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The Renaissance 1350 - 1550.

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1 The Renaissance

2 Italian Renaissance: “Rebirth” 1350 - 1550
Where: Venice, Italy Mostly “urban” society City-states Secularism (secular) Economic boom = materialism & growing upper- middle class Interest in ancient ideas—esp. Rome & Greece Focus on Man- “Renaissance Man”

3 Changes brought by the Renaissance
Art Literature: Vernacular Architecture Science Governmental ideologies Religion & ?ing church– Papal Schism “The Great Schism” 1378 – 1417 2 claimed title of Pope Avignon ,France VS Rome

4 Humanism emphasis on classic lit & art Greek & Roman emphasis
Petrarch= Father of Ren. (late 1300’s) Planted seeds of Ren searched for lost manuscripts emphasis on loyalty to state

5 Renaissance Italy No central monarch/ruler

6 3 Major City-states Emerged due to trade & location: 1. Venice
2. Florence 3. Milan

7 Ventian Trade Routes

8 Wealthy Italian Power Families
Milan: Visconti then Sforza Venice: ruled by Doge (position not name) Florence: Medici (BRIEFLY Savonarola) Savonarola Bonfires of the Vanities Heresy = execution (1498) More Medici!

9 Savonarola

10 The Patrons Wealthy supporters – Arts Medici & other wealthy families

11 The Italian Wars: late 1400s’s to early 1500’s
Jealous monarchs Italy French King Charles VIII heads to Italy Spain (Charles I) asked to help Naples Peninsula war grounds 30 yrs 1527: Sack of Rome ends wars, Spain dominant force

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