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“As is our confidence, so is our capacity

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1 “As is our confidence, so is our capacity
“As is our confidence, so is our capacity.” - William Hazlitt English writer What is capacity? - ability to do something So what is this quote saying? - If our confidence is great enough, our ability will also be great enough. - Is this always true?

2 Building Confidence Talk together…
How has this class helped you gain confidence in public speaking?

3 Reasons for Stage Fright
02/25/13 Reasons for Stage Fright - too little information about the audience - too little experience - too little preparation - having a negative image of yourself You’ve prepared most of your speech… finish well! So far, you have done a great job. Be proud of your improvement!

4 Building Confidence Today we are going to do two things to strengthen our confidence for the final speech: 1. Review some delivery skills. 2. Check our outlines.

5 Nonverbal communication in delivery
Do you remember the types of nonverbal communication we talked about? 1. Body language / posture Facial expressions Gestures Tone of voice Appearance

6 Some reminders… Keep good eye contact.
Don’t forget the value of a smile! Keep your hands free so that you can use gestures. Try to keep your hands out of your pockets and don’t touch your face and clothes. The way you dress makes an important impression on the audience.

7 Voice Qualities Which ones are easy for you and hard for you?
Volume: the loudness or softness of the words Projection: extending your voice outward Pitch: the level of your voice (high or low) Stress: the emphasis placed on a certain word Tone: the quality or character of sound; manner of expression Pace: the speed at which the words are spoken Pause: a silent break in speaking

8 And don’t forget about PASSION!
Add some excitement to your voice as you deliver your speech. When you are energetic and passionate in your delivery, the audience gains interest and energy.

9 Voice qualities are part of delivery. But what is delivery?

10 Discussion Question: What do delivering a package and delivering a speech have in common?

11 Definition of speech delivery
Delivery: the way the speaker says something; the act of public speaking

12 Speech Delivery Delivery: the way the speaker says something; the act of public speaking 4 different kinds of speech delivery: 1) Manuscript Speech 2) Memorized Speech 3) Notes-based Speech 4) Impromptu Speech


14 Speech Delivery 1) Manuscript Speech
The speaker reads something they have written out completely. Difficult but important to make eye contact. Difficult to use a variety of voice qualities. - sometimes monotone May take more time to prepare.

15 Speech Delivery 2) Memorized speech
The speaker gives an entire speech from memory. Easier to make eye contact, but more difficult to prepare. Requires lots of practice. It is possible to forget some important information. Can sound unnatural at times since it is rehearsed.


17 Speech Delivery 3) Notes-based Speech
The speaker plans a speech and uses an outline and / or note cards. Easy to make changes. Easy to make eye contact and use gestures. Sounds more natural. Saves time in preparation.

18 Speech Delivery 4) Impromptu Speech A speech with little or no preparation, when a situation requires it (“on the spot”). Confidence is very important for this one! Talk with your partner and think of a situation when someone needs to give an impromptu speech.

19 Opinion Question Which style of speech delivery do you prefer? Why?
manuscript memorized notes-based impromptu

20 Our schedule has changed!
There is no written test at the end of the course. We will only have the final speech. Next week is our last class. We will have the final speech, and then we are finished!

21 Our class next week… We need extra time to finish the speeches, so you should come to class early, at 12:40. If you arrive late and someone is giving a speech, please wait until the speech is over to come in to the room.

22 Our class next week… We need extra time to finish the speeches, so we will finish class late, at 4:45.

23 Don’t miss your chance! Everyone will give the speech next week.
If you are not available for your class time, you should come to one of my other classes next week. But you must tell me that you are going to do this. My phone number:

24 Instructions for Speech Day
Your speech should be 2-4 minutes. - If less than 2 minutes, you will lose points. - No penalty if speech is too long. I will just stop you. No reading your speech. You can only use the outline.

25 Practicing your speech…
You will only use your outline, not all the words of the speech. So, you should practice the speech using only your outline.

26 Speech Grading Confidence __/15 Voice Qualities __/15
Eye Contact __/10 Body Language __/10 Organization __/50 Introduction contains proper Hook / Bridge / Thesis __/20 Body / strength of arguments __/20 Appropriate persuasive conclusion __/10

27 Evaluating your Outline
Give your paper to your partner. Check the Thesis. 1) Does it have the issue and the supporting arguments (reasons)? 2) Are the supporting arguments the same in the Thesis and the Body?

28 Homework Practice your speech!

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