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The Fall of the Roman Empire

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1 The Fall of the Roman Empire

2 OBJECTIVES Summarize the decline of the Roman Empire.
2. Describe the reforms of Diocletian and Constantine. 3. Trace the fall of the Western Roman

3 A Century of Crisis Marcus Aurelius- last emperor to rule during the
Pax Romana Inept rulers followed

Hostile tribes on the borders Pirates in the Mediterranean No new sources of gold and silver Needed money, so they raised taxes Minted coins with less silver Result was inflation Drop in the value of money couple with rise in prices for goods Crops failed Famine Disease Population decline

5 Military and Political Turmoil
Generals and soldiers became less loyal Gave allegiance to commanders To defend the empire, the Roman govt hired mercenaries Foreign soldiers who fought for money Citizens were losing loyalty

6 Emperors attempt Reform
Diocletian 284 A.D Army leader Iron fist- limited personal freedoms Doubled size of the army Worked to control inflation Presented himself as a god Divided the empire into Greek-speaking East and Latin-speaking West He ruled the East and appointed a co-ruler for the West He was in charge Got sick, left office Civil war followed Constantine took power

7 Constantine Moves the Capital
Took control of the Western portion Continued Diocletian’s reforms 324 A.D. took control of the Eastern portion Moved capital from Rome to Byzantium Rename Byzantium---CONSTANTINOPLE After his death, the East remained but the West was lost.


9 The Western Empire Crumbles
3 main causes for the fall of the West 1. Internal problems 2. Separation of the wealthy East 3. Outside invasion

10 Germanic Invasions The Huns Germanic peoples escaped by entering Rome
Central Asians who invaded Germanic areas on the borders of the Roman empire Destroying everything in their path Germanic peoples escaped by entering Rome Romans called all invaders “barbarians” Western Rome could not fight them off Overrun in three days

11 Attila the Hun Soon the Huns themselves were a direct threat
Huns united for the first time under the leadership of ATTILA 100,000 soldiers Terrorized both halves of the empire Famine and disease stopped them But Germanic invasions continued

12 An Empire No More Last Emperor of Rome: Romulus Augustulus
14 years old Ousted by German forces in 476 Power gone in the Western half Eastern portion took a new name: The Byzantine Empire Survived and flourished Preserved Greek and Roman culture for another 1000 years Ruled Constantinople Lasted until fell to the Ottoman Turks

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