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Worksite Web 8.0 at Miller & Martin

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1 Worksite Web 8.0 at Miller & Martin
Roger Bonine IT Manager Miller & Martin PLLC

2 Overview About Miller & Martin Project goals and description
Intranet design Matter workspaces Future plans Worksite wish list

3 About Miller & Martin Regional full-service firm
Offices in Atlanta, Nashville, Chattanooga 170 attorneys users 15 IT employees – 2 developers 33 practice groups

4 Current Environment DeskSite 6.5 / WorkSite Server 8.0
1.1 million documents – single database Lotus Notes Custom Intranet (rarely used) Custom client/matter/contact database

5 How can we… Build an Intranet / Extranet platform that will actually be used (and useful)? Get our client and matter information to the attorneys and legal staff in a more accessible format? Get a handle on our ever-increasing volume? Do all of this in a way that will make things easier for our users?

6 Project Details Implement Exchange / Outlook 2003, MailSite 8, and Communications Server Replace existing Intranet with WorkSite Web 8 Automatically create workspace for each new matter, customized for the matter’s individual area of law Worksite + Outlook + Intranet = One System

7 Current Intranet Developed in-house
Poor integration with existing systems Not designed for use as an Extranet Low rate of attorney participation

8 Worksite 8.0 Intranet Pages for each department, practice group, committee Leverages Worksite profile information and security model Content can be manipulated through familiar Windows clients









17 Matter Workspaces Goal: Central repository for all matter-related information Workspaces are created automatically by custom matter-opening software via call to the CreateWorkspace Web service Workspaces are highly customized; each matter type has its own template

18 Matter Workspaces (Cont.)
Folder metadata is inherited from the workspace Each workspace Web page has a corresponding folder structure in the Win32 clients Custom connectors are used to integrate content from various systems






24 Project Status Attorneys have been very involved and very positive
Interwoven has been very helpful as well Scheduled cutover date is Thanksgiving weekend Several extranets are being planned – billing has not been determined

25 Future Plans (Phase 2) Integration with CMS data (client bills, financial reporting) More connectors (LegalKey volume and subfile information, docketing, etc) Client and attorney pages Addition of records in paper files The sky’s the limit!

26 Worksite Web Wish List Easier ways to create templates – proper template inheritance Better Web calendar, task list, and discussion area controls, including integration with Win32 clients More Intranet-oriented controls Control for display of short news items Better stock ticker RSS viewer

27 Worksite Web 8.0 at Miller & Martin
Contact Information: Roger Bonine IT Manager Miller & Martin PLLC (423) Additional info:

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