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Chapter 7 Section 5 The Fall of Rome Pages 213 -217 questions 1-5.

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1 Chapter 7 Section 5 The Fall of Rome Pages questions 1-5

2 1. Define (a) Mercenary Foreign Soldiers who will only serve if they are being paid to fight.

3 1. Define (b) Inflation Is when there is more money but the Value of the money is less.

4 2. Identify (a) Constantine C. E He was the Emperor of Rome, he encouraged the spread of Christianity through out Rome.

5 2. Identify (b) Diocletian Emperor of Rome from C.E and he divides the empire into Eastern & Western.

6 2. Identify (c) Constantinople Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire in C.E. 330 Named for Emperor Constantine used to be called Byzantium and is modern day Istanbul, Turkey

7 3. Why did Roman money finally become worthless? The Value of the Roman Coins depended on the amount of silver, the government started to make the coins smaller and with less silver in them. In return the money lost value and ultimately became worthless. Finally people turned to Bartering again to obtain the good they needed.

8 4. What did Diocletian do to make governing the Roman Empire easier? Diocletian divided the empire into Eastern and Western. He controlled the more wealthier Eastern Empire, while he appointed a co- emperor to rule the west.

9 5. Summarize in 2 or 3 sentences the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire. First there were weak ruler after Commodus the emperors were successful generals not politicians. They stole money from the treasury. Secondly the economy crashed and inflation rose money became worthless. Third they were hiring mercenaries in their armies, people who were not loyal to Rome. Finally invasions from Germanic tribes weaken a broken down and tired government.

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