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University of York Department of Health Sciences Presentation Skills By Ian Cole Lecturer in C&IT.

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2 University of York Department of Health Sciences Presentation Skills By Ian Cole Lecturer in C&IT

3 Before we start……. Please turn off your mobile phone

4 The I.T. Programme Session 1.2: Introduction to Windows 2000. Session 1.3: Network Info, Internet & E-mail. Session 1.5: Using Info Resources 1: Finding Books & Journals Session 1.6: Academic Word Processing. Session 1.9: Intro to Databases & Downloading Software. Session 1:13 & 1.14: Using Info Resources 2: Intro to Electronic Resources. Using Info Resources 3: Effective Database Searching. Session 1.15: Computer Competency Tasks. Session 1.31: Computer Skills Review. Session 1.35: This Session PowerPoint & Presentation Skills.

5 Session Overview Principles of Presentation Skills. 30 minutes to create a PowerPoint presentation. 10 minute Presentations (inc questions). Give constructive feedback. Swap over.

6 Why Present? Giving a talk Explain a report. Patient Review. Briefing a group. Conducting training. Obtaining a job. Team leading. Problem solving. Running a meeting. Using the phone. Making a speech. Interviews. “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them to the impossible” Arthur C Clark

7 Principles of Presenting Preparation: Be organised and know what your going to say. Watch your use of jargon. Rehearse the presentation. Research the audience. Who am I talking to. Judge audience knowledge. Audience expectations. Numbers attending. Who talks before me.

8 Principles of Presenting Decide on presentation style. Watch out for speling misstakes & errors on slides. Identify suitable presentation aids. If you’re worrying about the technology – it’s in the way. Be Yourself: Dress appropriately for the presentation. Make yourself heard. Keep what you say simple. Expect to be nervous: Take deep breaths. Question Yourself: Before blaming the audience.

9 Principles of Presenting Tell ‘em what you’re going to tell ‘em Tell ‘em Tell ‘em what you’ve told ‘em Or think of your presentation as a story with a beginning, a middle & an end.

10 Common Obstacles Visual Aids: Written Notes: Body Language: Waffle: Don’t!!! – Keep it simple and clear. The Room: Equipment: The Audience:

11 Presentation Equipment Black/White Boards. Flipchart (paper). Overhead projector (OHP). Slide projector. Television & Video player. Digital Projection (for use with a computer or video). Digital / Active Whiteboards.

12 PowerPoint Tips (Cleland, 2001 & Holzl, 1997) Use a font that is readable (this is Tahoma). Consider the size of the room when choosing font size. More then 200 seats = Headings: 42 point ; Main text: 36 point. Less then 200 seats = Headings: 36 point; Main text: 28 point. Less then 50 seats = Headings: 32 point; Main text: 24 point. For maximum effect choose predominantly lower case letters. A mix of sizes, bullets & colours

13 PowerPoint Tips (Cleland, 2001 & Holzl, 1997) Preview the effect of your chosen colours: Be consistent & have no more than 4 regions of colour Text colour should complement and be distinguishable from background colour Bright colors project energy. Pastels are more delicate than bright colors. Reds, oranges are "hot". Blues, greens are "cool". Choose pictures and clipart that enhance your message. Know what version of Powerpoint is on the machine where you will be doing the presentation. Always have a back-up: transparencies, handouts, web-site. Practice! Practice! Practice. Too much text with a mix of fonts Arial pt24 Tahoma pt20 Book Antiqua pt24

14 Presentation Skills Check List Seek feedback on presentations To present better you have to: Believe you can do it. Want to make it happen. Work at it. Keep developing your presentations. Look at what works and what doesn’t. Improve through training, reading and presenting. Obtain support.

15 Make it Interesting “I do not object to people looking at their watches when I am speaking but I strongly object when they start shaking them to make certain they are still going” Lord Birkett.

16 Creating Your Presentation Create a 10 minute PowerPoint Presentation on the topic: ‘My Clinical Placement’.  The presentation should reflect the feelings (positive or otherwise) you have about your placement experience.  The presentation should contain a minimum of 3 slides.  Use appropriate clipart and/or images.  You can use the Notes panel to outline what you are going to say about each slide.  Use Transitions and Preset Animation effects (Builds) to enhance the presentation. You have 30 minutes to complete this work

17 What to do now? Presentation Time

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