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Arthurian Legend: A Romance Narrative and The Romance Hero

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1 Arthurian Legend: A Romance Narrative and The Romance Hero
Mrs. Eckman Wissler 12th Grade English

2 Chivalry is… Reached its height in 12th-13th centuries
Boys from the nobility were raised in code of chivalry At 7- Became pages in castles At 14- Became squires, serving knights, learning horsemanship At 21- Became knights Loyalty to God, lord, and lady who he had sworn his love Represented Christian and military ideals—faith, modesty, loyalty, courtesy, bravery, and honor

3 Is Chivalry dead?

4 King Arthur: Fact or Fiction?
Did Arthur truly exist? White and Red Dragon Excalibur &the sword in the stone Merlin Lady of the Lake The Round Table

5 Arthur was real BUT…. …..Little is known
….Scholars are not entirely sure if he was real …. He was a Briton …..He was a leader against Anglo-Saxon invaders in 6th century …..Oral poets in Wales celebrate him as a HERO

6 Geoffrey of Monmouth (1135)
Produced semi-historical History of the Kings of Britain from Welsh legends His book became popular amongst French, German, and English writers Writers updated the stories to reflect notions of chivalry He wrote about King Arthur because it was Good for Morale, Public looking for a HERO and for National Pride

7 King Arthur’s Family Tree
The genealogy of King Arthur and his family has changed from one generation to another, during the medieval period. The main difference between one source from another, is that of number of sister and half-sisters, or the number of nephews Arthur had. The spelling of names had also changed, depending on languages or regions. Source:

8 There are many variations:
Family Tree of King Arthur (Geoffrey‘ of Monmouth’sversion)

9 Family Tree of King Arthur (Chretien de Troyes' version)
The family tree of King Arthur shown here, comes from Chretien de Troyes' five Arthurian romances. Chretien was the first to introduce Lancelot and Perceval into the legend. He was also responsible for beginning the Grail legend. Here, Morgan le Fay is Arthur's full sister. He had another unnamed sister in Conte du Graal ("Story of the Grail" or "Perceval“). But if we followed the First Grail Continuation, then her name was either Norcadet or Morgawse. Also, Chretien had listed three brothers to Gawain, but no Mordred.

10 Family Tree of King Arthur (Vulgate / Post-Vulgate version)
(This is) almost identical to the next family tree, which used Sir Thomas Malory's work, Le Morte d'Arthur, The difference is mainly in the spelling of Arthur's nephews and the number of his sisters. Notice that here, Morgeuse and Morgan are Arthur’s half sisters.

11 Family Tree of King Arthur (Sir Thomas Malory's version)
This is one of the more popular versions….it is based on the work by Sir Thomas Malory, Le Morte d'Arthur (1469)

12 Romance Narrative A Romance Narrative or a Medieval Romance is “a dramatic verse or prose narrative that usually involves adventurous heroes, idealized love, exotic places and supernatural events” (Holt McDougal Literature 229) First appeared in France in the 12th Century- quickly spread to England Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is considered one of the best examples of this genre in Arthurian literature. So- what does this really mean?

13 Characteristics of a Romance Narrative:
Idealized or Larger- than-Life Characters A hero who faces a challenge or test Exotic Settings or Supernatural/magic Elements Hidden or Mistaken Identity The adventures of a knight/hero on a quest (good-vs-evil), overcoming danger to save a noble lady or for love

14 The Romance Hero…. Born under mysterious circumstances
Grows up in obscurity Undergoes childhood initiation (usually involving a magical weapon) Fights evil-promotes good Aided by magical weapons & wise mentors Mysterious events surround his departure from earth (death?)


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