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The Renaissance in Italy

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1 The Renaissance in Italy

2 Renaissance “Rebirth”- creativity, political, social, economic and cultural change Why Italy? Influence of Rome and the Roman Empire Architecture Art work


4 Italian City-States North Central Florence Milan South Venice Genoa
Rome South Naples

5 Influence of the Wealthy and Merchant Class
Political and economic leadership Education Individual leadership Patrons of the arts

6 Florence and the Medicis
Florence: energy and brilliance Arts flourished here Medicis: Banking family Who became one of the richest in Europe Money=culture= political power

7 Continuation Medicis were “uncrowned rulers” for years
Cosmo de’Medici gained control of the Florence Government in 1434 Lorenzo “the magnificent” Grandson of Cosmo was know as a great patron of the arts

8 ’s Europe

9 Viewing the World Medieval vs. Renaissance
Ideals based around religion Scholars focused on Life and Death Renaissance Ideals based about the world Scholars focused about the here and now

10 Adventure and questions
Exploration World and Universe Christopher Columbus Copernicus Galileo

11 Humanism Worldly subjects The father of Humanism Francis Petrarch
Created the first form of a library by collecting Greek and Roman manuscripts

12 Humanism meets the Arts
Artists often portrayed Religious figures in Roman settings Many paintings and sculptures depicted important figures and events in Greek and Roman History Some even told stories

13 Techniques and Artists
Perspectives Shading Etching Studied Human form and body Artists Da Vinci Michelangelo Raphael

14 Leonardo Da Vinci Sketches Portraits Studied cadavers Inventor
Famous Art work Mona Lisa The Last Supper Vitruvian Man

15 Michelangelo Sculptor Engineer Painter Architect poet

16 Raphael Blended Christian and Classical styles
Often portray the Madonna The school of Athens (paintings) Great thinkers and scientists

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