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Awesome Presentations LawNet August 30 - 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Jo M. Haraf.

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1 Awesome Presentations LawNet August 30 - 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Jo M. Haraf

2 As soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken and written word. Peter Drucker

3 Agenda Presentation Theory Before, During and After Attendee Showcase Prize winning hint!

4 The fool tells me his reasons. The wise man persuades me with my own. Aristotle

5 Presentation Theory How ya gonna structure it? Watch Your Language The PowerPoint Conundrum Chart Your Course

6 Three Point Style Tell them what youre going to tell them. Tell them Tell them what you told them.

7 Easiest to remember Suited for narrow topics Good for distracted audiences Somewhat old fashioned Using a Three Point Presentation

8 McKinseys Four Point Style Situation Complication Question Answer

9 Audience is already interested Identify and solve a problem Get to the answer in one minute Using a Four Point Presentation

10 Aristotles Five Point Style Bait Problems or Questions Solutions or Answers Payoff or Benefits Call to Action!

11 Up Close and Personal designed like a kite youre one on one for the bait widens for problem and solution pay-off and call to action are personal

12 Using a Five Point Presentation Excellent for selling Basis of commercials More personal

13 Lawyer Talk 5 Point - overview first 3 Point - repetition not popular 4 Point - get to the Answer fast! Start with the then back it out.

14 Bridge It Together Now that weve covered ____, lets look at... The next factor is... There are several reasons why ____ is true. To summarize, In conclusion,

15 It Takes All Kinds!

16 Persuasive Body Language Eye contact Smile, never frown Bold, sweeping gestures Dont weaken yourself Move, dont pace

17 Persuasive Metaphors Invisible Hand Iron Curtain Domino Theory Spaceship Earth Glass Ceiling

18 Those Are Strong Words, Stranger! WeakStrong FeelKnow I believeI am confident IfWhen MayCan ProblemsChallenges TryWill SuggestRecommend

19 Top 12 Persuasive Words 1. You 2. Money 3. Save 4. New 5. Results 6. Easy 7. Health 8. Safety 9. Love 10. Discovery 11. Proven 12. Guarantee Yale

20 Sound Bites Sources –Books (Bible, Shakespeare,...) –Movies –Contemporary Culture Common Themes –Journeys –War –Games/Sports –Animals

21 Is it Really You? Humor Story Telling Take care outside your own backyard

22 The PowerPoint Conundrum Damned if you do... Banned at Sun and the Pentagon Dont be seduced

23 PowerPoint Pointers One idea per slide Maximum six lines per slide Maximum six words per line One slide (or less) every 2 minutes Bullets, not sentences Disable screen savers

24 Words on Words Punchy title Upper & lower case Maximum of two fonts –Serif for titles –San-Serif for body End on a blank slide K.I.S.S.

25 Look and Movement Consistent background Yellow and White text best on dark background Limit animated graphics Dont distract with transitions


27 Bad Transition


29 Dont Try This at Home


31 What Speaker?

32 How Low Can You Go? 44 Point 36 Point 28 Point 20 Point 18 Point is the smallest readable type 12 Point K.I.L.L.

33 Color Me Ready Maximum 4 colors per slide Be internationally color sensitive Emotion - hard to read Color Blind? Calm Cheerful Power

34 Pie Charts Proportions of whole More than five slices - other Largest slice at noon

35 Column or Bar Rankings Horizontal bars for long labels Darker colors at bar bottoms Printing?

36 Line Charts Comparative Trends Time series with many observations

37 Spreadsheets

38 © Wilder Presentations ( Trends

39 Whats Important? © Wilder Presentations (

40 Make it Easy to Read © Wilder Presentations (

41 Throw in Some Variety © Wilder Presentations (


43 Before they start, they do not know what they are going to say; when they are speaking, they do not know what they are saying; and when they have finished, neither they nor their audience know what they have said. Winston Churchill

44 Before Know it All! Develop the Presentation Oh my Gawd! People, Places and Things

45 Knowledge is Confidence Where are you speaking? What room? What tools will be available? How long will you speak? What comes before/after? Who will introduce you?

46 Know Your Audience Age Size Sex Knowledge Education/Experience Region Affiliations

47 Special Audiences Superiors Peers Project or Direct Reports

48 It usually takes me three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech. Mark Twain

49 When the Lead hits the Paper 1. Wear the audiences shoes 2. Organize thoughts, pick style 3. COB 4. Spice it up 5. LAST! Charts, speaker aids, PowerPoint

50 Cheat Sheets 3 x 5 Cards 81/2 x 11 PowerPoint Speaker Notes Dont Read!

51 No one can intimidate me without my permission. Eleanor Roosevelt

52 10 Worst Fears 1. Public Speaking 2. Heights 3. Bugs 4. Money Issues 5. Deep Water 6. Sickness 7. Death 8. Flying 9. Loneliness 10. Dogs

53 Fear Fixers Nerves are energy Management tools –Mental –Physical –Behavioral –Chemical

54 Practice, Practice... Mental Review Out Loud Mirror Voice Tape Video Tape Dress Rehearsal

55 Environmentals Seat arrangements Temperature Dim, dont darken the room

56 The Lectern is Not for Hiding Only for water, notes Learn the mechanicals A barrier to your audience Dont lean Dont sway

57 Amplification is the vice of modern oratory. Thomas Jefferson

58 Hear Ye! Microphone Types –Lectern Microphone –Lavaliere Microphone –Hand Held –Cordless

59 During Friends you havent met But first... Practically speaking

60 Whos out there? Meet the audience Work the room Plants?

61 A Word From our Sponsor Begin on time! Breaks Cell Phones Bathroom Paper Work Title, Agenda

62 Thats Not Spinach on Your Teeth Down in front Watch your hand gestures Star Wars -- the baton and laser Dont turn your back!

63 Speaking Tricks Crave attention? –When EF Hutton whispers –Silence is deafening Waking the dead –Sneak up behind them

64 Talking 1 on 1 to 1000 Divide and Conquer One person - One sentence Hourly break No hiding

65 Do You Have to Ask? No rhetorical questions No one answer questions No yes/no questions Repeat the question Warning: questions coming Allow time to switch modes

66 Its All in the Timing You cant rewind a live talk Expect Time Creep (50%) Follow sitcom timing –20 x 10 x 2

67 It Aint Over til Its Over Tell a story. Read a poem. Sing a song. Summarize. Close the loop to the beginning End on time!

68 I do not object to people looking at their watches when I am speaking. But I strongly object when they start shaking them to make certain they are still going. Lord Birkett

69 The After Glow Formal feedback? Be gracious

70 Back at the Ranch Join a speaking group Arrange for informal talks Watch other speakers Speak at LawNet 2001!


72 Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fearnot absence of fear. Mark Twain

73 Attendee Showcase

74 How Does it Work Maximum 5 minutes to speak Positive feedback Go home feeling great!

75 Kinder and Gentler Rules No heckling Only throw compliments Provide written feedback –Like Best –Next Time

76 You Cant Do It All! Pick something to practice –Breathing –Eye contact –Hand movements –Smile

77 Jump in, the Waters Fine Good Afternoon. My name is... {One sentence on topic of interest} Thank you...

78 Our Featured Speakers

79 Bibliography Persuading Aristotle, Peter Thompson –Theory, Negotiating, The Media. Very Readable Knockout Presentations, Diane DiResta –If youre only going to buy one book

80 Bibliography Microsoft Bookshelf –The Columbia Dictionary of Quotations Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

81 Web Sites –Equipment –Presentation tips –Background templates –Custom presentations

82 Web Sites Wilder Presentations – –Tidbits and seminars Marsha Petrie Sue – –Excellent one day seminar at MoFo

83 Other Resources National Speakers Association – –Educational opportunities Toastmasters International – –Gain experience in a supportive setting

84 Parting Gift No one wants you to succeed more than your audience.


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