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The fall of the roman empire

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1 The fall of the roman empire
Chapter 6 Section 4 The fall of the roman empire

2 Vocab Inflation Mercenary Diocletian Constantinople Attila

3 A Century of Crisis Rome’s Economy Weakens (3rd century AD)
Outlying tribes and pirates disrupt trade Failure to continue expansion left Rome needing new source of gold and silver Minted more money with same amount of silver, led to inflation. Food shortages due to over worked and destroyed farm land

4 A Century of Crisis Military and Political Turmoil
Over time the Roman government resorted to recruiting mercenaries, to defend the empire Made less than a Roman soldier, had little loyalty to the empire Citizens of Rome lost their loyalty At one time would give their lives for the republic, now are indifferent to the empire’s fate….

5 Emperors Attempt Reform
Diocletian reforms: Becomes Emperor in 284 AD Strong ruler; limited personal freedoms and restored order to empire Doubled size of Roman army; controlled inflation with fixed prices on goods Claimed to be a direct descendent of the Gods

6 Emperors Attempt Reform
Diocletian Reforms: Split the Empire in two Realizes the empire has become too large Splits into the Greek and Latin speaking empires Greek: Eastern(Greece, Anatolia, Syria,Egypt) Latin: Western (Italy, Gaul, Britain, Spain) Diocletian controls the East, much wealthier than the West Diocletian retires in 305 AD.

7 Emperors Attempt Reform
Constantine Moves the Capital: Constantine gains control of the Western Empire in 312 AD 324 he gains control of the Eastern Empire as well, restoring single rule to the empire 330 he moves Rome’s capital to the Greek city of Byzantium Sits on the Bosporus Strait, trade and defensive purposes


9 Emperors Attempt Reform
Constantine Moves the Capital Center of power in the empire shifted New capital was surrounded with high walls Took new name Constantinople

10 The Western Empire Crumbles
Germanic Invasions Germanic tribes have lived on Rome’s northern border in relative peace since the time of Julius Caesar 370 AD Germanic tribes are pushing further and further into Gaul…..why????

11 Western Empire Crumbles
Germanic Tribes Group of Mongol nomads, the Huns, from central Asia came into the area and were destroying everything in their paths Germanic tribes moved into Rome to get away from the Huns


13 Western Empire Crumbles
Attila the Hun: 444 AD Attlia, unites the Huns and launches an assault on Rome He attacked both the Eastern and Western Empires, in the East he destroyed nearly 70 cities Unable to conquer Rome itself due to famine and disease, Rome’s troubles did not end with his death in 453 AD

14 Western Empire Crumbles
An Empire No More: Rome’s last emperor was Romulus Augustus (14 yrs old) 476 he was defeated by the Germanic tribes. No other emperor would rule the Western Empire However; the Eastern half which became known as the Byzantine Empire flourished for more than a 1,000 yrs after the fall of the west.

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