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“The Fall of the Roman Empire”

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1 “The Fall of the Roman Empire”
Chapter 6, Section 4 “The Fall of the Roman Empire”

2 A Century of Crisis A. Rome’s Economy Weakens 1. trade disrupted 2. raised taxes 3. minted same coins made with less silver a. inflation – value of money drops & prices rise 4. farmland destroyed – overworked soil lost fertility a. food shortages = population decline B. Military and Political Turmoil 1. mercenaries recruited – foreign soldiers who serve for pay a. not loyal to Rome 2. citizens lost sense of patriotism, became indifferent

3 Emperors Attempt Reform
A. Diocletian Reforms the Empire 1. limited personal freedoms, but restored order 2. doubled size of army 3. fixed prices 4. divided empire; Greek-speaking East & Latin-speaking West B. Constantine Moves the Capital 1. restored concept of single ruler 2. Byzantium became new capital, later named Constantinople a. center of power in empire shifted east b. power divided again after Constantine’s death


5 The Western Empire Crumbles A. Germanic Invasions
1. Germanic tribes moved to Roman lands to escape Huns; overran Romans B. Attila the Hun 1. terrorized Roman Empire, but never captured capital or Rome C. An Empire No More 1. eastern ½ of empire became Byzantine Empire 2. Roman ideas, customs, & institutions spread Attila the Hun

6 Daily Essential Question To what does the to term Pax Romana refer?
How were Jesus’ teachings at odds with Roman values and religious ideas? Why was Paul significant to the spread of Christianity? What were the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire?

7 On the back of your notes:
Copy the Multiple Causes: Fall of the Western Roman Empire on page 174 Answer the two Skill builder questions Read the Fall of the Roman Empire documents on page 177 and answer the three document based questions

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