but they will present at another ASME conference in the very near future the awards will be announced for 1st Place - $2500, 2nd Place - $1500, and 3rd Place - $1000. Next engine design competition will take place July 2014 at P&E Forum in Cleveland Design Topic: supersonic business jet

15 ABP Communications Accomplishments/Status New Initiatives and Plans
All 3 TCs published Year in Reviews HSABP, GTE Newsletters published HSABP Banner in Revision New Initiatives and Plans Social Media* Eric Hansen, ABPSI SM POC - and Erik Axdahl, HSABP POC - Business-size cards to replace tri-folds – Erik Axdahl POC Request for P&E funds for banner and stands Use SharePoint for New Member Orientation – Deadline Dec 2013 ABPSI Neal Herring GTE David Blunck HSABP Jeff Dalton * Greg Johnston, JPC13 Social Media Chair,

16 Pressure Gain Combustion Technology Working Group
PGC: A periodic combustion process whereby the total pressure of the exit flow, on an appropriately averaged basis, is above that of the inlet flow. OBJECTIVES Ultimate formation of a PGC Program Committee (PGC-PC) Serve as the AIAA focal point for all PGC related programs and technologies across multiple TC’s Support PGC-based propulsion benefits assessments through special sessions, workshops, etc. Provide systems level feasibility assessments for PGC-based applications to tech. community. CURRENT ACTIVE MEMBERS Fred Schauer (AFRL) Ryan Battelle (AFRL) Kailas Kailasanath (ONR) Joseph Doychak (ONR) Tom Kaemming (ISSI) Narendra Joshi (GE-GRC) John Sordyl (Williams) George Richards (DOE/NETL) Don Fergusen (DOE/NETL) Phillip Snyder (LibertyWorks) M. Razi Nalim (IUPUI) Jeff Cohen (UTRC) Jerry Welch (NASA Glenn) Adam Holley (UTRC) Dora Musielak (UTA) Chiping Li (AFOSR) Ryan Starkey (U. CO) RECENT ACTIVITIES Planning ASM 2013 Session ASM 2013 INVITED ITAR SESSION JPC 2013: DARPA VULCAN REVIEW SciTech 2014 planning meetings scheduled Member telecon(s) Members recruited Chris Brophy (NPGS) co-chair Dan Paxson (NASA Glenn) co-chair Venkat Tangirala (GE-GRC) co-chair

17 Open Floor Comments? Concerns? New Business Items Not Addressed?
Motion To Adjourn?

18 Closing Comments In Short, Keep Up the Good Work!
APB TCs Are Vibrant Contributors To AIAA Stay Active and Engaged in the TC Robust Membership Across All ABP TCs – Always Room For Additional Members Who Will Contribute ABP TCs Work and Play well Together – Model for Other P&E TCs Collaborate to Build Quality Sessions that Bring Together Leaders in our Disciplines from around the Globe to Discuss Further Advance Air Breathing Propulsion Technology  Support Educational Activities – Shape the Industry Leaders of Tomorrow In Short, Keep Up the Good Work!

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